For Who You Really Are

For Who You Really Are

Well it seems lately we’ve been drifting apart
It’s getting harder to see that love that’s buried in your heart
but I know it’s there beneath that hurt and regret
If I could, baby, I’d reach in and take it from your chest

so I could see you
so I could feel you
so I could know you, oh, baby,
For who you really are

why do you always hide behind that hurt of the past?
Lay it down , baby, let it go ; this life goes way too fast
Take my hand and walk beside me as close as you will
and know that when all this anger passes
I’ll be loving you, still

’cause I can see you
I can feel you
and I know you, oh ,baby,
For who you really are

can we get back to the place where this went bad?
’cause it hurts my heart to know you feel this sad
I’m not like who you’ve had before
if you knew the love I had in store
maybe you could trust me with your heart

and let me see you
let me feel you
let me know you, oh, baby
for who you really are
I want to know you , oh, baby
for who you really are.

‘For Who You Really Are’ ~Jack Slade~

I don’t have a link to this song, but if you drop in at one of Jack Slade‘s shows and send him an IM requesting it, he’ll be happy to sing it for you. It’s exactly what I did yesterday after taking this picture, I knew then that no other song would fit this picture as well as it does. I think it says it all.

The ‘Love Me 3D Tattoo’ is from Carol G Tattoo Studio.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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