Catching Teardrops

Catching Teardrops

“People cry, not because they are weak, but because they’ve been strong too long.”

~Johnny Depp~

When I was younger, I thought crying was something that you had to hide, so as time passed I’d keep those tears in, wrapped up in a little package inside thinking that if I don’t acknowledge them, the feelings that go with them don’t exist. What started out as a little collection of packages all neat and tidy inside me, containing every tear I hadn’t shed, ended up being a weight so heavy in me that I could barely stand. I ignored the pain, and just kept shoving the tears a little bit deeper, and then tried to keep standing and showing no one the weight that was within me. Over time it became harder and harder to find the room to keep it all inside and as things slowly fell apart I was being pulled down in a spiral that I thought would never end. And as the bottom came up to greet me, I hoped to just drift away and never have to see the light of day again. The burden of unshed tears was so great, that life wasn’t worth living. I learned that rock bottom is where I needed to be to be able to start to live again. As I opened every package of tears and let them out, I started to feel lighter, each day crying for a pain that had been hidden for so long. Once it started it was like I couldn’t stop, and feeling a lifetime worth of pain seemed endless, but the tears were the cleansing that I so needed to face all that I’d ignored for so many years. They’ve slowly dried up, but not entirely, I’ll never go without facing each emotion I need to and dealing with it. So, everyone around me knows, when I’m crying it just means that I’m alive and well, it’s when I stop is when I’ll worry. But for now, I only cry when I’m sad, happy, angry, grateful, startled, afraid, anxious, annoyed, or any other emotion that comes along! Just kidding, but it does feel that ways sometimes. πŸ˜€

I’m wearing my favourite tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t here, and I want to let everyone know that PMS is in transition to an all new brand called Wild Roots. I’m excited to see what the future holds, with Wild Roots specializing in unisex tattoos, cosmetics, and a new line of mesh accessories coming in the near future. Past PMS releases will be available on the second floor of the new store and also on Market Place, so you’re not out of luck in getting past releases. This one I’m wearing is called ‘In the Darkness’ and it’s combination of trees and birds are what I love. It’s compatible with all Omega mesh bodies and comes in three ink tones.

I’m in my adorable ‘Cecilia Lingerie, noir’ from /erratic/ here. I’m wearing the brassiere and thong this time, but the set also includes ouvert panties, shelf brassiere, suspender, and stockings compatible with the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya and the SLink mesh feet. All items can be purchased separately, also.

The ‘Rose Heart’ necklace is from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery. It comes with gold or silver options along with short(seen here) and long. There is also a pretty set of earrings included.

The ‘YONAGA, blacks pack’ hair is from Argrace.

The lovely ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone will be available on November 15 at AppliquΓ¨, from Avada. The skin looks lovely on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya. I’ve added a touch of eye shadow from the ‘Smokey Eye Shadow’ pack from Izzie’s.

The is the ‘Catching Teardrops’ pose from Del May.

Heyyyy………My Face is Up Here

Heyyyy.........My Face is Up Here

While checking out my stats and profile on flickr I found out which of my pictures is most popular. It’s solely rated on the number of faves it has, and I will admit it’s a pretty good one, but, it’s of my a**! yea…of all of my thousand and some pictures that I’ve put on flickr, it’s my a** that everyone wants to see! So, because of that, today I’ll show you my face! You remember my face……it has two eyes, a nose, two lips and a look that brings on the question, ‘what are you mad at?’! And I have to say, ‘It’s just my face!’. In Second Life I have a fairly pretty face that I think represents ‘me’ fairly well. I think it expresses who I am in real life and I look at Liz and see myself. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but how does anyone see my soul when they only look at my a**? πŸ˜› I’m sure I’ll need to put my back to the camera again and feature my backside, but until then, I guess you can check out my most popular picture on flickr, I’m starting to think it’s my best feature! πŸ˜€

Firstly, the ‘Felicity Palm Ring’ from Slipper Originals is a unique piece of jewellery that really stands out from the crowd. It’s a simple band with a gorgeous set of gems set into it to accent the back of the hand! They’re fitted for the Maitreya and SLink bento hands and there’s left and right versions included. Like all HUDs from SO, there’s a schwack of colour options which consists 14 gems and six metals. It’s available for the next few days at Designer Circle, and will then be at the Slipper Originals main store.

At first glance you may think that it’s just another picture of Liz, but if you look closely you may see some slight changes. I’ve been given a chance to preview an upcoming release of a new skin from Avada, and I couldn’t be happier! This is ‘Raine’ in ‘miel’ tone and the detailing is incredible! These lips are begging to be kissed, and by someone that knows how! πŸ˜€ You won’t be able to get your own copy of this fab skin until November, but until then….just keep looking at me! Thanks so much, Stephanie for this exclusive preview!

I’m using a pose from the ‘Xion’ set of poses from Animosity! The set includes 6 poses and I want to remind everyone that they’re made for a male avatar so the ladies may have to make some adjustments to their shape for them to work properly. I love the diversity and uniqueness of poses from Animosity, they can really help get the creative juices flowing! The ‘Xion’ set is available at Men Only Monthly until October 15 and then watch for them at the Animosity main store, which is currently under construction.

Pimp My Sh!t is back and going strong in the October round of the Bodyfy event! I’m wearing the ‘Smokey Eyeshadow’ set that’s an exclusive to the event. It’s compatible with Catwa, Lelutka and Omega heads and also classic avatars. I love the smokey look for a dark and mysterious aura!

I new I’d be coming back to wear the ‘Amal’ hair from [BAD HAIR DAY]. It’s just that kind of hair style that I can put on knowing it looks good and I can explore Second Life with confidence! This colour is from the ‘browns’ pack and it’s the first look I’ve shown of all one colour, since I usually opt for a combination of naturals and colours. The [BAD] colour palette is huge and each hair has two layers that can be customized independently along with the inclusion of a mirrored version.

My eyes are one of the ten selections from the ‘Nissa Eyes’ set of eyes from Zombie Suicide.

You’re getting a glimpse of the strap of the ‘Sideview Bodysuit’ from Vale Koer and available at the current round of ~uber~, which runs until October 23.. It’s really worth seeing the whole thing….it’s so sexy! πŸ˜‰

As usual, I’m wearing the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya, bento hands included.

Tattoo You

Tattoo You

It used to be only a certain type of person got a tattoo! It was the rebels and the bikers then, but it’s become very mainstream now and much more accepted by most people. I know there’s lots of people that frown on them still, but I’m not one of them. I will admit to having a couple of my own in real life. I’ve had them for quite a few years, and thankfully I put them in places where gravity won’t affect them too much. Gravity is a harsh mistress, you know! πŸ˜€ I have one on my ankle and one on my shoulder, both fairly small and covered most of the year. I sometimes forget I have them, really. One of my real life neighbours is quite covered in tattoos. I’ve not seen him without a shirt, but he has full sleeves and there’s tattoo peaking out of the neckline of his T shirt so he appears to be covered. So with him looking very much like what you’d think of as a biker or a rebel it was surprising the first time I talked to him. He never swears, he’s super polite, and always calls me dear, in a nice way. He doesn’t have a motorcycle, but he rebuilds old cars and is exceptionally good at it! But you know what I mean, he’s tattooed, he has big bushy hair down past the tops of his shoulders, his beard is a little longer than that and he has tattoos, so you’d think he’s the stereotypical rebel. But no, he’s just a nice guy living his life and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I hope one day someone needs it, I’d like to see how much of him is tattooed!

When I started my Second Life I fell in love pretty much right from the first with virtual tattoos. The quality of them has improved immensely since I was young in this virtual world and with the mesh bodies the detailing can be incredible! I’m so excited to see PIMP MY SHI!T back with new releases for the August round of the Bodyfy event. I’m wearing the Octo Tattoo in medium ink tone, although it comes in colour also and has three ink tones. It’s Omega and TMP compatible and can be worn on all layers. So happy to see PMS back in action!! Bodyfy runs until August 30.

The pose I’m using here is one of the five in the ‘Suri’ set of poses from Imitaion. I’ve always loved SL poses and Imitation is one of my favourite pose stores. The sets are all bento enabled and they’re so expressive and alive. I really think Bento hands have changed the way bloggers and photographers can create photos that really show emotion and bring their scenes to life. You can also find Imitation on Market Place.

The Chapter Four has always been one of my favourite SL events, and I’m so lucky to be able to feature all the incredible work by the designers who participate. I’m featuring some of the gacha items from the ‘Dark Oak’ gacha set from Bee Designs. The Arm Chair, Side Table, and the Poster are all part of the set which has eight common and two RARE to play for. The Chapter Four runs until the end of the month.

The rest of the items that make my home cozy are the ‘Filmore Factory Clock’ from 7 Emporium, the ‘Star Globe,RARE’ lamp from the ‘Vintage Lighting’ gacha set from ::Static:: and available at The Gacha Garden. The ‘Majestic Radio’ is from the ‘Vintage Radio’ gacha set from KraftWork. Each radio in the set has two versions, one scripted for use as a radio and one for decor only. The house plants on the left are from {what next}. The ‘Reading Pile’ of books is from a gacha set from Apple Fall and the books beside the chair are from [zerkalo].

And as for me? I’m wearing the ‘Candice’ set from [Azuchi]. It includes the panties and top, it comes in ten colours and is available at the current round of ~uber~. I’m wearing the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa along with the ‘Lara’ mesh body(including bento hands) from Maitreya. I’ve added a little bit of ‘Smoky Eyeshadow’ from Izzie’s to the look. My eyes are from the ‘Nissa Eyes’ pack from Zombie Suicide and the WAKANA hair is from Argrace.

Introverts Are People, Too!

Introverts Are People, Too!

So, if you are too tired to
speak, sit next to me,
because, I too, am fluent in


I know I’ve mentioned being an introvert in the past, but today I’m going to revisit the topic! I’ve been an introvert all my life, although i don’t think you just ‘become’ an introvert or extrovert, you’re born one or the other! So, in the early years of my life, back when there was no such thing as a home computer or google, I just lived my life, being different than almost everyone around me, and thought I was the weird one! I was the one who liked to stay at home with my family and animals, where I could be alone whenever I wanted. But, as I got older I realized that society expects a certain amount of socializing and if you aren’t doing enough…..then there’s something wrong. I think there’s still a stigma with being an introvert! Surely, it can’t be normal to want to be alone that much, people may think……. wrong!! When you’re system is depleted of energy from being around people, then nothing can recharge your system except peaceful time alone. When working in the service industry, I always came home after a shift and needed a couple hours before I could have a conversation with anyone and feel refreshed! I’m sure extroverts can’t relate to an introvert any better than the other way around. At this point in life I’m exceptionally lucky that my animals don’t require small talk, I always find peace with them! I can be outgoing and chatty, and even entertaining among people, but there is a price I pay. After, I’m mentally exhausted and need quiet and time alone. I’m glad I know and accept this about myself, because now when someone asks me out for coffee, I don’t feel guilty if I have other plans……like, celebrating my dog’s birthday, dusting my houseplants, organizing the breakfast cereal in my cupboard, or washing my hair!

I’ve put together a simple outfit to hang out at home in, on this Sunday morning! First off is the Bess Turtleneck Cropped Sweater, which is a new release from SN@TCH! It comes in handy right now with a warming trend here in my area, so I can shed the heavy coats for awhile! It has the super long sleeves and high neck while still baring a bit of midriff for a little bit of sexy! The top comes in an astounding 27 solids and patterns and in six sizes for mesh bodies.

And on my bare midriff is the Dare to Dream Tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t! It’s a simple but pretty design that comes in system layers and appliers for the Omega and TMP compatible mesh bodies!

There’s no close up this time around, but the Zoie Sneakers are a pretty little shoe that’s worth a look at the Slipper Originals main store.

The Halsey Jeans from Vinyl are perfect for the weekend! They’re boot cut and have a boyfriend jeans type of fit, love ’em!

The Boys & Girls 70 hair is from Dura Hair! The hair and headband are both HUD driven for the colour options.

I’ve decided that the Alex mesh head is ‘me’ and I’m committed to it! I’m wearing the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins, which has such soft lips and a gentle look! I have added a little bit of eyeshadow from the Fall Essentials pack from alaskametro<3! I’m always wearing the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the relaxed hands and flat feet from SLink.

The poses are from Overlow Poses, pack 86.

I love being at After the Fall! The sim is full of dark and destroyed areas, if you want that end of society look for your pictures!