Another Year Older

Another Year Older

It was my real life birthday this past week and not surprisingly I had to endure a rendition of Happy Birthday sung by my family! I will say it was better than usual, probably because I wasn’t singing!! There was a birthday cake which had candles on it for me to extinguish, and with my sister sitting across from me with the camera at the ready, I just pursed my lips ever so slightly so I’d look at least half decent in the shot! There’s nothing like having a picture taken with cheeks fully extended in mid blow, it’s not the most attractive of looks, but it’s family tradition!! We had lots of laughs and we all enjoyed the cake, of course! I can’t believe how fast birthdays come and go, I know having lots of birthdays is much better than the alternative, but do they have come and go in the blink of an eye? I can’t remember every birthday I’ve celebrated, they all kind of get mixed up in my head, if you’ve had as many birthdays as me, you’d forget them too!

It’s been a few days since my last post, and the time between posts has nothing to do with my birthday! I really struggled to get a picture that I was happy with. I think I’ve taken about 40, in three separate attempts and none of them really thrilled me. Out of frustration and passing time I settled on this one! My one worry is that my pictures all start looking the same, I don’t want that to happen, but when creativity is lacking it’s hard to avoid it! But anyway, here’s the info you’ve been waiting for, so patiently!

I always make a trip to all the men’s sales events, and I always find something that catches my eye! This time around it’s the ‘Feather Necklace’ from !NFINITY at Men Only Monthly, or MOM for short!. It comes in gold(seen here), silver, platinum, and black and each is HUD driven with two colour options for the cord. The detailing of it is incredible and with it scripted for easy resizing, I made it small enough for me, easily! I feel like a free spirit when I wear it! MOM runs until July 15.

The June round of Hair O Logy runs until June 30, so there’s still time to get the deals! I’m wearing ‘Vanessa’ from [KoKoLoReS], here and with the wispy tendrils around the face it’s so pretty! [KoKoLoReS] has a total of three styles at this round of Hair O Logy and all are 50% off for the duration! This is from HUD 01, which contains 30 colours!

I’m using a pose from the Solid Gold B set of poses from Le Poppycock.

I joined the Luxe Box group for the June round and Blueberry released the very pretty ‘Cutie Tops’. I forgot how fun Luxe Box is, all those goodies to open, it’s like Christmas in the summer!

The Malena Denim Shorts are from Addams! I could live in shorts all summer and with a pair like this, who wouldn’t want to?

You can see a bit of the ‘Les Fleur’ tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t. This is one of my faves!

I’m slowly getting used to seeing the ‘new me’ with the Catwa Lilo bento mesh head! I think I look a little angry sometimes, but I’m still the same ‘me’ inside! I’m wearing the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada(formerly known as Sinful Curves Skins). I’m wearing one of the nine selections of eye shadow from the ‘Monroe Shadow’ pack from Veechi. I’ve added the Catwa applier of the ‘Nissa Eyes’ from Zombie Suicide which are available at the current round of APPLIQUE. The rest of me is the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

I’m at my favourite spot at, Hazardous, for this shot!

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

I’m going to close my eyes for just a few minutes, give my mind a rest and maybe drift off to where anything is possible! I take a deep breath and slowly exhale, trying to rid my body and mind of stress. I make a mental note to relax each part of me and to feel the tension flow out of my body. OK….this is good, I’m feeling calm and peaceful. I slow my breathing and let myself go, wanting just a short nap to refresh and regroup for the day. I’m falling, the fresh breeze and sunshine on my skin is the only thing I know. As I drift off a thought occurs to me, I didn’t pay my phone bill, and it’s due! I should go do that! No, it’s OK….it can wait another half hour! But if I don’t do it right away I might forget to do it later! I won’t forget, just relax and go back to drifting off to sleep. I breath in then exhale slowly shifting into a more comfortable position, nope….now this isn’t going to work! My eyes are open wide and I know the moment has passed that I could fall asleep and get a nap! Why do my attempts at naps always seem to end this way? I’m usually up between 4 and 5 AM, so a nap would be nice, but I just can’t control my thoughts for longer than a few minutes! OK…I may as well get up and get going, again! And so it goes, another nap ended before it even began!

The June round of The Liaison Collaborative is on and Le Poppycock has released the ‘Stay Cool’ pose prop gacha set! It’s right full of fun in the sun summer activities, with props including this mat and magazine, a tube to enjoy water activities and a fan for some cool air on a hot day! They’re all fun and unique with great poses! The Liaison Collaborative runs until June 30.

I’m wearing the ‘Del Sol Bikini Collection’ from !APHORISM! here! It’s the blue satin version and it’s compatible with the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh bodies.

The ‘Hani’ hair from [monso] is so cute. This is from the blacks pack and it’s unrigged for easy fitting!

The rest of me is the Alex mesh head from Logo with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins(soon to be ‘Avada’). I’m also wearing the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the flat feet from SLink.

I’m at my home in ‘Winters Wind‘(which has a couple vacancies right now) and I’m laying on ‘The Jetty’ by IMMERSIV.

Little Texas

Little Texas

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Texas! I’ve been to the ‘Big D’ and I do mean Dallas, I’ve seen the ‘West Texas town of El Paso’, and I’ve been to Luckenbach but didn’t see Waylan, Willie, or the boys! I made it to ‘Amarillo by mornin’, which I will say is home to the busiest buffet I’ve ever seen at 3 AM! I got a flat tire in Hunstville, but luckily my stay was short! I’ve been to Galveston and Corpus Christi, and San Antonio was quiet, I was just killing time! I’ve driven past the exit to ‘Noodle Dome Road’, and had the biggest frizzy hair after days spent in Houston with the 200% humidity, but best of all was the 2 days I waited to unload 45,000 lbs of dripping, stinking, and generally unpleasant cow hides to a tannery in Fort Worth! It was July and needless to say, the days were a little hot! When the day came I could finally unload, I started opening the doors to the trailer and saw that they had fallen over, as I swung the door open a stream of warm wet hides rolled out onto the ground at my feet! Yes, I’ve seen a lot of Texas, but one place I never got to was Marfa! And after time spent at ‘The Last Forever‘ sim, I really wish I had! For anyone who’s not a country music fan, there are references to country songs here! 😀

I’ll get my mind off of the memories and get to work on this outfit! I’ll start with the shoes! It’s not a very close look at the Panda,RARE flats from the Animal Flats gacha set from lassitude & ennui! They’re available at The Gacha Garden and the whole set is super cute! They fit the Maitreya and SLink flat feet and there’s eleven commons and three rare to play for! And remember that with enough plays you’ll automatically get the Seeds of Inspiration gift! There’s nothing better than a cute pair of flats, long evenings, and ice cream in the summertime!

The May round of The Chapter Four is it’s 4th Anniversary, so wear your group tag and grab the gifts! And while you’re there pick up the ‘Convolutions A & B’ pose sets from Le Poppycock!

I can’t believe it! I got into the May round of Collabor88 this morning and it was so unexpected that I ended up having a shopping spree! I grabbed the Betina Tank Top from Addams, since I just knew it’s a must have!! I got the fatpack which has an almost endless number of colours so you’ll be seeing me in this top often! It ‘s fitted for the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh bodies. You can also try to get access to C88 by cam shopping!

Also at C88 are the incredible Carrie Denim Shorts from erratic! They’re HUD driven with the optional tie on scarf and the back pockets colour change! They fit the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

The Countess glasses, by Earthstones, are at the current round of The Liaison Collaborative! The metal, lens, and gems are colour change on touch.

The Bow Trinket necklace, from which I’m wearing just a part of, is from Pink Acid and also at C88! See, I did go on a shopping spree this morning!

The KAHUZA hair is a new release from Argrace!

My look all starts with the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the flat feet from SLink.

Lighten Up! Eh!

Lighten Up!  Eh!

After a string of heavy posts, I thought I should lighten it up a bit! I don’t think it’ll take much to be lighter and happier than the slow spiral into hell that I’ve depicted in the previous posts. Although in my own defense, the series did have a happy ending! So, what can I talk about to lighten up? Hmmmmmm……I’m reading ‘The Dark Tower’ series by Stephen King right now, if ever there was an anti happy author, it would be him! I just love post apocalyptic stories, the bleakness, the struggles, and the fighting against all odds keep me turning those pages! I don’t want to read about the troubles of real life in the here and now, there’s enough of that in the news on any given day! Give me a story with a true hero, a quest, and all of the ‘worst case scenario’s’ possible, and I can’t stop reading! I do love all kinds of stories, though! I’ve read my share of mysteries, true crime, thrillers, and bodice rippers, but there’s nothing like a good post apocalyptic saga to really make me happy!

I’m featuring the ‘Diana Set’ in sable from [QE] Designs, today! The set includes the boots, skirt and top and it’s compatible with Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza mesh bodies. The boots are HUD driven to change the colours of the metal and laces on the back of the boot and the outfit covers what needs covering, while leaving lots of room for movement when fighting whatever needs fighting! The top is laced in the front and has pretty embroidered embellishments, while the skirt is basically two pieces of leather connected by lacing at the hips! It’s perfect for the girl whose not afraid of anything!
It’s available now at the [QE] Designs main store.

The beautiful ‘Purpose’ tattoo is from Nanika! It comes in black or white and has three ink tones. It’s compatible with the TMP, Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza mesh bodies. It’s available now at the Cosmetic Fair.

I’m wearing the Men’s hair 76 from Dura Hair. It’s available now at the Limit8 event. It’s a new to me event which is really quite large, with lots of great designers and each designer puts a limited edition of their release for the duration of the event. I’m not wearing the exclusive limited edition of the hair, but it’s tucked nicely in my inventory for a later date! There’s shaved hair bases included with each colour set.

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins, here. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

This pose is from the ‘Yandere’ gacha set from Le Poppycock, which seemed very fitting for this outfit!

I find myself drawn back to the Hazardous sim for this picture! And I’m standing at the sign to nowhere as I write this, listening to the very good music stream and people watching!

The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show

I haven’t been to a movie in years, and the last time I went I had no control over the movie we saw! I mean, I’d never seen any of the ‘Sex and the City’ shows, I only had an idea of who the characters were, but there I was sitting in the theater, with two avid SATC viewers, and me in shock from having paid a small fortune on a drink and popcorn! I used to enjoy going to a movie now and then, I saw many of them back in the day. But, now with my complete contentment staying home with my own popcorn and my choice of what to watch, I have no urge to see one in a theater. At home I don’t have someone bumping the back of my chair, I may have some clutter in my house, but my shoe isn’t stuck in an unknown substance under my foot, and at home I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a little carton of popcorn and a paper cup of watered down pop. Yea, my days of going to a theater to see a movie may be pretty much over, but that’s not a bad thing! By staying home with a DVD I don’t have to drive home after, if I fall asleep during the movie no one has to nudge me awake when the lights come on and if I don’t like the movie I just saw, I have no one to blame except myself!

For this picture I made a visit to the newly opened The Last Forever sim, and I enjoyed wandering around exploring while I was there. My first stop was at the ‘Palace Movie Theater’ from KraftWork! This building is available now at the current round of Draftsman, and it’s a nicely detailed and functional build! There’s two versions of the building in the pack, one is no modify and the other fully modifiable so you can personalize it any way you like. The movie screen in the mod version can be removed so you can add your own video viewing device. The seating area is really big with fully animated seating, and best of all, there’s no sticky spots on the floor!! Draftsman runs until May 17.

I searched through my extensive Le Poppycock folder and finally found what I was looking for! This pose and prop is from the ‘Idle Fancies’ gacha set and available at the Le Poppycock main store!

I LOVE the Swear Dita Denim Jeans from Lapointe & Bastchild! The detailing is exquisite, the textures perfectly life like, and the fit is curve hugging perfection! I love that the only option to purchase with L&B is the fatpack! I don’t have to struggle with that decision and I know that whatever I’m buying, the fit is perfect and the it’s going to be one of the go-to pieces in my wardrobe!

The Jinx Satin Top is from Rebel Gal and available now at The Epiphany! I love gacha fairs, and The Epiphany is a great one, but all the unboxing drives me crazy! I feel like the item is in a little Russian doll that always has a smaller one inside, and it’s never going to end! But, so worth the effort when the item is finally revealed and I can ooh and aah at it’s beauty! 😀

Also from The Epiphany is the Lariat Necklace 12 from etham. I like it’s simplicity and minimalistic look!

The Arwen hair is from Mina Hair.

And as a always, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tome from Sinful Curves Skins. I’ve added one of the nine options from the Mag Shadows eye shadow pack from Veechi to highlight my eyes a bit. I’m wearing the Lara mesh body, including bento hands, from Maitreya.