What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!


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These Arms of Mine

These arms of mine They are lonely Lonely and feeling blue These arms of mine They are yearning Yearning from wanting you And if you Would let them Hold you Oh how grateful I will be These arms of mine They are burning Burning from wanting you These arms of mine They are wanting Wanting […]

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Not For Me

Dirty Sunrise creeping in Broken bottles, gilled within The room is black The blinds are drawn I don’t remember anything What I’ve done, where I’ve been Another night has come and gone This is not for me, no This is not for me, no This life is not for me, no This is not for […]

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Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence caused such silence Who are we mistaken But you see it’s not me It’s not my family In your head, in your Head they are fighting With their tanks and their bombs And their bombs and their guns In your head, In your head […]

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Angel Eyes

Girl, you’re looking fine tonight And every guy has got you in his sight What you’re doing with a clown like me Is surely one of life’s little mysteries So tonight I’ll ask the stars above “How did I ever win your love?” What did I do? What did I say To turn your angel […]

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Love Can Only Heal

In another life In another place Maybe you’d have found what brings some to believe On a different road In a perfect space Maybe all the hurt you know would fail to be Nevermind the pain ‘Cause love can only heal If only you could trade the dark for light it might reveal That there’s […]