It is the springtime of my loving – the second season I am to know
You are the sunlight in my growing – so little warmth I’ve felt before.
It isn’t hard to feel me glowing – I watched the fire that grew so low.

It is the summer of my smiles – flee from me Keepers of the Gloom.
Speak to me only with your eyes. It is to you I give this tune.
Ain’t so hard to recognize – These things are clear to all from time to time.

Talk, talk, talk, talk – I’ve felt the coldness of my winter
I never thought it would ever go. I cursed the gloom that set upon us, ‘pon us, ‘pon us…
But I know that I love you so. But I know that I love you so

These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall
This is the wonder of devotion – I see the torch we all must hold.
This is the mystery of the quotient, quotient – Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall.
It’s just a little rain oh yeah

The Rain Song‘ ~Led Zeppelin~

I love this song, but what I want to talk about for a bit is a little more literal, the fact that there’s no been no rain, well…….hardly any, anyway. It’s been a strange summer here on the Canadian prairies, it was a slow start to spring with winter seeming to be endless, then when it did warm up it went right into summer. And now as the end of July is here and we’re on the verge of starting August it’s time to look back at what this growing season has brought us. Or more accurately, what it hasn’t brought us. Since we missed spring, we didn’t get any April showers to bring the May flowers. By the time June started we realized that there’d only been a couple showers to help things grow. When July starts it’s haying season, and the old saying, ‘make hay while the sun shines’, are words to live by. Normally when haying starts, the rain does too, maybe because Mother Nature has a bad sense of humour……who knows. But, we didn’t get the rain then either. So as July comes to a close the wheat is ripening, a month early because of the dry conditions and the leaves on some trees are starting to turn yellow. I’m telling you, it feels like fall…or autumn if you prefer. I’m not against fall, it is my favourite season, but when it happens this early it’s a little disconcerting. Does this mean an early winter? Who knows…..but I’m not going to worry about it. I’ll embrace whatever weather’s thrown at me……I learned long ago that complaining about the weather does nothing, other than make people miserable. So, come one Mother N…..do your worst! 😀

I found a ripe wheat field at Sol Farms, and it wasn’t anything like it is here at home. We do get tornadoes, but there was one here that just never stopped circling around me. I was dodging all kinds of junk that it was tossing around and, I tell ya, I feared for my life. There was a bit of rain, but with that wind it didn’t do any good.

I’m looking a bit like a Canadian farm woman, virtually anyway, although I’m not quite dusty enough, but the ‘Skylar Denim Shorts’, from /erratic/, are in comfortably worn condition.

The ‘Lila Knot Tie Top’, from Blueberry, is perfect for most summertime farm work.

The ‘Daryl Hair & Cap’ are from a collaboration between Opale and fame femme.

This pose is ‘Avoid Me, male’ from Del May.

As always, I’m wearing the ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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