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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

I’m going to close my eyes for just a few minutes, give my mind a rest and maybe drift off to where anything is possible! I take a deep breath and slowly exhale, trying to rid my body and mind of stress. I make a mental note to relax each part of me and to feel the tension flow out of my body. OK….this is good, I’m feeling calm and peaceful. I slow my breathing and let myself go, wanting just a short nap to refresh and regroup for the day. I’m falling, the fresh breeze and sunshine on my skin is the only thing I know. As I drift off a thought occurs to me, I didn’t pay my phone bill, and it’s due! I should go do that! No, it’s OK….it can wait another half hour! But if I don’t do it right away I might forget to do it later! I won’t forget, just relax and go back to drifting off to sleep. I breath in then exhale slowly shifting into a more comfortable position, nope….now this isn’t going to work! My eyes are open wide and I know the moment has passed that I could fall asleep and get a nap! Why do my attempts at naps always seem to end this way? I’m usually up between 4 and 5 AM, so a nap would be nice, but I just can’t control my thoughts for longer than a few minutes! OK…I may as well get up and get going, again! And so it goes, another nap ended before it even began!

The June round of The Liaison Collaborative is on and Le Poppycock has released the ‘Stay Cool’ pose prop gacha set! It’s right full of fun in the sun summer activities, with props including this mat and magazine, a tube to enjoy water activities and a fan for some cool air on a hot day! They’re all fun and unique with great poses! The Liaison Collaborative runs until June 30.

I’m wearing the ‘Del Sol Bikini Collection’ from !APHORISM! here! It’s the blue satin version and it’s compatible with the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh bodies.

The ‘Hani’ hair from [monso] is so cute. This is from the blacks pack and it’s unrigged for easy fitting!

The rest of me is the Alex mesh head from Logo with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins(soon to be ‘Avada’). I’m also wearing the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the flat feet from SLink.

I’m at my home in ‘Winters Wind‘(which has a couple vacancies right now) and I’m laying on ‘The Jetty’ by IMMERSIV.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc
as she came riding through the dark;
no moon to keep her armour bright,
no man to get her through this very smoky night.
She said, “I’m tired of the war,
I want the kind of work I had before,
a wedding dress or something white
to wear upon my swollen appetite.”
Well, I’m glad to hear you talk this way,
you know I’ve watched you riding every day
and something in me yearns to win
such a cold and lonesome heroine.
“And who are you?” she sternly spoke
to the one beneath the smoke.
“Why, I’m fire,” he replied,
“And I love your solitude, I love your pride.”

“Then fire, make your body cold,
I’m going to give you mine to hold,”
saying this she climbed inside
to be his one, to be his only bride.
And deep into his fiery heart
he took the dust of Joan of Arc,
and high above the wedding guests
he hung the ashes of her wedding dress.

It was deep into his fiery heart
he took the dust of Joan of Arc,
and then she clearly understood
if he was fire, oh then she must be wood.
I saw her wince, I saw her cry,
I saw the glory in her eye.
Myself I long for love and light,
but must it come so cruel, and oh so bright?

~Leonard Cohen~

I felt inspired to refer to Joan of Arc with this outfit. I can’t say if it’s correct for the time….but, for me, it resonates of a strong woman warrior who has brains, courage, and pride! This is the Conqueror set from lassitude & ennui! The set includes the bra and skirt and it’s fitmesh for the Lara mesh body from Maitreya! The set comes in gold, black, and steel(seen here), and is available at the current round of We Love ROLEPLAY, which runs until September 30. The Battleworn Boots(in steel) are also from lassitude & ennui and are available at the main store.

I’ve had to bring out the big guns for my day of battle! I’m holding the Staff of Death,RARE from Anachron! It’s HUD driven with five special powers to use! The gacha set includes twelve common, two rare staffs, and two rare books for you to play for!

I’m wearing the Fierce Wolf Tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t that is really impressive! It will be available at the Fluffy and Fierce Event, but not until September 16! I’m going to give you a closer look at this work of art a little closer to the start of the event!! So check back for a land mark and more info!

I didn’t do a close up of my face, but I think I should have! I’m wearing the Chimera Face Paint from Veechi! It’s got great lines and colouring! Check it out at the main store…it comes in the tattoo layer for classic avatars plus appliers for the Genesis Labs, Logo, and Catwa mesh heads!

My hair is NO.FUN, a group gift from NO.MATCH!

I’m wearing the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the casual hands from SLink.

To get this pose I used the Vibratory pose from the Frequency, Mens pack of poses from Le Poppycock. I then added the Staff of Death and touched the lightning bolt on the staffs HUD!

I’m high up on a mesa at Garlic Breath at Melee Island for this picture!

The Mask

The Mask

What mask do you wear? We all wear one! Anyone who works in the service industry and among the public needs a mask, it’s mandatory! I wear a mask, though not as much as I have in the past. Anyone who’s suffered from depression and anxiety has the mask handy for any time spent out among people. It’s truly exhausting to wear, to pretend you’re happy, when inside you’re drowning and it’s taking all the energy a body can muster to appear to be what people expect. There’s been times in life when I’ve had to put on that happy face, and when I’m finally able to come home…I lock the door and try to block out all of my surroundings to get a little bit of my sanity back. Thankfully I’m able to keep those times to a minimum now!! How often have you heard about a serious crime, and when the perpetrator is named everyone comments on how charming and kind that person was. I watch a lot of true crime shows and it seems like all the really evil people wear a real genuine looking mask! They are trusted and well liked and seem to blend in well with everyone else! Well, I’m wearing a mask here…..with a little bit of particle effect, but I’m not hiding any shady or untrustworthy side! Actually, with this outfit, I’m hiding very little!!

The Vindicator Set is a new gacha set from lassitude & ennui and it’s available, starting today, at The Gacha Garden! The set consists of the boots and bikini in six colours, plus the Princess, RARE version! I’m wearing the rose version for a soft look! The set is Maitreya and SLink(Hourglass and Physique) mesh body compatible!! The Seeds of Inspiration prize, which is given when the machine is played twenty times by one avatar, is the Vindicator Blindfold, which is HUD driven with colours to match the set and has really cool particle eyes! The Seeds of Inspiration prize is retired at the end of the event! The Gacha Garden runs until the end of the month!

The gorgeous tattoo is the Don’t Waste Time tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t!

The Rue hair was the gift for the Hair Fair 2016 from KoKoLoReS! I didn’t see it at the main store, but I did pick up the August VIP group gift that came out today!!

I’m wearing the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, in the cream skin tone along with one of the lip stick colours from the Sparkling Champagne set. I also have the Maitreya mesh body with the high feet and I’ve got the casual hands from SLink on too!

The poses are from the brighton set from (marukin), which is available at Collabor88, for the next few days!

Time…..What is Time?

Time.....What is Time?

When we’re younger it seems like time just can’t go fast enough! We can’t wait to turn 16 so we can legally drive…then it’s 19 to drink legally(at least here where I am), although I did celebrate my 18th birthday at the bar…..no one ever asked if I was old enough!! After the twenties though there’s really no age to look ahead to for anything good. But, it seems as time passes the faster it goes. I remember being done the school year and looking ahead to a long lazy summer….now, that long lazy summer seems to take about 6 days to complete and we’re back to snow! As is with life, we’re all aging…..and as my parents have gotten older they’ve gotten into the habit of referring to things as, “seeing them out”! Back a bunch of years they re-roofed the house and Dad said, “Well, this should see us out!”. Meaning he won’t have to shingle the roof again. At that time it was only things that might last 20 years or so. I know they’ve aged though….when out walking the dogs the other day my Mum said, “These new rubber boots are really good boots…..they should see me out!”!! I said to her, ” Wow….Mum you mustn’t think you have much longer if you think a pair of rubber boots will last until you’re gone!”. I would hope she lasts longer than a pair of footwear! I haven’t gotten to that phase in my life yet..although there are quite a few things that I could do without having the deal with again!

This summer has been speeding by! But, with the new gacha set of pose props from Le Poppycock it could end up being an Endless Summer! This set is so much fun to use! It contains all kinds of summery fun like watermelons, beach balls, tasty fruit, and a flamingo…or two! I love flamingos…although I have been known to get them mixed up with Penguins…I have no idea how I do that!! The Endless Summer Gacha Set is available at the current round of the ULTRA EVENT, which runs until August 15.

It was like Christmas for me on Friday when I gained early access to the 2016 edition of the Hair Fair! I spent some quality shopping time perusing all the fabulous hair that designers have been labouring over! I fell in love with Nowles, from [KoKoLoReS]! Hair Fair 2016 runs until the end of the month and every purchase will help Wigs for Kids! Such a worthwhile charity!

The July round of Designer Showcase has lots of little goodies for the Second Life shopper! The Emma Dress from Pretty Things is a nice summery shift to stay cool! It’s HUD driven with 20 great textures and is Maitreya, SLink, Belleza mesh body compatible and also has four fitmesh sizes.

It’s enough days past the opening of the July round of Collabor88 that everyone should be able to do some quality shopping! Veechi is there…..with the gorgeous Luster Glam Shadow! I love these shadows…they’re not too bold….and not too soft!! Just perfect! Also from Veechi, is the Beauty Marks 01 pack. This pack of beauty marks consists of five marks with both left and right options. They’re compatible with the classic avatars, plus the Catwa, Lelutka, Logo and Genesis Labs(seen here) mesh heads! These are available at the current round of anyBODY, which runs until July 31.

Hello Dave has been releasing a whole bunch of new packs! They’re a great price for five gorgeous colours. This super glossy tone is from the Jelly Bean Thief pack!

The Eden Sun Pendant-short is from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery.

The Sea Horse Sandals are from Pure Poison.

My main body components are the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, the Lara body from maitreya and the casual hands and flat feet from SLink.