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And Life Goes On…..

It’s always kind of a time out when the holidays arrive! It’s all about doing things that are only done once a year and each year the pressures are a little different but the season is the same! I shopped, I baked, and I enjoyed a day with my sister doing some colouring! There is […]

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Do You Speak Typo?

I think anyone who’s done any amount of chatting on Second Life has Typo as a second language! I know I do, I can read and write it perfectly! If you’ve not done it, you should do an image search on Google of typos, you’ll be belly laughing like crazy! I know auto correct has […]

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La Paix Part Deux!

The La Paix set of poses and props from Le Poppycock is so good it demanded a second showing! It’s a gacha set, so get your “buy” finger warmed up to do an intense round of gacha’ing! La Paix is filled with seventeen(15 common, 2 Rare) poses with props, all natural and relaxed looking with […]

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And I Thought I Had Old Leftovers!!

It’s amazing what one can think of to Google when looking for blog ideas! I wanted to see what December 13 had happening in history, so a quick search led me to find some fascinating facts about this day! One of the events that happened on this day in 2010 was that a 2400 year […]

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La Paix

There is no path to peace. Peace IS the path. Gandhi I’ve focused on peace this month, but maybe everyday of the year should be a time to focus on it! I’ll begin with a new, and stunning, set of poses and props from Le Poppycock and available at The Liaison Collaborative! The La Paix […]