One Day

One Day

One day, I’ll free myself of the constant worry I can’t seem to stop! One day, I’ll laugh when my normal reaction would be to cry! One day, I’ll look in the mirror and say to myself how pretty I am! One day, I’ll make a list of all of my positive traits and put them on the door of my fridge so I can always be reminded! One day, I’ll remember the painful parts of my past for only what they’ve taught me! One day, I’ll pamper myself, and not feel guilty! One day, I’ll cease to be anxious, and learn to just live in each moment! Maybe, ‘one day’ should be tomorrow!

Just some random thoughts on this windy evening on the Canadian prairies! I feel cozy when I can hear the wind howling through the trees, little tremors going through the house when the big gusts hit! First off, I want to remind everyone that The Pose Fair opens tomorrow! It’s one of my favourite events in Second Life and I was super excited to have early access for some nice quiet shopping! I’ll be showing off some of the exclusive poses you’ll find at the 2017 edition of The Pose Fair! Today, I’m using a pose from the Subtle Pack from HelaMiyo! The set contains five poses, and their mirrors and they’re unique, natural, and have a perfect subtlety about them! The Pose Fair starts April 14 at 12 pm SLT and ends April 29 11:50 SLT.

The Lily hair is a super cute style that’s perfect for an evening at home with a movie, or out shopping, or maybe just spending time with your significant other! It’s one of two exclusives from [KoKoLoReS] at the spring round of The Season’s Story. Lily is unrigged so it can be resized and moved for that perfect fit. This is from the Balayage HUD, which contains an unbelievable 30 colours! The Season’s Story runs until April 30.

I’m in deep thought while I stand on the deck enjoying the cool ocean breeze. It’s the perfect time to point out the Arcane Liner from Veechi. The set contains nine lovely colours and is compatible with the Catwa, Lelutka, and Logo mesh heads!

The spectacles that I’m wearing don’t detract anything from my pretty face!! 😀 These are the Lilla glasses in gold from Air. They come in gold or silver and there’s 3 sizes included.

The ‘Sweet Rose’ tattoo is from Nanika! this is the henna version, but it also comes in black or white. It’s compatible with the Maitreya, Belleza, SLink, and Omega compatible mesh bodies.

I forced my way in to the April round of Collabor88, just to get my hands on this outfit from …Mutresse…! I had to have it! The Iaka Top and Hotpants are compatible with the Maitreya, Belleza, and SLink mesh bodies, it’s HUD driven with loads of colours, both solids and prints, and it has lots of areas to customize it! I’d say this would be considered ‘smexy’ back in the day!!

The Starry Choker in leather is from Bokeh. and available on Market Place.

As always, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, bento hands included!

Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice

“Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon!”

~Cersei~ Game of Thrones

I don’t need to use tears as a weapon! I really don’t need any weapon at all, since I don’t like fighting and will normally do all I can to avoid it! I like to live in peace and harmony, where there’s no animosity between anyone, where there’s smiles, and laughter, and love….haha…..I’m not sure if that place even exists on earth! But, my entire body reacts when there is imminent turmoil around me, I get a huge burst of adrenaline and it’s time to decide….do I choose fight or flight! Well, it’s flight for me….unless completely cornered with nowhere left to go…..then watch out……it’s then that I cry! But not as a weapon…..I cry when I’m angry, sad, happy, depressed, or any other strong emotion, it’s just the way I am and I can do nothing about it! So if you think my tears are a weapon…..think again….it’s just means I’m feeling something!

When I saw the poses in the new Assassin pose set from HelaMiyo I wanted to add a weapon, and since I don’t have much in my inventory in the way of weapons, I went shopping. After searching in-world and on Market Place I decided that my kind of weapon is definitely a bat! I mean….it can do major damage, it’s a stress reliever when used, and I’m completely prepared if a baseball game breaks out! The Assassin pose set contains five warrior type poses with their mirrors and is available at the current round of Totally Top Shelf!

I found this great bat at Bamse and it’s one of the commons from the Stick XL gacha set of bats! Once I got the bat I wanted I couldn’t resist a few other gachas!! That’s so like me!

On closer look you’ll notice the very nice Arabesque tattoo from Sinful Curves Skins! It has three ink tones and is classic avatar, TMP, and Omega mesh body compatible. I’m also wearing the ALexa skin in honey tone, also from ScS! I’m jumping up and down excited to welcome them to my little list of featured designers, so you’ll be seeing lots of great skins, make up, and the like in the future!

To make me look a little bit dangerous….and a lot curvy…I’m wearing the complete UltraRare set from the Huntress gacha from FDD. It’s Maitreya compatible and consists of the boots, capris, leg bands, corset, and jacket, all in the old leather texture.

This pretty and feminine hair from Argrace is WAKANA and it’s a short, soft, and face framing style that is positively adorable!

I love this sneer from the Alex mesh head from Logo. It’s in the 3rd Expressions pack. I’m also wearing one casual hand and one relaxed hand from SLink, and the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

I was looking around the Bamse store completely enthralled with it’s furnishings, and after checking out who created all of these incredible things, it brought me to the Ex Machina main store. I found this area near a warehouse down a little back alley to make my stand, and take some pictures.