Dirt Road Anthem

Dirt Road Anthem

Yeah I’m chillin’ on a dirt road
Laid back swervin’ like I’m George Jones
Smoke rollin’ out the window
An ice cold beer sittin’ in the console
Memory lane up in the headlights
It’s got me reminiscing on them good times
I’m turnin’ off a real life drive and that’s right
I’m hittin’ easy street on mud tires

Dirt Roan Anthem, sung by ~Jason Aldean~

Ok, first off, I have no idea what it means to be ‘swervin’ like I’m George Jones’, so don’t expect an explanation from me! 😀 Second, this isn’t a completely fitting lyric for this picture in that I’m on a paved road here, not a dirt road! But, in my thoughts are the back roads where I grew up. There are still some trails that haven’t changed much since I’ve been around, except to be a little more overgrown. Every once in awhile I go down one of them, stick my head out the window of the truck, close my eyes, and inhale deeply! This is the time of year when the newly leafed trees smell their best. The dirt trail maybe has a puddle or two on it from the most recent rain, but I can dodge them easily. I think back on how many times I’ve been down this road, with Dad, or maybe with Grandad, either way, we’d end up at the pasture to check on the cows and enjoy a nice prairie morning, or evening, whichever time of day it happened to be. I know that if I got into the truck with Dad and dawdled down the back trails now I’d feel like I was a kid again. Back when Dad was younger than I am now and I was just a little tomboy who loved cows and fishing and all things outdoors! I can see it in my minds eye, and it makes me melancholy for those times, I wish I knew then just how fleeting that part of my life would be.

I’m out on the road in one of my favourite sims, The Last Forever! I’ve taken a liking to this little chapel with the playboy bunny nearby.

A new round of Men Only Monthly, or MOM for short, has opened and Le Poppycock has the ‘And So On’ pose packs A & B. I’m a believer that women can use men’s poses and still look great, and I think I prove it here! Each pack has six poses in it, all casual and relaxed. Olivia, of Le Poppycock, always manages to create a men’s pose that’s aloof and relaxed, almost indifferent! I love that!

Also at MOM, is the M107 hair from CHEVEUX! This is from the black and whites pack.

I love this little outfit from Candydoll! It’s the Megan Panties and Top in green. It’s available now at Rewind! It’s all about the 80’s this time around so get your leg warmers and off shoulder tops out and get physical!

The ‘Poe Tattoo’ is from This is Wrong and it’s compatible with the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh bodies.

I love flats in the summer and the “Not So Shabby’ flats from Nutmeg are super cute! They’re exclusively for the Maitreya mesh feet and come in five colours. As always, I couldn’t decide and just got them all! They’re available at the latest round of Shiny Shabby.

I do have a little choker on, you can’t really see it, but I want to mention it anyway! Burial is at this round of the Limit8 event and the Moon Choker, gold is the exclusive for it. It’s not the limited item, so no fear of it not being available when you get there.

As always, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

There Was a Time……..

There Was a Time........

….I thought I’d live forever.
….I thought the bad times would never end, but they did!
….I imagined myself being carefree, relaxed, and worry free with no anxiety, I’m not there yet!
….I planned my future, then I learned that it’s a waste of energy!
….I yearned to be older, I was sure 17 was going to be a magical age, that was brief!
….I drank a lot of tequila, and had the hangovers to prove it!
….I wanted to know the meaning of life, now I don’t question it and I just live.
The weekend has come around again and every Saturday I look back at the week and wonder where the time has gone! Does anyone else think time is flying by? It’s the May long weekend, also known as Victoria Day here in Canada, and I’m sure there are lots of people eager to get outside and start doing summer things. Enjoy your weekend everyone, wherever you may be! 🙂

The current round of Designer Circle is at the midway point, and it’s there you’ll find the Fallon Sandals from Slipper Originals! They make a cute addition to the basic summertime standard outfit of shorts and a tank top! The fatpack contains sixteen colours and five metals, with lots of areas to customize. They’re Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza compatible. Designer Circle runs until May 26.

I’m sporting the really cool ‘Salamander’ tattoo from Metamorphosis Tattoo! I love the tribal look and the pack includes a black version along with a coloured version. It’s compatible with all of the major mesh bodies, including anything that works with Omega!

The Anime 05 hair is from Dura Hair. This is from the Darks pack.

You can’t really tell I’m wearing clothes here, but I am! I’m wearing the GrassCourt Tanktop from Vale Koer and available at the current round of Kustom 9. Along with the Carrie Denim Shorts from erratic available at the current round of Collabor88.

The cute Bow Trinket Choker if part of the Bows and Hearts necklace set from Pink Acid and available at Collabor88.

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. I’ve added one of nine options of eye shadow from the Mag Shadow pack from Veechi, to it. As usual, I’m wearing the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the flat feet from SLink.

This pose if from oOo Studio Poses.

I seem to be spending a lot of time at the ever peaceful Hazardous sim. I think I can call it my second home, at this point!

A Little Bit of Eddie Vedder, on This Wednesday Morning!

A Little Bit of Eddie Vedder, on This Wednesday Morning!

Comes the morning
When I can feel
That there’s nothing
Left to be concealed
Moving on
A scene surreal
Know my heart will never
Will never be far from here

Sure as I’m breathing
Sure as I’m sad
I’ll keep this wisdom
In my flesh
I’ll leave here believing
More than I had
And there’s a reason I’ll be
Reason I’ll be back

As I walk
The hemisphere
I got my wish
To up and disappear
I’ve been wounded
I’ve been healed
Now for landing I’ve been
Landing I’ve been cleared

Sure as I’m breathing
Sure as I’m sad
I’ll keep this wisdom
In my flesh
I’ll leave here believing
More than I had
This love has got
No ceiling

‘No Ceiling’ ~Eddie Vedder~

When words fail me, I can always trust that a song lyric or poem can speak for me. Today I’m sharing the lyrics to the song, ‘No Ceiling’ by Eddie Vedder! It’s from the ‘Into the Wild’ soundtrack, which is just an incredible collection of songs. I have to admit that after more than 600 blog posts, I sometimes struggle with something to talk about. I don’t want to get into politics as the topic completely drains me, I don’t want to sound like a self help guru with hints on how to live, and I don’t even have a strong opinion about anything today! So, I sit listening to soft music, looking out at a cloudy sky, and ponder my options for the day. Most of which aren’t very exciting! The first order of business today is getting another cup of coffee, then it’s throwing a load of laundry in the washer, and then do some house work! Or, I can sit here in Second Life, looking at my gorgeous self and letting the rays of the virtual setting sun warm my virtual skin! I close my eyes and I can almost feel the salty sea breeze on my face right now!

{MYNX} has a new release at the Mainstore and I think it’s must have! The Jean Skirt is super cute AND super short, so remember to wear something underneath if you don’t want anyone getting an eye full when you’re out and about! The skirt comes in twelve textures and is fitted for the SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya mesh bodies. I’m wearing the Dark Wash version on the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, here.

When you think of [KoKoLoReS], great hair probably comes to mind! But, if you’re looking for nice relaxed and natural poses, you might want to check out the other side of [KoKoLoReS]! I’m using one of poses from the ‘Face & Hand’ pose set, which includes five poses and their mirrors. This set isn’t bento enabled, but there is a nice collection of pose sets that are! All poses are really expressive and can spice up a photo to no end!

I seem to have an attraction to hair that covers one eye or both, so when I saw the Twobi hair from [monso] at the new round of Kustom9, I knew it was a must have! This is from the Black & White pack and it’s HUD driven with a colour change band.

The ‘Sweet Rose’ tattoo in henna is from Nanika. It’s SLink, Maitreya, and Omega compatible.

I absolutely adore the ‘Betina Tank’ from Addams! It’s available now at Collabor88, and the fatpack irresistible!

The Summer Ladybird Necklace, black is from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery!

As always, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. I’ve added one of the nine colour options of eye shadow from the Mag Shadow pack from Veechi. I’m also using the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, bento hands and all.

My eyes are Steampunk, black from .ARISE..



Travel light,
Live light,
Spread the light,
Be the light.

~Yogi Bahjan~

I try to take a few minutes each day to let the world fade away and find peace within myself. I want to find that light inside me to focus on. I want to feel weightless in mind and body and find my spirit and take joy in only that. I can surround myself with things I relate to as being peaceful, but true peace only comes from inside. So, today the sun may shine, the breeze be fresh and clean, and the time can be spent as I want, but none of those will make any difference to me! I embrace my light and find the peace within me!

I’m enjoying a peaceful evening here in the Southwell Gacha Set from Raindale and available now at Cosmopolitan. The set includes seven commons and the RARE Southwell Hideaway to play for. The hanging daybed, chairs, table, rug, teapot, ottoman, and candle holders are all shown here and they make a perfect little place to retreat from the world. I’m using one of the 9 animations on the ottoman. The RARE hideaway has two versions, one with string lights and one without and has a land impact of 20-25. Out front is the Woodland Stump, also from Raindale! It’s available at The Avenue and it’s been redone with updated animations and textures. The pack includes a version with a pillow and 8 bento enabled animations and a pillow free version! But wait, also from Raindale here is Birdside Frames from the Birdside Gacha set and the Apple Basket, which gives apples on touch and can also be used as a pose prop. And, last but not least, the pretty grass is the Meadow Grass, spring, and it’s from Raindale, too! Keira Raindale is a home and garden decor wizard! 🙂

For my quiet evening in my hideaway I’m wearing the Maya Panties and Tank from !APHORISM! and available at FaMESHed.

I’ve been to the hair sale at Truth Hair a few times and here I’m wearing the Loni hair.

As always, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the kitten feet from SLink.

Off to the Farmer’s Market

Off to the Farmer's Market

I’m on my way to the local Farmer’s Market today, where I sell the eggs that my chickens produce during the week. The eggs are a soft brown colour and are from well cared for and free to roam hens! Saturday mornings are a relaxing time for a lot of people, but for anyone who sells at the local Farmer’s Market, it’s up bright and early to load up the truck and take the previous weeks worth of goods to the Farmer’s Market to sell. Each booth at the local Farmer’s Market is full of home grown local items and anyone who supports the farmers can take pride in buying local and personally knowing who is producing the food you eat. Whether it’s local meats, eggs, vegetables, or any other farm produced items, why not support the local producer! In my real life, I’ve never sold at the nearby Farmer’s Market, but I do encourage everyone to buy local. It’s good to get to know the producers of what you put on your table for your family, and help keep a local farmer in business!

I want you to look down, look way down, and have a gander at the gorgeous Lilith Flats from Ingenue! I love flats, and these are perfect to pretty up a simple skirt and top outfit! The jaunty bow and simple lines make this one a must have! The Lilith Flats are available now at the May round of Collabor88 and are Maitreya and SLink flat feet compatible! They come in twelve pretty colours and I highly encourage you to splurge on the fatpack. It’s most economical and it takes away the pressure of having to choose just one colour!

I added the home decor sign to one of the poses from the ‘Convolutions’ pose set from Le Poppycock. There are two pose sets available for purchase, plus a gift in celebration of The Chapter Four‘s 4th anniversary.

The Feline Off the Shoulder Top and the Feline Jeans Mini, both in navy, are from Mimikri and available at the current round of Cosmopolitan. It’s a simple outfit that a country girl like me can look and feel comfortable in!

The Vico hair from TUKINOWAGUMA is a cute little ponytail available at the current round of On9. This is from the browns pack. The pack includes a rigged and unrigged version and lots of colour options. I just want to say that when I saw the name of this hair I smiled! I grew up drinking Vico! The local dairy called chocolate milk Vico, and as a school kid I always had a little carton of Vico with my lunch!

The ‘Peace Bracelets’ are from NOIR and available at the current round of Collabor88.

My ‘Fresh Eggs’ sign is from floorplan!

My look all starts with the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the flat feet from SLink.

I did a little bit of exploring at PATANKAR, and found this little area for the photo.

Oh, just one more thing! Please, no funny comments about the ‘Laid Daily’ part of the sign! 😛