What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!



Being Tough

It’s good to be tough in this world! There’s lots of hardships that people have to get through, some more than others, but everyone has bad stuff happen eventually. I’ve had my share, when I was younger I thought I was tough…..I could take the crap people gave me, I could handle the blips in […]


You Get the U-Haul & I’ll Order the Pizza!

“I just love helping my friends move!”, said no one ever! I’m sure we’ve all done it, everyone arrives at the friends house early on a Saturday morning, coffee in hand and eyes barely open. Anyone that owns a truck is there, the truck owners are usually the ‘best friends’ of the one moving, so […]


What is There to Say?

I really hate profiles! In this day and age everything online has a profile to fill out, and I really don’t like that! If they gave me multiple choice I’d do better at it, but there’s all these blank spaces to add whatever the person wants to say, and I just have no idea what […]


Introverts Are People, Too!

So, if you are too tired to speak, sit next to me, because, I too, am fluent in silence! ~R.Arnold~ I know I’ve mentioned being an introvert in the past, but today I’m going to revisit the topic! I’ve been an introvert all my life, although i don’t think you just ‘become’ an introvert or […]