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Hey You!! Texture a Bandana, Eh!!

Hey You!!  Texture a Bandana, Eh!!

It’s almost the middle of June and Hair Fair 2017 is fast approaching!! It’s time to roll those sleeves up and get to work! I’m sorry to say that I won’t be helping out with the work this year! At least not in the capacity I’m talking about here! There’s a call out for everyone to texture a bandana for Bandana Day! These bandanas are going to be sold during Hair Fair 2017, with all proceeds going to Wigs for Kids, which is such a worthy cause! There are kits available, free of charge, and all you need to do is create a texture for it! I make it sound easy, but please know that I have absolutely no skills in this area! I do have Gimp downloaded on my computer but I think it has a glitch in it! Every time I open it I hear a chuckle and a screen comes on that says, ‘Yea, right!’. 😀 So, maybe one day I can participate, but it won’t be this year. You can get your kits in-world here or get more information on the website.

Along with the ad, I found a couple of pictures I took for Bandana Day for HF ’15 and ’16! The picture from HF’15(top right) goes back a couple years, so this is the original classic avatar look I had! I’m wearing the Orchid Bandana from Boudicca Amat and couldn’t look lovelier! The lower right is from HF’16 and I’m wearing the Butterfly Bandana from Moon Amore. I’ve changed a bit!! 🙂 You can find the credits for these looks on their original posts by clicking HF’15 and HF’16.

The 2017 edition of the Hair Fair runs July 1-16 and you know it’s an event not to be missed!!

Where Have All the Children Gone?

Where Have All the Children Gone?

The creaking silence of age echos through the streets.
Sounds like old wooden floors under heavy feet.
All of the children once running around have evacuated
Or maybe they’ve just disappeared

Where have all the children gone?

Just yesterday they were tying ribbons in trees and swinging from the branches.
They were leaping over hot coals and swooning at anything

Where have all the children gone?

Those of us who remain wonder around like abandoned children in shopping malls.

Where have all the children gone?

Maybe this is just a dream
Maybe we are sleeping in rooms filled with metal shelves
If we put our ears to those shelves they would tell us stories of how they were emptied

Emptied by the fingers of fathers
Emptied into the flesh of their sons and daughters.

Where have all the children gone?

We hope they’re hiding
We hope they’re playing a game
But we know this is really happening

Where have all the children gone?

~Joseph Kerschbaum~

This photo is my entry into the Hair Fair 2017 photo contest! The 2017 edition of the Hair Fair isn’t far away and it’s an exciting time, with lots of new releases from really great designers, and all for a great cause! Every year the Hair Fair raises money for the Wigs for Kids organization with each designer donating a portion of sales to this worthy cause! Click on the links to find out more about Wigs For Kids, Hair Fair 2017, and the Hair Fair photo contest. You can also take a look at all the entries in the photo contest on flickr at the Hair Fair 2017 Official Photo Contest page.

The theme for this years Hair Fair photo contest is ‘Wild Side’ so I had to take a look through the HUDs that I normally don’t try out because I’m a regular hair colour type of girl! While looking through all of the pretty colours I came across this soft orange or melon type of colour! I love it! This hair is ‘Luka’ from [KoKoLoReS] and it’s from HUD 04.

The ‘Boho Blouse’ is one of my favourite releases from Lapointe & Bastchild!

You can only see a little bit of the Carrie Denim Shorts from erratic, but they’re really nice, believe me! They have an optional scarf tied to a belt loop and both the scarf and back pockets are colour change.

As always I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Lgo with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. I’ve added a bit of eye make up with one of the nine selections from the ‘Mythic Shadow’ eye shadow set from Veechi! The rest of me is the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

This pose is from the ‘Female Pose N fp’ from Sari-Sari.

I’m at the playground area on the ‘Hazardous’ sim here! I consider ‘Hazardous’ my second home!