March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins

‘There is a mysterious ritual that dates back thousands of years. No living creature has survived it except the penguin. They have wings but cannot fly. They’re birds that think they’re fish. And every year, they embark on a nearly impossible journey to find a mate. For twenty days and twenty nights the emperor penguin will march to a place so extreme it supports no other life. In the harshest place on Earth love finds a way. This is the incredible true story of a family’s journey to bring life into the world.’

March of the Penguins‘ ~narrated by Morgan Freeman~

I’ve linked a song from the March of the Penguins OST, and there you can see some scenes from the film. It’s really an amazing glimpse into a part of nature that’s not often seen. And who doesn’t love anything Morgan Freeman narrates, he could narrate the back of a cereal box and make it interesting. Everytime an ad for Visa comes on TV I have to stop and listen to it, just to bathe in the beauty of his voice! 😀

I think I’m the alpha penguin in this picture, if there is such a thing…..or maybe these 3 are just imprinted on me and if that’s the case I’m more than happy to lead them. I’m using the ‘Penguin Crossing’ pose/prop from the ‘Starry Night’ gacha set from Le Poppycock in this shot. The prop consists of these penguins and a ‘penguin crossing’ sign, both wearable so you can pose wherever you want without worrying about rezzing anything. The gacha is available right now at The Liaison Collaborative, which runs until December 26.

I’m wearing the ‘Lexi Engineer Boots’ from Lapointe & Bastchild and the ‘Zipper Skinny Jeans’ from Maitreya.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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