If I Be Wrong

If I Be Wrong

What if I’m wrong, what if I’ve lied
What if I’ve dragged you here to my own dark night
And what if I know, what if I see
There is a crack run right down the front of me
What if they’re right, what if we’re wrong
What if I’ve lured you here with a siren song?
But if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me be here with you tonight
Ten thousand cars, ten thousand trains
There are ten thousand roads to run away
But I am not lost, I am not found
I am not Dylan’s wife, not Cohen’s hound
But if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me be here with you tonight
And what if I can’t, what if I can
What if I’m just an ordinary man
If there is a will, there is a way
I will escape for sure, I am David Blane
But if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me be here with you
If I be wrong, if I be right
Let me stay here in your arms tonight
And I have been wrong, I have been right
I have been both these things all in the same night
So if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me here, with you, tonight

If I Be Wrong‘ ~Wolf Larsen~

I can admit when I’m wrong, I have absolutely no problem with that, and I will if it ever happens! 😛 Seriously though……I’m completely comfortable admitting it, we’re all human and it happens. It’s when people think they’re right all the time, even when it’s obvious they’re not. Some people will argue they’re not wrong if you look at something in a different way…..that’s more of an opinion than being right or wrong. It’s when someone argues that the sky isn’t blue and that water isn’t wet that it irks me. In the political climate of today, no matter where you are, there’s huge emphasis on right and wrong and it seems that what we once knew as fact is now up for debate. All this has done is divided people….and you know the age old saying, ‘divide and conquer’…yea….that’s the idea. I’m not saying it’s any one group of people, but in today’s world being against each other seems to be the new norm. It’s a shame…when everyone could be so much better off if we all came together. Just sayin!

The Men Jail Event runs until March 28 so there’s still time to get over there for some quality shopping therapy. CKEY Poses has the ‘Ash Series’ of men’s bento poses exclusive to the the event. I’ve always looked for good emotional poses, and it never matters to me if they’re considered men’s or women’s. The only difference for me is having to adjust a men’s pose because of the different shape, but I was amazed at how close this one came to work perfectly for me. I made one little tweak to the left collar to move that hand a tiny bit and I was good to go! The ‘Ash Series’ set contains 5 poses, all completely unique and relaxed to really set the mood for you photos.

I’m wearing the ‘G0511’ hair from tram and the ‘Alicia Robe’ which was an exclusive from Vanilla Bae.

My look all starts with the ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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