What a Beautiful Mess!

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Don’t Believe Me

Don’t believe me when I say I’m OK, it’s probably not true! OK can mean many things and sometimes I just don’t want to face the fact that I’m not OK. I may be struggling with life, but it doesn’t mean I’ll never be better, it just means that at this moment in time I’m […]

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What’s Your Name?

I love seeing all the different names in Second Life! I started SL in January of 2012, which unfortunately, was after SL stopped using last names! So, like all the others after that, I’m just ‘resident’! I always type ‘resident’ with a small ‘r’, because I don’t consider it part of my name. I’m TinLiz […]

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I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling!

I’m really not sure where it went! Maybe it’s in the same place the lost socks go, in which forces a person to wear one white sock and one black sock when you only have two clean socks left! It could be where all the lost minds go!! I’ve lost mine a few times, but […]

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I Shall Sleep at Your Feet

I have to admit that this is a whole lot different for me! A new round of ROMP is underway(until April 29), and it’s right full of Elegant Kink, just like they promise! I’ve donned Faceless from [Constraint] for the ultimate in submissive styling! You can completely control who has access to it, so your […]