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The Story Of My Life

The Story of My Life

The story of my life
Is very plain to read
It starts the day you came
And ends the day you leave

The story of my life
Begins and ends with you
The names are still the same
And the story’s still the truth

I was alone
You found me waiting
And made me your own
I was afraid
That somehow I never could be
The man that you wanted of me

You’re the story of my life,
And every word is true
Each chapter sings your name
Each page begins with you

It’s the story of our times
And never letting go
And if I die today,
I wanted you to know

Stay with me here
Share with me, care with me
Stay and be near
And when it began
I’d lie awake every night
Just knowing somewhere deep inside
That our affair just might write

The story of my life
Is so very plain to read
It starts the day you came
It ends the day you leave

The Story Of My Life‘ ~Neil Diamond~

It’s been 4 years and 7 days since I started What a Beautiful Mess!, and it’s with this post I celebrate reaching the 1,000th post. Yea……I can’t believe it, actually! The saying is that every journey starts with the first step……or something like that, so when I wrote the first post I never looked ahead……not to the 50th or the 500th……and certainly not hitting 1K. I never go back to the early ones, preferring not to see my photography skills, or lack thereof, instead I always look ahead……to trying to get better…..in all parts of it. I hope you’ve enjoyed at least some of the previous 999 posts, as I’ve enjoyed doing them. I’ve always tried to put a part of myself in them, I can only write what I know and what I’ve lived, so when reading my blog you’re seeing a little part of my life story.

Vrir and I are using the ‘It’s OK’ pose from Ana Poses here and it’s available now at The Mens Department.

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