These Arms of Mine

These Arms of Mine

These arms of mine
They are lonely
Lonely and feeling blue
These arms of mine
They are yearning
Yearning from wanting you

And if you
Would let them
Hold you Oh how grateful I will be

These arms of mine
They are burning
Burning from wanting you
These arms of mine
They are wanting
Wanting to hold you

And if you
Would let them hold you
Ohh how grateful I will be

Come on, come on baby
Just be my little woman (yeah)
Just be my lover I need somebody,
(Somebody) To treat me right
(Ohh) I need your warm loving arms to hold me tight
And I need your tender lips too
Hold me, hold me

These Arms Of Mine‘ ~Otis Redding~

The topic of tattoos can be a touchy subject for some, but they’re pretty mainstream anymore, even I have one……well…..actually 2……but I don’t pay much attention to them anymore, they’re just there. When I say 2….I don’t mean sleeves that cover both my arms……it’s just 2 little ones. I have a neighbour that’s got sleeves and he has long hair, wears a welding beanie and his dog is a Rottweiler named Kaos, knowing all that most people would think he’s definitely a biker, not that being a biker is a bad thing, of course! But he’s not…….his thing is rebuilding old cars, making rat rods and such…..I make it sound like I know what that is…but I really don’t. I just know he takes an old rusty hunk of junk and makes it a thing of beauty and that he’s one heck of a nice guy, what I’m getting at is that the days of tattoos being only for a certain type of person is gone. I say, ‘whatever floats your boat’, everyone’s different and no one has a right to judge, we all just happen to be drawing breathe at the same time in history, and since we’re all here we may as well make the most of it! And since it’s Friday that’s exactly what I’m going to do…..I’m going to stay up an hour later than usual and maybe have popcorn…..I’m livin’ large, my friends!

Vrir and I are wearing the ‘Dragon’ unisex tattoo from Carol G Tattoo Studio for this picture. I’m hoping you can sort out our limbs and see where one stops and the other begins. It’s lots of colour and dragons and eye catching lines, and it’s available now at the ULTRA EVENT, that starts tomorrow, December 15. Like I said, it’s unisex and compatible with all the major mesh bodies, including anything Omega driven.

I’m wearing the ‘G1020’ hair from tram, and black, no less. I haven’t worn hair this dark in a long time!

The ‘Tube Bra’ is from the ‘Diane’ set of lingerie from /erratic/.

My look all starts with the ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body. I’ve added a bit of shadow from the ‘Satin Shadow’ pack from Buzzeri.

The pose is ‘Unseen Passion’ from Ana Poses and available now at The Men’s Department.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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