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Hey You!! Texture a Bandana, Eh!!

Hey You!!  Texture a Bandana, Eh!!

It’s almost the middle of June and Hair Fair 2017 is fast approaching!! It’s time to roll those sleeves up and get to work! I’m sorry to say that I won’t be helping out with the work this year! At least not in the capacity I’m talking about here! There’s a call out for everyone to texture a bandana for Bandana Day! These bandanas are going to be sold during Hair Fair 2017, with all proceeds going to Wigs for Kids, which is such a worthy cause! There are kits available, free of charge, and all you need to do is create a texture for it! I make it sound easy, but please know that I have absolutely no skills in this area! I do have Gimp downloaded on my computer but I think it has a glitch in it! Every time I open it I hear a chuckle and a screen comes on that says, ‘Yea, right!’. 😀 So, maybe one day I can participate, but it won’t be this year. You can get your kits in-world here or get more information on the website.

Along with the ad, I found a couple of pictures I took for Bandana Day for HF ’15 and ’16! The picture from HF’15(top right) goes back a couple years, so this is the original classic avatar look I had! I’m wearing the Orchid Bandana from Boudicca Amat and couldn’t look lovelier! The lower right is from HF’16 and I’m wearing the Butterfly Bandana from Moon Amore. I’ve changed a bit!! 🙂 You can find the credits for these looks on their original posts by clicking HF’15 and HF’16.

The 2017 edition of the Hair Fair runs July 1-16 and you know it’s an event not to be missed!!

The Mask

The Mask

What mask do you wear? We all wear one! Anyone who works in the service industry and among the public needs a mask, it’s mandatory! I wear a mask, though not as much as I have in the past. Anyone who’s suffered from depression and anxiety has the mask handy for any time spent out among people. It’s truly exhausting to wear, to pretend you’re happy, when inside you’re drowning and it’s taking all the energy a body can muster to appear to be what people expect. There’s been times in life when I’ve had to put on that happy face, and when I’m finally able to come home…I lock the door and try to block out all of my surroundings to get a little bit of my sanity back. Thankfully I’m able to keep those times to a minimum now!! How often have you heard about a serious crime, and when the perpetrator is named everyone comments on how charming and kind that person was. I watch a lot of true crime shows and it seems like all the really evil people wear a real genuine looking mask! They are trusted and well liked and seem to blend in well with everyone else! Well, I’m wearing a mask here…..with a little bit of particle effect, but I’m not hiding any shady or untrustworthy side! Actually, with this outfit, I’m hiding very little!!

The Vindicator Set is a new gacha set from lassitude & ennui and it’s available, starting today, at The Gacha Garden! The set consists of the boots and bikini in six colours, plus the Princess, RARE version! I’m wearing the rose version for a soft look! The set is Maitreya and SLink(Hourglass and Physique) mesh body compatible!! The Seeds of Inspiration prize, which is given when the machine is played twenty times by one avatar, is the Vindicator Blindfold, which is HUD driven with colours to match the set and has really cool particle eyes! The Seeds of Inspiration prize is retired at the end of the event! The Gacha Garden runs until the end of the month!

The gorgeous tattoo is the Don’t Waste Time tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t!

The Rue hair was the gift for the Hair Fair 2016 from KoKoLoReS! I didn’t see it at the main store, but I did pick up the August VIP group gift that came out today!!

I’m wearing the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, in the cream skin tone along with one of the lip stick colours from the Sparkling Champagne set. I also have the Maitreya mesh body with the high feet and I’ve got the casual hands from SLink on too!

The poses are from the brighton set from (marukin), which is available at Collabor88, for the next few days!

I’m Me!

I'm Me!

I’m me…not ‘just’ me…..but a proud and strong ME! I’m a complex woman who has the most basic of needs! I believe in miracles and I love with everything I have! I’m emotional and don’t try to hide it! I cry easily…even when it’s from happiness! I ride the ups and downs of life, but I don’t want it any other way! I have faith that I’m never given more than I can handle…and I’ve yet to be proven wrong! I love life and everyone who’s in it with me…….and will until the end!!

Hair Fair 2016 is winding down and July 31, the last day, is the day to wear one of the bandanas you picked up while there! They were created with love from a great group of designers and I always try to celebrate Bandana Day! I’ve chosen the Butterfly Bandana from MOON AMORE this year! Psyqueen has included a note card with the bandana which talks of the freedom and dreams of the person who wears it, each butterfly representing a dream, goal, or purpose in which to strive for! “Please never stop dreaming and fighting for what you want.”

Remember that 100% of proceeds from the sale of the bandanas goes towards Wigs for Kids, which does such fabulous work for kids in a fight that no one that age should ever have to go through!

I’m wearing the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs with gorgeous eye shadow from the Coastal Nights Shadow pack from Veechi! Also from Veechi, I’m wearing a beauty mark from the Beauty Marks 01 set, which is available at the current round of anyBODY, which runs until July 31.

I’ve used a pose from the Drama pose set from KoKoLoReS!

I Dream

I Dream

If one dares to dream, what dreams may come? I dream of more love and less hate! More grass and less pavement! More peace and less worry! More silence and less noise! More slow and less fast….in just about everything in life these days! More smiles and less sorrow! More understanding and less judgement! What do you dream of?

I’m really happy to welcome #bubbles to my little family of featured designers! I’m excited to see what fashion goodies are coming our way in the future!! I’ve chosen the Mandi Romper as my first item to feature! It comes in eight colours and five fitmesh sizes, along with versions fitted for Maitreya Lara, SLink Hourglass and Physique, Belleza Venus and Freya, TMP, Tonic Fine and Curvy, and EVE Slim and Pulpy! I’m wearing the Teal version which can be found in the main store or on Market Place! A romper is such a simple and comfortable outfit for the hot summer days!

The Aloha Fair starts tomorrow and Slipper Originals has the fun Bonfire Sandals exclusive to the event! These sandals are SLink flat, Maitreya, and TMP bare feet compatible and is HUD driven with loads of options and downright adorable! I love the fish skeleton!! Make a point of zooming in on flickr for a really good look!

And while your in ZOOM mode….take a look at the Ring Choker from Bokeh! It comes in either leather or fabric(seen here) and has a massive 22 colour HUD along with nine word options which is on the ring! I’ve chosen ‘Dream’ as my thought for the day!! The Ring Choker is available at the current round of Tres Chic, which runs until August 10!

The Hair Fair 2016 is still running and I’ve selected the Odyle hair from Mina Hair for this outfit! This is from the dark brown pack! It’s a great length for summer fun! The Hair Fair 2016 runs until the end of the month and supports a great cause in Wigs for Kids!!

The Pretty Things Showroom Event is on until August 7 and Pimp My Sh!t has two new releases for the event! This is the Pretty Little Things tattoo in medium ink tone! I love the incredible details of this tattoo along with the amount of areas that have a little something to look at! I really love this one!!

This post has a whole bunch of great stuff…doesn’t it!! Hello Dave has a whack of new stuff…all in mini palettes containing five incredible colours! This pretty pink is from the Dessert set! In my estimation, Hello Dave has the most extensive array of solid colour nail appliers in Second Life!

This time around I’m wearing my classic avatar head with the Irene skin in Bronze from WoW Skins. I’m also sporting the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the casual hands and flat feet from SLink. My eyes are the Luminous Molasses eyes from Mayfly!

Poses by Kirin Poses.

I’m on the beach at Summerwind South for these pictures.

Heads Up!!

Heads Up!

I’ve lost complete track of time…….and the time has just flown by!! It’s already July 13….which means Hair Fair 2016 is only three days away!! I know……..how exciting is that!! Since time had gotten away from me, maybe it has for you too…….here’s a reminder that it would be a great idea to join the Demo Group! Once in the Demo Group, which is free to join, you’ll have access to the demo’s right from the designers! You’ll be able to try them on at your leisure and have your list of ‘must haves’……even before it all opens! Then when it opens you’ll have a plan on what you want and what stores to seek out! So, the demo’s will be sent out on Friday, July 15…with the Hair Fair 2016 opening on the 16th! Cancel any plans you had this weekend and stay home and enjoy all the great hair! All while supporting a great cause in Wigs for Kids!! ou can get all the information about the Demo Group here!