Radio, Everywhere

Radio, Everywhere

I have to admit that I’m from the radio generation! I had a little tiny battery powered transistor radio when I was a tween. Well, I wasn’t a tween back then, there wasn’t really a name for that age then. But, I had a little red transistor radio, with AM and FM, but I had no idea what FM meant! All I knew was there was nothing on it, and there was music on the AM side. So, it was all AM, all the time for me! It had a tinny little sound, and I had to stand a certain way to really get good reception. But, it was music and that’s all that mattered! I’d listen all day to hear the song I liked, and everything stopped when it finally came on. It was still a few years before the cassette tape appeared and I could tape my favourite songs to play when I wanted. I know this is really showing my age! πŸ˜€ But anyways, times have changed and I can hear any song I want at any given moment, and from anywhere I may be! There’s a soft spot in my heart though for all the mixed tapes I made over those years. Nothing said ‘I care’ like giving someone a custom made mixed tape!

I’m in my own radio heaven here! Remember the other day I was moving into my new reading nook? Well, I haven’t gotten any further with unpacking, but I found an awesome set of vintage radios that I just have to pay homage to! The complete Vintage Radios Gacha set is here, in all it’s glory, from KraftWork! And what a set it is! There’s eight commons and one rare to play for and they’re all lots of fun. Each of the six common radios come in two versions, one for decoration only, and another that’s a fully functioning radio! And no tinny sound with these! The RARE Big Radio is also fully functional and contains poses/animations for singles and couples! The Red and Yellow Tables are commons that are super retro and remind me of something The Jetson’s had! The gacha is 50L$ per play.

I’m really comfy laying here on the Faux Rug from Raindale! It’s a new release and available now at The Pose Fair 2017. It has six static poses, a land impact of 2, and comes with a tint HUD so you can customize it any way you like! I want to mention also, that I’m in the Dallyne Summer House, also from Raindale! It’s available at the current round of Cosmopolitan and is such a pretty little building! Now, I have to get back to unpacking all these books!

As for all the other things around me, I’ll start with the 3 pieces of art on the wall! They’re from the Copycat Art gacha set from Nylon Outfitters. They’re from the March ’14 round of The Arcade. The ‘Laugh’ sign is from the ‘Words’ gacha set from M.Law Designs and available at The Chapter Four. The 50’s Side Table, which is under the red radio is from the 50’s Sofa Set from irrie’s Dollhouse. The Speaker Light in bronze is from NOMAD. The crate of books and the stack of books are from the Bookworm’s Hibernation gacha set from [bauwerk]. I love having a coffee or latte while I’m relaxing and this is one of my favourites, it’s from the Coffee House gacha from Standby Inc. The little plate of ‘8 Minutes Mints’ is from the Storytellers Burrow gacha set from 8f8.

I’m relaxing in the Sleepover tank and shorts from Tres Blah. They’re exclusive for the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and fit perfectly. So cute. This gacha wasn’t in the main store last time I checked, but it may be there by now. Hopefully, because I’d love a few more pieces from the gacha.

I love the Bow Slides from [Vale Koer]. I always seem to get the fatpack when purchasing [Vale Koer] items, it just makes it much easier than deciding what colour to get, and plus, the amount of customizing the fatpack has is incredible! These are available at the current round of Collabor88. The Arwen hair from Mina Hair has turned in to one of my favourites. As always, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the flat feet from SLink.

One Day

One Day

One day, I’ll free myself of the constant worry I can’t seem to stop! One day, I’ll laugh when my normal reaction would be to cry! One day, I’ll look in the mirror and say to myself how pretty I am! One day, I’ll make a list of all of my positive traits and put them on the door of my fridge so I can always be reminded! One day, I’ll remember the painful parts of my past for only what they’ve taught me! One day, I’ll pamper myself, and not feel guilty! One day, I’ll cease to be anxious, and learn to just live in each moment! Maybe, ‘one day’ should be tomorrow!

Just some random thoughts on this windy evening on the Canadian prairies! I feel cozy when I can hear the wind howling through the trees, little tremors going through the house when the big gusts hit! First off, I want to remind everyone that The Pose Fair opens tomorrow! It’s one of my favourite events in Second Life and I was super excited to have early access for some nice quiet shopping! I’ll be showing off some of the exclusive poses you’ll find at the 2017 edition of The Pose Fair! Today, I’m using a pose from the Subtle Pack from HelaMiyo! The set contains five poses, and their mirrors and they’re unique, natural, and have a perfect subtlety about them! The Pose Fair starts April 14 at 12 pm SLT and ends April 29 11:50 SLT.

The Lily hair is a super cute style that’s perfect for an evening at home with a movie, or out shopping, or maybe just spending time with your significant other! It’s one of two exclusives from [KoKoLoReS] at the spring round of The Season’s Story. Lily is unrigged so it can be resized and moved for that perfect fit. This is from the Balayage HUD, which contains an unbelievable 30 colours! The Season’s Story runs until April 30.

I’m in deep thought while I stand on the deck enjoying the cool ocean breeze. It’s the perfect time to point out the Arcane Liner from Veechi. The set contains nine lovely colours and is compatible with the Catwa, Lelutka, and Logo mesh heads!

The spectacles that I’m wearing don’t detract anything from my pretty face!! πŸ˜€ These are the Lilla glasses in gold from Air. They come in gold or silver and there’s 3 sizes included.

The ‘Sweet Rose’ tattoo is from Nanika! this is the henna version, but it also comes in black or white. It’s compatible with the Maitreya, Belleza, SLink, and Omega compatible mesh bodies.

I forced my way in to the April round of Collabor88, just to get my hands on this outfit from …Mutresse…! I had to have it! The Iaka Top and Hotpants are compatible with the Maitreya, Belleza, and SLink mesh bodies, it’s HUD driven with loads of colours, both solids and prints, and it has lots of areas to customize it! I’d say this would be considered ‘smexy’ back in the day!!

The Starry Choker in leather is from Bokeh. and available on Market Place.

As always, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, bento hands included!

The Art of Kindness

The Art of Kindness

β€œAt night too, she puzzled the mystery of her desperate need of kindness. As other girls prayed for handsomeness in a lover, or for wealth, or for power, or for poetry, she had prayed fervently: let him be kind.”

~Anais Nin~

The most simple of things, is the beauty of kindness. How blessed someone feels when another person shows them kindness. It’s such a simple thing, really, to open a door for someone, smile at a stranger, anything that shows you think not only of yourself, but for others also. I love the whole ‘random acts of kindness’ theory, and encourage anyone to do just one small thing a day! It truly warms your heart! And lets not forget to be kind to ourselves. I know I’m hardest on myself! I’d never think of anyone else, the way I think of myself sometimes. Take a moment to embrace yourself, for who you are, what you stand for, and how strong you are. I know my strength of character lies in forgiveness and kindness, the two most important things you can do for yourself!

Today I’m deep in thought, while busily moving boxes and boxes of books! A person can never have too many books, or so I thought! At this stage I’m thinking that is wrong, wrong, wrong! I’m making myself a place where I can curl up with a good book, and forget about the everything else for awhile! I think the Dallyne Summer House, from Raindale, is perfect for a reading nook! It has a nice low land impact and is the perfect size for those lazy summer evenings, and lots of windows for a great view! It’s easy to use, just drag and drop the rezz box on the ground and select ‘rezz’. It’s available now at Cosmopolitan! You can visit the Cosmopolitan demo area for a look at it in all it’s full size glory!

{MYNX} has released a great set of Leggings ‘in store’ and they’re perfect for house work, lounging about, or going out for coffee with friends! They’re compatible with the Maitreya, SLink, Belleza, and TMP mesh bodies, along with standard sizes for the classic avatars! They come in eight prints and have a super low rise waistline, perfect for showing off cute little tattos that may otherwise be covered!

This is such a far away shot of the Gemma Sandals that I should be ashamed of myself! I’ll make sure to give you a closer look at them in the near future, as they’re worth a good look! They’re part of the two for one deal at The Chapter Four and created by Elle Polygon, the brains and creativity behind Slipper Originals! The fatpack is loaded with nice soft colours and lots of ways to customize!

The Tank Top from Maitreya has turned into one of my most worn items! The fatpack has lots of colours and there’s even a version to wear with pants. I’m also wearing the updated version of the Lara mesh body, bento hands and all!

My go-to hair is Boys and Girls 42 from Dura Hair.

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins.

The pose is from the ‘Surface’ post pack from oOo Studio Poses.

I’m surrounded by lots clutter, mostly books! There’s the crate and boxes with books and a stack of books from the ‘Bookworm’s Hibernation’ gacha set, along with the Book Table Lamp, all from [bauwerk]. You can see the corner of the Tumbleweed Bookshelf from the Tumbleweed gacha by Legom, now at The Gacha Guardians event. Also from Legom, you can see the corner of the ‘Loved Frame’ from the ‘Conte de Fees’ gacha set now at The Season’s Story. The ‘Laugh’ sign is from the Words gacha from M.Laws Designs, it’s available at The Chapter Four. The plain cardboard box under the lamp is from Dark Town Studios. The stack of cardboard boxes on the right is from Grimes Central.
And, the ‘Box of Nostalgia’, the box with the books and picture frame in it, is from Insight Designs. The ‘Radiance Mirror’ is from Bokeh..

100 Years

100 Years

I’m 15 for a moment
Caught in between 10 and 20
And I’m just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are

I’m 22 for a moment
And she feels better than ever
And we’re on fire
Making our way back from Mars

15 there’s still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose
15, there’s never a wish better than this
When you only got a hundred years to live

I’m 33 for a moment
Still the man, but you see I’m a “they”
A kid on the way, babe.
A family on my mind

I’m 45 for a moment
The sea is high
And I’m heading into a crisis
Chasing the years of my life

15 there’s still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose yourself
Within a morning star

15 I’m all right with you
15, there’s never a wish better than this
When you only got a hundred years to live

Half time goes by
Suddenly you’re wise
Another blink of an eye
67 is gone
The sun is getting high
We’re moving on…

I’m 99 for a moment
And dying for just another moment
And I’m just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are

15 there’s still time for you
22 I feel her too
33 you’re on your way
Every day’s a new day…

(oh oh ohs)

15 there’s still time for you
Time to buy and time to choose
Hey 15, there’s never a wish better than this
When you only got a hundred years to live

100 Years ~Five for Fighting~

I’ve always found it hard to get my head wrapped around change! I know it’s inevitable, but no matter how much I try to embrace it, I find it difficult. I know in the big scheme of life, change happens every day, minute by minute, but when I choose to change something in my life, I’m full of doubt and second guessing. Is it the right thing, wonder if I regret it, can I go on in life after the change? Over the course of my years here in this world, I’ve seen many changes, and made changes on my own, and I still draw breath each day, I find enjoyment in my life, and I have hope for a future. So if I look back on my life, I know I’ve survived the changes, they’ve all put me in this moment, leading me to where I am today. So, how can I not want change when everything takes me to where I’m meant to be, where ever that may be!

This outfit came together in mere moments, and I love this look! It’s so light and carefree, I want to wear it everywhere! I’ll start with the Maud Jeans from Stories&Co. by Flowey! They’re available at the current round of Collabor88, come in ten colours, and fit the Maitreya and SLink mesh bodies! I love capris, and with the warmer weather it’s time to bare those ankles and enjoy the sun. The Maud Jeans have really cool cutouts on the hips, which makes them a must have! C88 should be slowing down a bit by now to make it easier for everyone to get in and enjoy some shopping!

When I put on these pants I wanted a top that kept the look casual and cool and represented freedom, for me! I immediately thought of the Boho Blouse from Lapointe & Bastchild! L&B are fairly new to me, but I swear, I want to buy every single item they have! Like all of L&B releases there’s no single colours to purchase, you just plunge right in to the fatpack! It makes it simple, I don’t have to struggle to choose a colour, I just close my eyes and click ‘Buy’! The fatpack of the Boho Blouse contains way too many options to count so I’ll just say there’s a huge amount of solid colours, a super collection of retro(seen here), and a treasure trove of prints! It’s fitted for the Maitreya and SLink mesh bodies, and also comes with standard sizes!

The April round of The Chapter Four is on and Le Poppycock has the ‘Breathe Easy’ A & B pose packs available for your purchasing pleasure! Each pack contains six unique and natural poses, all easy to use in any setting you like! I have to admit that I love it when pose makers name their poses! Olivia Lalonde, of Le Poppycock, always has such creative names for them, I sometimes wonder what goes on in her mind to come up with them all! πŸ˜€

I made an early stop at the April round of Hair O Logy and came out with a few great new styles! This is ‘Chaise’ from Analog Dog and it’s stunning! It’s not the exclusive to the event, you’ll be seeing that in a future post, but I saw this one and knew I had to have it! It’s an unrigged mesh/flex hair that has good movement and looks dreamy!

The Clarity Wedges & Accessories from Astralia are a pretty and very versatile shoe. It can be a shoe with a nice high wedge(exclusive for the Maitreya high feet) or you can wear the flowers and laces as a foot accessory. Either way is very pretty!

The ‘Spring Finds Floral Choker, tan’ from Mon Cheri is from the Spring Finds gacha which was at a previous round of The Arcade! After a trip to the Mon Cheri main store, I see that this gacha isn’t available at this time!

Today, I’m all Maitreya! Right from the tips of my pretty mesh toes, to the tips of my incredible bento fingers! My head though, is as always, the Alex mesh head from Logo! I’m waiting, not so patiently, for the bento mesh head from Logo!! Come on, already!! πŸ™‚

My all time favourite skin, and the one I wear constantly is the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins.

You can barely see my nails, but I will say that they’re a gift from Maia in celebration of her eleventh rezz day! So, don your group tag and pick up the gift package and the new group gift at the Hello Dave main store. I’ll give you a closer look in the next while!

I came across The Last Forever sim in the SL Destination Guide and I have to go back for more exploring! It’s a gorgeous new build that I know is going to be a favourite of mine for blog pictures!

My Weekend

My Weekend

It’s the weekend! Do I sleep in late? Nope, up the same time as always! Do I have a different breakfast? Uh uh….a cup of coffee, an orange, and a small bowl of cereal, as per usual! Am I going to take the day off and lounge about? Some would say I do that every day of the week! But the week days are much the same as the weekends, I do what needs doing. Was I out partying last night? Hahaha….not likely! I haven’t been out ‘partying’ in years! Unless ‘partying’ means popcorn and a movie, by myself! Will I be out partying tonight? No, again! I may watch another movie tonight, and instead of popcorn, I’ll have, ummm…popcorn! Do I have brunch on a Sunday morning? No, I’ve already had breakfast by that time! See, my days all come and go without much difference, it’s a good thing I like being in a rut!

I’m out on my deck at Winters Wind, enjoying the sunset. It’s so beautiful here, I’m so fortunate to call it home! I’m enjoying the view while sitting on The Deck Chair from IMMERSIV! It has poses for the girls, guys, and couples and it’s texture change with two areas to customize! I’m using pose ‘4’ in the ‘girls’ menu. You can find it at the main store as well as on Market Place.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for swim wear lately, getting ready for the upcoming summer and spending time on the beach! I fell in love the with Lili Swimsuit from fame femme and available now at Cosmopolitan. I splurged on the Safari & Elastic pack, which includes eight suits.

The Lika Tattoo,RARE,henna,faded is from Nanika.

A new release from Argrace is the MISAKI hair.

I’ve updated the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and love the new bento hands! On top of the Lara body, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Log with the Alexa skin in honey tone form Sinful Curves Skins!