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Not For Me

Not For Me

Dirty Sunrise creeping in
Broken bottles, gilled within
The room is black
The blinds are drawn

I don’t remember anything
What I’ve done, where I’ve been
Another night has come and gone

This is not for me, no
This is not for me, no
This life is not for me, no
This is not for me, no

The devil smiles and laughs at me
Says you’ll be back, just wait and see
You know I’ve heard this all before

And I say
You can keep your high life in the hills
Your cocaine lies and whiskey thrills
I don’t need you anymore

This is not for me, no
This is not for me, no
This life is not for me, no
This is not for me, no
Oh oh oh

The only thing that makes me whole again
Is to stand right here before you with a song, oh
I’ll keep running til the very end
For the life I’ve lived is not the life I want

Dirty sunrise creeping in
Broken bottles, gilled within
In a place I don’t belong

This is not for me, oh
This is not for me, oh
This life is not for me, oh
This life is not for me, oh
Anymore, yeah

You can keep your life
I don’t want anymore, yeah
I’m gonna leave it all behind yeah
I’m gonna leave it all behind yeah
I don’t want no more, don’t want no more
Yeah yeah yeah

Not For Me‘ ~Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators~

Ok, this song has nothing to do with me, with my real life or Second Life, or this picture. I chose this song and video to show you all a few things, firstly, that Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge has an incredible voice reminiscent of Axl Rose’s. Secondly…..this is a great song! And thirdly….take a look at Slash……he looks the same as he did in the 80’s, I know…..as much as you can see of him anyway. But, what gets me is his hat! I know he’s always worn the top hat…but this isn’t like the plain black ones of days gone by. It’s got perfect detailing….a little bit steampunkish I think, the texture’s incredible with the right amount of gloss, and the one thing I’m sure of is that if he takes it off…that hair is coming with it. I’m sure Stealthic or tram could do this hair to perfection….and if Rucy Byron of ~APHORISM~ did the hat it would be incredible!! This is a hint, you guys….because this is something SL needs!!! Oh……if you have a mind to, take a listen to some of the GnR song that Myles Kennedy has partnered with Slash for…….good stuff! I know nothing can compare to GnR back in the day…….but this is a good reboot!

I’m wearing the ‘Pricilla Top’ from *Just BECAUSE* here, it’s exclusive to the December round of FaMESHed. It comes in 26 colours plus the fatpack and it fits the major mesh bodies. It’s sleek and simple and perfect for the cooler days! I put the ‘Wilma Jeans’ with it here, they have retro wide legs and can be worn with flat or high feet. They’re available at the *Just BECAUSE* main store.

I’m using a pose from the ‘Enough Said’ sets of poses from Le Poppycock. There’s 2 sets of 6 poses eacha and they’re a collection of casual poses perfect for fashion photography. They’re available now at the December round of The Chapter Four.

The rigged ‘F1120’ hair from tram has a long braid down the back.

As always, I’m wearing the ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

I’m at the warm and sunny Little Havana for this shot. I need the sunshine…so to get away from winter gloom this is the perfect escape.

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