Day is Gone

Day is Gone

Take it back
I would take it back
For just another minute
Just another chance with you

Give it up
I would give everything up
Every last breath
Every first taste, for you.
Just to make it alright.
Just to make it alright.

But its too late, to go back.
I can see the darkness, through the cracks.
Daylight fading, I curse the breaking.
The day is gone.
The day is gone.

Run away
I ll just run away
like a child
from all them to you…
And now I see
my most constant mistake
is i don’t know what I love till its gone…

But its too late
To go back
And I can see the darkness
Through the cracks
Daylight fading
I curse the breaking.
The day is gone.
The day is gone…

Its too late to go back,
I let the darkness seep through the cracks.
Love is bleeding, I curse my breathing.
The day is gone…
The day is gone…

Day is Gone‘ ~Noah Gundersen with The Forest Rangers~

Having just finished watching Sons of Anarchy a little while ago, I listen to this song and it brings tears to my eyes. That’s the trouble with being too sensitive and feeling too much, and why I don’t watch a lot of emotional shows. I tend to weep through most of the sad scenes……well the happy scenes too, but this song is probably the second saddest scene of the entire show. I know I’m years behind in watching TV series, but after almost binge watching SOA I’m glad I am, I didn’t have to wait weeks at a time for the next episode….I only needed to wait until there was time to get back to it. One thing I am current on is all the true crime shows that are on TV, I tell ya……..if there’s one thing I know about, it’s true crime…but I’m sure if I committed a crime I’d still get caught. I’d probably panic in the middle of it, start crying, then just give up and wait for the police. Hell, I’d call them myself and say come and get me…..

I’m feeling lonely and holding the soft brown ‘Teddie Plushie’ from hive. It have a left or right version and has a bento hold that fits perfectly. It’s available now at Kustom9.

I wanted a bit of a post apocalyptic look for this, I’m at Khodovarikha for this shot.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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