You Just Never Know What You'll See!

Have you ever wondered what goes on outside overnight? I don’t know about anyone else, but once it’s dark outside, there could be any number of things going on out there! Usually things that I’d rather not know about, like an ax murderer, aliens, or worst of all….ghosts! But, I had the bright idea a year or so ago to get a trail cam to set up in the yard to capture anything that might be wandering through. My one fear is that I’ll see something that I’d rather not know about, but so far…so good! There’s usually a deer or two, a skunk or three, or a coyote. Oh….and the odd stray cat, and sometimes a raccoon or a bunny. The coyotes are the ones I hate to see, they’ve become so brave in around the yard that it’s a little disconcerting to see them casually walk around. A couple evenings ago I stepped out onto my step and came face to face with one about 30 feet from me. He didn’t run or get scared, he just stood and stared at me. I have no doubt he was on his way to see if there was a chicken out to steal, so I tried to scare him into running away, but he just loped off a little bit and then stood looking at me again. There are guns on the premises, but I really hate guns, so needless to say the worst I could do was tell him to Eff off and try to look scary, which some people would say comes naturally to me! 😛 This morning it was a whole new ball game though……there on the camera, was a big old horse…just wandering around in the dark( I don’t have horses at the moment), and behind it….following along was a little horse! I knew whose they were once the little one showed itself, so it was just a matter of waiting for daylight and scouting around so I could tell the neighbour where he could find them. They had moved on up the field to the north and were heading east when I found them. So, if the scariest thing I capture on the camera is a little bit of wildlife or a farm animal or two…that’s fine…it’s those 2 legged monsters I really don’t want to see out there, skulking around in the dark!

There’s something in my front yard here that I’d be really shocked to see! The ‘Wicked Legs’ from {MYNX} are exclusive to the October round of The Chapter Four and add a really nice touch to your Halloween decorating! They’re 100% original mesh and they’re copy/modify so you can adjust the thigh shadows to where you need them. The Chapter Four runs until the end of the month!

October is full of Halloween events and goings on, and [QE] Designs is in a couple of them with some seasonal decor! I’m showing the ‘Wire Punkin Set’ here, which includes 4 styles of wire pumpkins and lots of options! They’re colour change via drop down menu with six colours for the pumpkin, 4 stem colours and 5 light colours. These are exclusive to the Mad Circus 3 Halloween & Gacha Fair, which runs until October 31. Also from [QE] Designs is the ‘Fall Punkin Set v2’, which includes 4 shapes with 8 colours each via drop down menu. They’re copy/mod so you can cover your whole yard in pumpkins if you want! These are available at Trick or Treat Lane, which opens today and runs until November 3, as well as Mad Circus 3.

Another event for October to be on the lookout for is Season of the Witch! It starts tomorrow(October 14) and runs until November 4, and Raindale has the ‘Charfell Cabin’ exclusive to the event. This cute cabin has a footprint of 10X15 and a land impact of 40, and it’s modifiable to be resized as needed. It comes on a platform(23X23 footprint and 8 land impact) which is HUD driven with 5 grass textures, and it can be removed if needed! I’m using it here! The cabin is scripted with the Kool Door system so you can limit access. This cabin has a really unique roof line and some great accents, so if you want to get a full view you can check out Keira’s flickr site!

I’ve used the chairs from ‘Kate’s Vintage Chairs’ from Nutmeg, which is a set of six chairs, all with really unique shapes and detailing.

The ‘Deathly Tree, orange lights’ is from Refuge and available now at Salem. It’s in a gothic style stone urn with two ravens standing at it’s base. The lights can be set to blink or to stay on.

You can’t see them well, but I’ve added the ‘Black Baby Birds’ from +Half-Deer+ on the step of the cabin. These are cute little black chicks that come with various groupings and also singles, plus some wearable ones too! These are also at Salem.

I’m using grasses from Raindale and Kidd Grass here.

Lighten Up!  Eh!

After a string of heavy posts, I thought I should lighten it up a bit! I don’t think it’ll take much to be lighter and happier than the slow spiral into hell that I’ve depicted in the previous posts. Although in my own defense, the series did have a happy ending! So, what can I talk about to lighten up? Hmmmmmm……I’m reading ‘The Dark Tower’ series by Stephen King right now, if ever there was an anti happy author, it would be him! I just love post apocalyptic stories, the bleakness, the struggles, and the fighting against all odds keep me turning those pages! I don’t want to read about the troubles of real life in the here and now, there’s enough of that in the news on any given day! Give me a story with a true hero, a quest, and all of the ‘worst case scenario’s’ possible, and I can’t stop reading! I do love all kinds of stories, though! I’ve read my share of mysteries, true crime, thrillers, and bodice rippers, but there’s nothing like a good post apocalyptic saga to really make me happy!

I’m featuring the ‘Diana Set’ in sable from [QE] Designs, today! The set includes the boots, skirt and top and it’s compatible with Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza mesh bodies. The boots are HUD driven to change the colours of the metal and laces on the back of the boot and the outfit covers what needs covering, while leaving lots of room for movement when fighting whatever needs fighting! The top is laced in the front and has pretty embroidered embellishments, while the skirt is basically two pieces of leather connected by lacing at the hips! It’s perfect for the girl whose not afraid of anything!
It’s available now at the [QE] Designs main store.

The beautiful ‘Purpose’ tattoo is from Nanika! It comes in black or white and has three ink tones. It’s compatible with the TMP, Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza mesh bodies. It’s available now at the Cosmetic Fair.

I’m wearing the Men’s hair 76 from Dura Hair. It’s available now at the Limit8 event. It’s a new to me event which is really quite large, with lots of great designers and each designer puts a limited edition of their release for the duration of the event. I’m not wearing the exclusive limited edition of the hair, but it’s tucked nicely in my inventory for a later date! There’s shaved hair bases included with each colour set.

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins, here. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

This pose is from the ‘Yandere’ gacha set from Le Poppycock, which seemed very fitting for this outfit!

I find myself drawn back to the Hazardous sim for this picture! And I’m standing at the sign to nowhere as I write this, listening to the very good music stream and people watching!

The Last Waltz

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been thinking about a topic for today’s blog post, and I’ve come up with absolutely zilch! Nothing has coming to me, so I’ve resigned myself to not talking about anything and just naming it after something I watched on TV last night! I can’t believe it’s come down to this! 😦

When I first put this outfit on, I didn’t think I could really make it look natural to me! I’m not normally one to wear horns or that kind of thing, but after I got it together, I like it! I started with the Lilith Set in coal, from [QE] Designs! It’s available until April 1st at the current round of The Darkness Chamber Fair Welcome to Hell, along with the same set in ‘blood’! It includes the top, horns, boots, and Omega applier for the fishnet stockings and thong! I don’t think I’m a very good demon, a little too nice maybe, but I try!

The March round of the Darkness Monthly Event is open, and Sinful Curves Skins has the incredibly dark and mysterious Dark Soul Eyeshadow, available! The set includes four dark shades and is Omega, Catwa, and classic avatar compatible! I’m also wearing my go-to skin, which is the Alexa skin in honey tone, also from ScS.

I love the Neria hair(blondes pack), from Truth Hair. The Neria hair has a set of horns included, that’s how I knew that this look would work so well!

I’m sitting on a balustrade from the ‘Dream a Little’ gacha set from Le Poppycock! I’m using a pose from the Hollow Heart set of poses in the close up photo of me, which is also from Le Poppycock.

The Moonspell Collar is from [B]lack [P]earls, from a previous gaacha set.

I’m using a crow from the ‘Lady Crow’ pose prop set from Axix.