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Keep Your Eyes On Me

Keep Your Eyes On Me

Ain’t it just like a tear
To go and blur out everything
Ain’t it just like glass
To fall and break so easily
Ain’t it just like love
To leave a mark on the skin and underneath
Yeah, when the pain goes and shadows everything

Keep your eyes on me
Keep your eyes on me
When it hurts too much to see
Keep your eyes on me

Ain’t it the sinner
Who gets all the grace sometimes
Ain’t it the saint
Who picks up the pieces left behind
Yeah, and it’s human to hurt the one
You hurt the one you love the most
And you can’t find the sun

Keep your eyes on me
When you’re lost in the dark
Keep your eyes on me
When the light in your heart is
Too burned out to see
Keep your eyes on me

You swear you’re all alone sometimes
Keep your eyes on me
And you can’t find your way home sometimes
Keep your eyes on me
Keep your eyes on me

Keep Your Eyes On Me‘ ~Tim McGraw & Faith Hill~

Vrir and I are always sharing ideas and sometimes good things come from them…….this project is going to be a fun one, I think. Awhile ago he asked me if I like the artwork of Renè Gruau……..and with me not completely up on artists, past or present, I had to ask who the heck that was. Well, once I saw some of his work I could say that….yea…..I really like his work……I love the simple bold lines and minimalism. Once we had established we both can appreciate his art Vrir thought it could be fun and inspiring to try to recreate some of his pieces a la Second Life. Since getting the desired effect will take a fair amount of work with PhotoShop…and I have absolutely no skills with it, that part’s all Vrir’s. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take a different view of the scene! Here I am, standing quietly while Vrir photographs. It’s the beginning of the series, ‘A Tribute to Renè Gruau’, you can see the actual recreation on Vrir’s flickr stream. It’s based on an illustration from 1963 for Christian Dior.

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