Just Killing Time

Just Killing Time

I sit reflecting
I feel the end has begun
It seems my days now mirror the setting sun
So many places that I have been
This ride that was long seems so short in terms of now and then

For All that has been
And All that is
All that’s to be
Lord, I’m just killing time
And time’s killing me

Dead man breathing, just taking up space
Calloused and weathered like the lines on one’s face
Dead man breathing, my conscience is bare
The lining of my soul is torn yet I no longer care

For All that has been
And All that is
All that’s to be
Lord, I’m just killing time
And time’s killing me

Just Killing Time‘ ~Black Label Society~

I celebrated my 5 year anniversary of blogging on October 1st and I can honestly say I can’t believe I’ve been doing this that long. I didn’t plan on doing it, it just kind of happened……and thankfully it did! It’s not always been easy…but it’s always been fun. I wouldn’t be doing it this long if it wasn’t. There’s been a lot of changes in SL, and for me personally, during this time…….mesh was really new when I started and the SLink hands and feet were right around the corner……but I have to admit to fighting the changes. I may have been a little late on adapting but I’m all in now, and I can’t imagine it any other way. I’ve featured many wonderful designers…..and thank every one of them for the opportunity to represent them. This sounds like a goodbye blog post, doesn’t it? 😀 It’s not…..I’m just pondering the past…..and looking ahead, too. Olivia from Le Poppycock was my very first creator to have me feature her work…..and I’m always amazed with what she does…….her poses have always been some of the best in SL. In the last year I’ve cut back on the amount of stores I blog for, as my focus has changed to more artistic(I use that term loosely) photography rather than blogging, but I’ll always consider myself a blogger. I’m proud to blog for the creators I do…….it’s a small group….but they’re all extremely good at what they do.

The February round of The Liaison Collaborative has just gotten started and Le Poppycock has a brand new gacha set for your posing pleasure. The ‘Bright Ideas’ pose/prop gacha set contains 15 bento poses with corresponding props….all good quality and easy to use, just add the prop to your avatar and you’re good to go! I’m using the ‘Masterpiece’ pose/prop which is the frame. The Liaison Collaborative runs until February 26.

For this picture I’m wearing the ‘Respectable’ dress from HOTDOG. It’s available for men or women and fits with pretty much any mesh body you have. It’s available now at Anthem.

My hair is ‘G0718’ by tram.

I’m at Hazardous for this shot.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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