The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

You stepped into a dark ride
With cigarette smoke
Feeling alright
The sky looked like black glitter
Tonight you’ll be a winner

You said “I do” to
The wrong side
F*cked me up
And then you play nice
You’ve got to know
I burned your letter
Worse for the better

You made me fall
I’ll make you crawl

You’ve made your bed
Now lie in it (oh oh)
We’re done, we’re dead
Stop hiding it (oh oh)
One step, two step, three step, four

My heart in the trunk
But your body’s on the floor
Horns on my head
You lost your bet

Cause you are the devil
You know, you know
You know (oh oh)
You know, you know, you know

Coming out of a real thriller
Never thought you was a killer
Thunder brings white light
Kovac’s gonna be alright

We used to be easy
But now you are my enemy
Did you enjoy the wolf bite
Now we say goodbye’

The Devil You Know‘ ~Kovacs~

I’m completely enthralled with Kovacs, her voice is incredible and her songs all have a darkness about them that I find completely intriguing. I usually end up listening to this song everyday, and there are so many mornings I wake up with it stuck in my head, considering the amount of music I listen to throughout the day, I don’t know why it’s this one that I keep hearing. It’s not uncommon for me to wake up with a song in my head, heck…..I’ve even woke up with a song that I’ve never heard playing away in my early morning groggy mind. I’m sure if I could write down the words and tune before I got out of bed and forgot it I could be a great songwriter! Yea…….right…who am I kidding! I’d be about as good at songwriting as I am at singing……..which means terrible. I enjoy singing, but even I can’t stand the sound coming out of my mouth, so I leave it to those that can do it, and I’ll stick to things I can do………..ummmmm……yea……I’m sure I’m skilled at something, other than drinking coffee and napping. Maybe I should do both today, I don’t want to get out of practice! 😀

The Whore Couture Fair is still open and there was a bunch of new and exclusive releases at the mid point of the event. Elle Boutique now has the ‘Audrey Backdrop Necklace’ available and it’s something that’s not seen often in the realm of Second Life accessories. It’s a beautiful necklace that extends down the back which compliments anything backless perfectly. ‘Audrey’ is rigged for the Maitreya, SLink(Physique/Hourglass), and Belleza(Isis/Freya) mesh bodies and the HUD includes 8 metal and 16 gemstone textures, plus there’s 4 extra textures for the gemstones that are an iridescent combination colours inspired by the 4 seasons. Plus, there’s 5 levels of shine when advanced lighting is enabled. The WCF runs until March 31.

To really accent the necklace I chose the unzipped version of the ‘Nikita Dress’ from Dead Dollz.

The ‘Camilla’ hair is from enVOGUE.

I’m wearing the ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery on the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

The pose is from Corpus.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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