Better Days

Better Days

I feel part of the universe open up to meet me
My emotion so submerged, broken down to kneel in
Once listening, the voices they came
Had to somehow greet myself, read myself
Heard vibrations within my cells, in my cells
Singing, “Ah-la-ah-ah, ah-la-ah-ah”

My love is safe for the universe
See me now, I’m bursting
On one planet, so many turns
Different worlds
Singing, “Ah-la-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah, ah”

Fill my heart with discipline
Put there for the teaching
In my head see clouds of stairs
Help me as I’m reaching
The future’s paved with better days

Not running from something
I’m running towards the day
Wide awake

A whisper once quiet
Now rising to a scream
Right in me

I’m falling, free falling
Words calling me
Up off my knees

I’m soaring and, darling,
You’ll be the one that I can need
Still be free

Our future’s paved with better days

Better Days‘ ~Eddie Vedder~

I woke up unsettled this morning, you know when you have bad dreams and there’s this sense that something’s not quite right in the world. My dreams were a bunch of scattered scenes, but the one that I could feel the clearest is that Eddie Vedder had died in a car accident. I know people always laugh when someone they don’t know is in a dream, but this one disturbed me….mainly because someone died. When I dream of death, no matter who’s, it’s always unsettling to me. I don’t believe EV is going to die, well….he is…..but hopefully not in a car accident or anytime soon, but it felt very real. I’m trying to shake the feeling of doom off, with all that’s been going on in my real life I don’t need to start thinking the dream means anything, it’ll just bring me down and worry me, so……..I’m going to focus all that’s good today. I’m drawing breath, the sun will rise, and there’s lots of coffee to be made. If I bring life down to those simplest of things, the days has hope!

Enchantment-The Snow Queen is open and Le Poppycock has another incredible pose/prop set. The ‘Queen Bee’ set of bento poses and bee props is pure genius! I have no idea how Olivia manages to do these bento hand poses, but the fit me perfectly and are the intricacy is phenomenal. The set consists of 8 bento poses and a variety of bee props to make the scene perfect. Enchantment runs until December 2.

I’m wearing the bento gloves from the ‘Catch Me, Bunny’ set from Blueberry.

The ‘G0511’ hair is from tram.

The rest of me is the ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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