What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!


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Let’s not make this Complicated I know you Last night I had the Strangest dream That you knew me, too Oh you need to wake up I can’t have you disappear Just like my parents house I’ve become, a visitor In the night you say That you go underwater You won’t take me, no You […]

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Light Years

I’ve used hammers made out of wood I have played games with pieces and rules I undeciphered tricks at the bar But now you’re gone, I haven’t figured out why I’ve come up with riddles and jokes about war I’ve figured out numbers and what they’re for I’ve understood feelings and I’ve understood words But […]

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I Love Myself

I won’t always do the right thing when I’m alone I’m good company god damn, I’m one handsome man you’re a star, I know you quite like me you make me hard but baby you’re not me nobody will love me more than I do I’m in love with myself I’m in love with myself […]

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Don’t Follow

Hey, I ain’t never coming home Hey, I’ll just wander my own road Hey, I can’t meet you here tomorrow Say goodbye don’t follow Misery so hollow Hey you, you’re livin’ life full throttle Hey you, pass me down that bottle, yeah Hey you, you can’t shake me round now I get so lost and […]

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Love Me Two Times

Love me two times, baby Love me twice today Love me two times, girl I’m goin’ away Love me two times, girl One for tomorrow One just for today Love me two times I’m goin’ away Love me one time I could not speak Love me one time Yeah, my knees got weak But love […]