Looking for the Summer

Looking for the Summer

Look deep into the April face
A change has clearly taken place
Looking for the summer

The eyes take on a certain gaze
And leave behind the springtime days
Go looking for the summer

This ain’t no game of kiss and tell
The implications how you know so well
Go looking for the summer

The time has come and they must go
To play the passion out that haunts you so
Looking for the summer

Remember love how it was the same
We scratched and hurt each others growing pains
We were looking for the summer

And still I stand this very day
With a burning wish to fly away
I’m still looking
Looking for the summer

Looking For The Summer‘ ~Chris Rea~

I’ve not done a weather report on my part of the world in awhile, so here it is! It’s cold……..relatively speaking…….and snowy…….with some rain thrown in and…did I mention cold? September was trucking along fairly well early on, we had warm autumn weather with warm breezes and the harvest was in full swing…..then……it started to suck. We got a couple rainy days, then the highs for the days got lower and lower……then a couple days ago it snowed, and it’s not gone yet!! We had flurries yesterday and a high of +4°C…like…….wtf? The sad part about cold weather like this, this early is that every day we have a cold day now is one less day of nice weather we’ll have. The normal highs right now are +14°C, so we’re a long way from that and the coming week looks a bit better, but not up to the norm. So, here I sit…..looking for the summer, hell I’d be happy just to find autumn….it’s way to early for this sh*t!

It appears I’m looking for something here, and since I’m at the lovely Summers Wind, I’m sure to find summer here.

I’m wearing the gorgeous ‘Lillian Gown’ from *Just BECAUSE* here, and I think it’s one of the prettiest gowns ever. The panel down the side has a sheer(seen here) and solid version and the simple neckline keeps all the attention there. If you love this look but aren’t in the mood for a gown, the ‘Leanne Dress’ is the same upper, but it’s mid-thigh length is a little more casual and perfect for cocktails.

The 2018 version of the Hair Fair started on the 22nd and against my better judgement I made a visit. The ‘M120’ hair from .:CHEVEUX:. is new and exclusive to the event. If you’ve managed to get in to shop and have maybe gone over your budget, at least you can rest easy knowing a portion of every purchase goes towards Wigs for Kids, such a great cause to support. There are a bunch of LM’s that will get you to the different areas of the event, so search it in-world for all the LM’s. Here’s one that I used successfully, it’s the Foils West cam shopping sim, good luck.

As always I’m wearing the ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

When I took this picture I failed to make note of the pose I used, and with my memory such as it is, for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. Sorry.

Happiness is…..

Happiness is.....

….cancelled coffee plans! Nothing feels as freeing as having made plans to meet someone for coffee and when that day arrives they have to postpone it! It’s like my life opens up before me and I now have a whole afternoon to do with as I want! It’s not like I didn’t want to have coffee with this person, I actually always enjoy our time together, but the one thing I always yearn to do is be at home! And preferably with few people around! Hey…I’m an introvert….what can I say! 😀 A new day and time for coffee hasn’t been set yet, so there will be a different day that I’ll go for coffee with this friend, and that’s fine, but today I have the afternoon free and nothing planned, or should I say ‘nothing is my plan’!

I can’t believe the first week of July is already over and with that a new round of The Chapter Four is in full swing! Le Poppycock has the ‘Strawberry Sky’ A & B pose packs exclusive to TCF! Each pack contains six poses with lots of activity for a busy summer! This is the ‘Imagining Pink’ pose and I look like I could be singing ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music’, but I’m actually just enjoying my time at one of my favourite sims, Hazardous!

I’m wearing the ‘Mila’ hair from [KoKoLoReS] for this shot! It’s available until July 16 at the Hair Fair 2017. I love the angles and edginess of [KoKoLoReS] hair, it always stands out in a crowd!

I made a visit to the Addams main store to grab this new release! The ‘Mellon Long Sleeves Shirt’ does have long sleeves, but very little else! I love it! Addams is celebrating 3 years in business all during the month of July, so stop in a find the red balloons for incredible savings on fatpacks! Also from Addams, is the ‘Malena Denim Shorts, high rise’.

You can only see a bit of the ‘Feather Necklace’ from !nfinity here! You can get a better view of it in this previous blog post! It’s available now at the Men Only Monthly event.

I’m wearing the ‘Just Love’ group gift from Carol G. Tattoo Wear, you can just see a bit of it beside the necklace! There’s a fee to join the group, but there’s six very nice group gift tattoos out right now, and new ones regularly!

The rest of me is the Lilo bento mesh head from Catwa with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘vivante’ tone from Avada! Along with the Lara mesh body, with bento hands, from Maitreya and the kitten feet from SLink.

DEMO Like It’s 1999!

DEMO Like It's 1999!

With the 2017 edition of Hair Fair fast approaching there is something you can do to make it easier for yourself when it opens! The Hair Fair 2017 DEMO Group is open for business, so join now and on Friday you’ll be able to try on all the new exclusives that’ll be at HF’17, without the lag and frustration that comes with it! It’s hard enough to get into Hair Fair in the first few days, why make it harder on yourself to have to demo everything when you get there. You can be prepared for, and enjoy, the shopping and the great atmosphere that comes with the Hair Fair! Check out the Hair Fair 2017 blog for more info!

I’ve added a very basic shot of me trying on a demo! This isn’t a hair that will be at HF’17, it’s just one that I’d wanted to try! It’s ‘Anet’ from {Limerence} and I like it! 😀

I’m wearing the ‘Michonne’ tank top from erratic. It’s available now at ~uber~.

I’m wearing the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada(formerly Sinful Curves Skins). The rest of me is the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

Hey You!! Texture a Bandana, Eh!!

Hey You!!  Texture a Bandana, Eh!!

It’s almost the middle of June and Hair Fair 2017 is fast approaching!! It’s time to roll those sleeves up and get to work! I’m sorry to say that I won’t be helping out with the work this year! At least not in the capacity I’m talking about here! There’s a call out for everyone to texture a bandana for Bandana Day! These bandanas are going to be sold during Hair Fair 2017, with all proceeds going to Wigs for Kids, which is such a worthy cause! There are kits available, free of charge, and all you need to do is create a texture for it! I make it sound easy, but please know that I have absolutely no skills in this area! I do have Gimp downloaded on my computer but I think it has a glitch in it! Every time I open it I hear a chuckle and a screen comes on that says, ‘Yea, right!’. 😀 So, maybe one day I can participate, but it won’t be this year. You can get your kits in-world here or get more information on the website.

Along with the ad, I found a couple of pictures I took for Bandana Day for HF ’15 and ’16! The picture from HF’15(top right) goes back a couple years, so this is the original classic avatar look I had! I’m wearing the Orchid Bandana from Boudicca Amat and couldn’t look lovelier! The lower right is from HF’16 and I’m wearing the Butterfly Bandana from Moon Amore. I’ve changed a bit!! 🙂 You can find the credits for these looks on their original posts by clicking HF’15 and HF’16.

The 2017 edition of the Hair Fair runs July 1-16 and you know it’s an event not to be missed!!

The Mask

The Mask

What mask do you wear? We all wear one! Anyone who works in the service industry and among the public needs a mask, it’s mandatory! I wear a mask, though not as much as I have in the past. Anyone who’s suffered from depression and anxiety has the mask handy for any time spent out among people. It’s truly exhausting to wear, to pretend you’re happy, when inside you’re drowning and it’s taking all the energy a body can muster to appear to be what people expect. There’s been times in life when I’ve had to put on that happy face, and when I’m finally able to come home…I lock the door and try to block out all of my surroundings to get a little bit of my sanity back. Thankfully I’m able to keep those times to a minimum now!! How often have you heard about a serious crime, and when the perpetrator is named everyone comments on how charming and kind that person was. I watch a lot of true crime shows and it seems like all the really evil people wear a real genuine looking mask! They are trusted and well liked and seem to blend in well with everyone else! Well, I’m wearing a mask here…..with a little bit of particle effect, but I’m not hiding any shady or untrustworthy side! Actually, with this outfit, I’m hiding very little!!

The Vindicator Set is a new gacha set from lassitude & ennui and it’s available, starting today, at The Gacha Garden! The set consists of the boots and bikini in six colours, plus the Princess, RARE version! I’m wearing the rose version for a soft look! The set is Maitreya and SLink(Hourglass and Physique) mesh body compatible!! The Seeds of Inspiration prize, which is given when the machine is played twenty times by one avatar, is the Vindicator Blindfold, which is HUD driven with colours to match the set and has really cool particle eyes! The Seeds of Inspiration prize is retired at the end of the event! The Gacha Garden runs until the end of the month!

The gorgeous tattoo is the Don’t Waste Time tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t!

The Rue hair was the gift for the Hair Fair 2016 from KoKoLoReS! I didn’t see it at the main store, but I did pick up the August VIP group gift that came out today!!

I’m wearing the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, in the cream skin tone along with one of the lip stick colours from the Sparkling Champagne set. I also have the Maitreya mesh body with the high feet and I’ve got the casual hands from SLink on too!

The poses are from the brighton set from (marukin), which is available at Collabor88, for the next few days!