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What's In Your Pockets?

I remember the days of having a laundry day, where all the laundry is done all in one day to get it out of the way for the week. But, with the advent of automatic washers, laundry is pretty much whenever I feel like it or it’s become a necessity. So, today it’s a necessity and I’ve done a couple loads of things I can’t do without. One of the loads is what I wear around home doing my outside work, and while I was emptying pockets I was wondering what non farming people find in their pockets. Today I found a washer for a garden hose, a piece of baler twine, a drill bit, and a fence staple. It doesn’t take me long to gather up a plethora of things throughout my daily travels! So with that in mind, what do people in other occupations find when they do laundry? A mechanic probably finds nuts or bolts, a carpenter maybe has the stub of a pencil in his, and maybe a plumber has an empty spool of teflon tape. One thing I don’t want to know is what a doctor, meat cutter, or funeral director finds in theirs!

The weather here has taken a turn for the worse and it’s time to bring out the toques and mitts. So, in honour of that I’ve chosen the ‘Mira’ hair, which features a much needed beanie, from Besom. This is the extensions pack available at the October round of Collabor88 and it contains a whopping 108 colours! The bangs are an add on that, when worn, have three styling options to make it just the way you like!

Make sure to mark the Underdog Event down on your Second Life calendar! It starts on October 14 and make sure to grab the ‘Crescent Necklace’ from Slipper Originals while you’re there! It’s HUD driven with about a million options including on/off options for the kitty and the stars as well as 14 colours for the moon, bead, and rope. The Underdog Event runs from October 14 to November 4.

I’ve completely fallen in love with this skin from Avada! This skin isn’t available to the public yet, but stay tuned and you can find out when and where it’ll be when it’s released. It’s ‘Raine’ in ‘miel’ tone and it’s luscious lips are the best part, in my opinion…although it’s all gorgeous! I’ve added one of the options from the ‘Sydney’ eyeshadow Catwa applier from Le Boheme. As always my look all starts with the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

The V Neck Sweater from Tres Blah was part of a previous Luxe Box which I found in the back of my inventory all wrinkled and dusty! It’s definitely sweater weather.

The ‘Kaylah Jeans’ from Just Because are available at the current round of ~uber~, and you may not be able to see this, but I’m wearing them with the ‘Anna Boots with socks’ also from JB! The jeans are fitted for the major mesh bodies and there’s a few versions, including one to wear with these boots! Love them!

My eyes are from the ‘Nissa Eyes’ pack from Zombie Suicide.

This pose is from the ‘Barcelona’ set of poses from PosESioN.

I’ve taken in the sights at The Last Forever while taking this pic.

Black or White

I’m a black OR white kind of person! I feel very strongly, and once my emotions about something are set, I rarely waver from it. I’m passionate and I think it shows when I put my heart into something. I believe in order to do something well it has to be done with passion. What’s going on in the world today brings out strong emotions in me and I have to limit the amount of news I hear, for my own sanity. I have deep feelings for my family and loved ones and am faithful, tirelessly. I love wholly but also hate deeply! I don’t see any shades of grey when my feelings are concerned, it’s all either black or white! I strive to love more and hate less for my own inner peace, which means each day reaffirming to myself that love is always the answer.

I’m super happy to have Phen Balfour join me for this post. It’s really tough to show a friends pose alone, so I was more than willing to grab a pose ball and join her for this one. We’re posing with the ‘Two Peas’ friends pose from In the Moment and it was part of the first “Flash Shot Monthly Pose Box’, which came out earlier this month. I love poses so I was really happy to see a subscription box for poses, exclusively. You’ll find Phen on her blog, Phenart and also on flickr!

We’re on location today at the Honeycomb sim, home of the hive main store.

Just a quick run down of our outfits today. πŸ™‚


Top: Bella Tank Top, Tres Blah

Shorts: Mimi Shorts, Just Because

Hair: WAKANA, Argrace

Tattoo: Upper Tattoo Corona, PIAD and available at The Seasons Story until July 31.

Choker: Moon Choker, Burial

Rings: Daisy and Fly Rings, gold, Meva

Skin: Luna, peche, Avada

Make up: Harvest Shadow, Veechi

Head: Lilo, bento, Catwa

Body: Lara, Maitreya


Top & Shorts – –Desmonia– Kylie Shortset (top and shorts)

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Ekroos (Blondes)

Skin –
Skin Body – Birth Skins – 3rd Gen Body Maitreya Body Applier 02 Tone
Skin face – Birth Skins – Eden Catwa Applier 02 Tone

Head – Catwa Catya
Eyes – Catwa Mesh Eyes

Body – Maitreya Lara (with feet and Bento Hands)

A Girl and Her Tractor!

On a hot summer day the best place to be after a long day in the hay field is in the shade! Just crawl into the dark with a huge jug of water, take the hat off, and listen to the silence. I know how this feels since I grew up driving a tractor during haying season. Back in the days before cabs and air conditioning was common on a tractor and being out in the heat of the day was the only way to get the job done! I had the easy job of driving the tractor since it was Dad who was stacking the bales as they came out of the baler. He could throw hay bales from sun up to sun down and still get the cows milked. And he’d get up the next day and we’d do it all again! Those were tough days and I often wonder how he did that, he never had a body builder body, but he was so strong…and he could put in long days. Whenever haying time comes around I always feel melancholy about it. There’s no smell like the fresh cut hay drying in the hot sun, and having the hope of getting finished before rain! The saying, ‘make hay while the sun shines’ is never as true as when on the farm in July!

I want to point out that the huge amount of empty beer cans here is a little shocking! There’s never any alcohol consumed when working on or around heavy machinery here, it’s just wrong!! After the day was done though, Dad could slam back a bottle of beer in 15 seconds flat!! πŸ˜€

The ‘Broke Fixer Up Tractor’ was such a surprise to find on Market Place! It’s from ..::TASTY::.. and it’s 100% mesh with materials enabled and only 2 LI. It has 7 animations with props, plus it has broken idling sounds too! And believe me, it’s not running good!

I’m dressed for tractor driving here! I’ve got the Daryl Hair and Cap from Opale and fame femme. This is from the browns hair pack, the cap can be worn or not, with or without patches, and it’s HUD driven with 10 colours!

The ‘Mindy Tank’ from Just BECAUSE is at the new round of ~uber~ and the fatpack is huge with colours and options!

The ‘Carrie Denim Shorts’ are from /erratic/ and the scarf is optional plus the scarf and back pockets are HUD driven with lots of colour options.

The ‘Loretta Bandana Scarf’ is part of a necklace and bandana set from Chain. The bandana is HUD driven with the 3 colours.

I can never resist an opportunity to wear my favourite work boots, the Bossy Boots from fashionably dead. I know they’ve been around a long time, but I think they’ve stood the test of time and still look great. I have the sock add ons with them.

The rest of me is the Lilo bento head from Catwa, with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada(formerly Sinful Curves Skins), along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

I’m in the shed at the Honeycomb sim, home of the hive main store, where joining the group gives rezz rights! I love that!

Happy Fathers Day to All the Dad's Out There!

I want to dedicate this post to all the great Fathers out there, my own Dad included! I’m very lucky to still have both of my parents with me and I’m thankful each and every day for it! Dad has always been there for me! He’s seen me through the bad times and the worse times. He’s always been my fixer! It’s like he could always fix anything for me, whether it was something physical like a bicycle or some sort of trouble that only listening can help. He may not always understand me, but he always has the best intentions! I do wish he’d learn though, the one thing he always says to me if I start to get mad at something is, ‘Well, don’t get excited!’! I’ve told him, over and over again, that those words have NEVER worked to calm someone down and actually it only makes it worse! But, he continues to say it and I keep falling into the trap of getting more mad! πŸ˜€ I guess some things will never change! But, that’s not a bad thing, because we laugh at it after and I call him a B*****d and he calls me a B***h, and all is good again! I love my Dad, I’ll always feel like Daddy’s little girl, no matter how old I am!

I’ll start with the ‘Quinn’ hair from [KoKoLoReS] that I’m wearing here! This is from the Bayalage pack, which has 30 textures to choose from, like all packs from [KoKoLoReS]. I know I’m not blonde very often but I fell in love with this one! ‘Quinn’ is on sale now at the June round of Hair O Logy, which runs until June 30.

The ‘Just Love’ tattoo from Carol G Tattoo Wear is the latest group gift and it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity! There’s just not enough love in this world, that’s one thing I know! The group is 100L$ to join, but there’s new group gifts released regularly, so it’s a very good deal!

The ‘Luma’ Tube Top from Just BECAUSE is available at the current round of Collabor88! I couldn’t resist the fatpack, so I’ll be wearing it regularly!

The ‘Malena Denim Shorts, high rise’ from Addams are going to be my go to shorts for the summer! They’re compatible with the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh bodies and also come in standard sizes.

The Choker(B) is from C L A Vv. and part of the ‘My Edgy Look’ gacha set available now at Kustom9.

The whole look starts with the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Which is rebranding and will be Avada. I’m wearing the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, too!

The manly pose is from Le Poppycock! I really like male poses, women’s poses never seem to have this pensive look!

I think I’ve got a thing with this little church at The Last Forever! I love this stretch of road and with this windlight it’s kind of eerie!

It’s Your Day, All You Muthers!

I think anyone can celebrate Mothers day! Why not, we’re all a mother to someone or something! I’ve been blessed by many many babies over the years! None of them happened to be human, mind you, but I mothered them as if they were! Heck, since I’ve never mothered a human baby I’ll never know if I’d have made a good mother, but I know I’ve mothered all other young very well! Right now I’m a dithering idiot! I’m in the process of hatching out a plethora of chicken eggs! I’ve had 3 nights of up every two hours and my days are spent shuttling back into the house, frequently muttering, “I gotta go check the eggs!” I have seven chicks so far with nine eggs to go for this round and all is going well! My cow had her calf last week! It’s a little girl and it’s doing well! I’ve never been sure about my role as a parent in the case of my cows. I artificially inseminate the cows to get the baby, so does that make me a Mum or a Dad? Either way, I look after it with love and care and help it to grow big and strong! So, whether your a Mum, a Mom, a Momma, a Mumma, a Mother, or just a Muther…Happy Mother’s Day to you….from me!

This is a big weekend in Second Life! The Thrift Shop is open for another round and I’m happy to be able to share some great creations from a couple sponsors of this great event! First, Pimp My Sh!t is a sponsor and with it comes a great bunch of new releases! There’s 7 new tattoos to choose from, all at 50% off during the event. I’m wearing the unisex Night Owl Tattoo in medium tone. It comes with the tattoo layer for classic avatars along with appliers for TMP and Omega. You’ll get to see all that PMS has to offer at The Thrift Shop right here! The Thrift Shop runs until May 28!

Verocity is also a sponsor for The Thrift Shop!! I’m showing you a couple poses from the Cheryl Pose set that’s exclusive to the event! The pack includes six remarkable poses, with mirrors, and all are completely different so you can show off your great looking bod at the perfect angle, whatever that might be!

Slipper Originals has a brand new release in the Shiloh Sandals! Nothing says summer like a new pair of sandals to show off that new pedicure! The Shiloh Sandals are SLink, Maitreya and TMP compatible and are HUD driven with 18 colours, 5 metals and 6 areas to customize! If you’re not quite ready to splurge on the fatpack, single colours are available! But, I always say, “go big or go home!” so grab that fatpack!

Anachron is in a couple of events right now, and today I have the Rune Necklace gacha to show you! It’s currently part of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which runs until June 7! The set contains 24 commons and four RARE and they’re all so incredible! I’ve always loved runes! I’m of Danish descent so I do have a little bit of Viking in me! The necklace will give a little bit of info about it’s meaning when touched and you can wear one that might help you out a bit in various ways during your day! I’ve chosen Wynn for this day, which means joy, happiness, comfort, pleasure, and harmony. Who doesn’t need that on any given day?

anyBODY is on and Veechi has the lovely Blossom Smoke Shadow pack exclusive to the event! The set of shadows contains nine lively colours and they come in the tattoo layer for classic avatars or appliers for Genesis(seen here), Lelutka, Catwa, and now Logo heads! I’m also wearing one of the options from the Tea Time nail appliers from Veechi! It’s the group gift for May and is at the main store awaiting your arrival! The group ifsfree to join, so sign up and grab ’em!

The Bandeau Bikini Top and Classic Bikini Bottom are the perfect summer look in swimwear! These are in blue plaid and makes me want to go on a picnic! It’s from *Just BECAUSE* and comes in five standard sizes plus fitted versions for Maitreya(seen here) and Belleza(including pushup) mesh bodies!

The Junko Pigtails, Essentials, RARE is from Doe!

The Emily, Emotions, RARE mesh head is from Genesis Lab and I’m wearing the cream skin tone!

Lighting by LumiPro!