5000 Years

5000 Years

I didn’t find you in the darkness
I didn’t rob your tenderness
I didn’t latch on to your spirit
or try to drag you to my mess
No, I saw you while I was sleeping
Though your face I could not see
You laid your head down on my shoulder
and I felt your love for me

I met you in my dreams
that’s where God let me see
The greatest love of all
That She would give to me

Well, I woke up missing you
So I began to pray
and She lead me by the hand
A thousand miles away
When I finally saw your face
and I heard your sweet voice
I knew you were made for me
and If I had a choice

I would turn back time
I’d suffer lonely tears
’cause if I’d known you’d be mine
I’d wait 5000 years
If I’d known you’d be mine
I’d wait 5000 years

5000 Years‘ ~Jack Slade~

I’m really excited to share this song with you, it’s an original from Jack Slade, an incredible singer/songwriter in Second Life, and also real life of course. Yes, I’m a regular at his shows, I can be found dancing off to the side or in the back, people watching usually. Jack sings both his original songs and covers, but it doesn’t matter the song his singing and guitar playing is heartfelt and honest. You can find out more about Jack here, there’s a link to purchase his album on that site if you’re so inclined, and the one sure show I know he does is Sunday at 11 AM SLT at the Frisky Beaver Beach Club. Thanks to Jack and Miss Lou for making this song available for people like me who can’t get enough of it. This version of the song has Jack duel streaming with Lisa Brune.

This is a simple picture of Vrir and I, poor Vrir, he always ends up blurry in the DoF! šŸ˜€

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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