Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys

Having worked in male dominated jobs most of my life, I found out early on that it’s pretty darn great being just one of the guys. I mean, if I didn’t have them, who would I talk about work with when I’m the only woman there. So, I was accepted and welcomed by most of them and treated the same as the rest. There was always the older men who would look out for me and help me, even when I didn’t need it, and then there was the ones that resented having a woman in their midst. But overall, I felt a part of the brotherhood! 🙂 There’s nothing like sitting in a bar with a table of 6 or 7 men and seeing them at their best! I don’t know what that’s like when the men are all wearing suits and ties, but when it comes to truck drivers and oil patch workers, I got to the point where nothing shocked me! I learned never to leave my drink at the table when I left to pee, the story of a drink being stirred by something other than a stir stick was always present in my mind, and it wasn’t someones finger that did the stirring!! I could always dish out the jokes, but I also could take them…..because deep down I always knew they’d always stand by my side. I chose the group of guys I surrounded myself with because, although they were rough around the edges, they had kind hearts. I never felt I had to prove myself to them, they knew I could do the jobs they did, and as well as they could. I was just one of the guys, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When I decided to create a cozy area at home, I realized that there is no cozier place to be than a ‘man cave’. I mean, a ‘she shed’ is probably fine, but there’s something about surrounding myself in games and sports related things, along with the snacks and drinks to go along with it, that’s the ultimate in creature comforts. I’ve always loved watching sports, I don’t dress up in silly things all in the colour of my favourite teams, but I enjoy a good game of hockey or football(CFL of course)! I don’t mind baseball, although it’s a bit slow for me, and I have been known to watch the ‘Master’s Tournament’ in golf. I went through a phase of watching Nascar races every weekend and I used to watch tennis, but I’ve yet to watch a basketball game, I’ll have to do that one day! So, here I sit in the man cave, the popcorn is popping, and the brewski is ice cold, so let the games begin!

I’ll start with my outfit, here. I’m wearing the ‘Boyrfriend Jeans, country’ and ‘Knit Turtleneck, navy’ from fashionably dead and available at ~uber~, right now.

The ‘My Hair, Suzy’ is from [monso].

The ‘Swear Low Top Sneakers’ are from Lapointe & Bastchild, and right now there’s an exclusive texture HUD for them as a group gift.

My looks starts with the ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada, on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

And as for my man cave? I’m sitting on the ‘Industrial Billiards Table’ from [zerkalo], which is available in PG and Adult at the current round of Kustom9. My pose is the #10 singles animation in the billiards table. Along with the exclusive Billiards table is the ‘Billiards Z’ gacha set! I’m using the ‘Cue Rack(RARE), Billiard Frame, Hanging Lamp, Wall Bar, and the Balls Set, here.

The ‘Standing Ashtray, ‘Dude’s Rug’, ‘Boho Guitar’, and the ‘Grungy Varnished Stool’ are from various gachas from ..::THOR::... The gacha area is near the landing point, which makes it way to easy to play them all! In the main store you’ll find all kinds of good stuff, the grungy and shabby are my favourite! 😀

My newest home is the ‘Tuscany Loft’ from DaD Design.

Favourite Things and a Few Random Thoughts

Favourite Things and a Few Random Thoughts

You know the song ‘My Favourite Things’ from The Sound of Music, it’s not really a Christmas song, but I only ever hear it this time of year. I have to confess I’ve never seen the movie in it’s entirety, just pieces of it here and there. I’m not a big Julie Andrews fan, and the whole premise just seems a little too pat, for me. I don’t even really like most Christmas movies, and although I love old movies I’ve never seen Miracle on 34th Street or It’s a Wonderful Life. I do enjoy White Christmas but mainly because I can sing along, when alone of course. I’ve not seen Scrooged, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Elf, or Jim Carey in The Grinch, none of them even remotely appeal to me! I’ll watch Christmas Vacation if it happens to be on, but I don’t consider Lethal Weapon a Christmas movie just because it’s set at Christmas time, although it is considered one. I guess all I’m doing is cementing my reputation for being anti-Christmas in everyone’s mind. But to get back to the topic I started with, I wanted to mention a few of my favourite things this time of year, to show that even a Grinch can enjoy some parts of the festive season. I love Mandarin Oranges, which we call Christmas oranges here because it’s the only time of year they’re available. Each orange wrapped in it’s own paper wrapper and packed in a festive box, their aroma makes me feel like I’m a kid again. I like driving around and looking at Christmas displays in peoples yards, whether in the city or the country. I like eggnog, not the home made kind, but the stuff in a carton, I add a bit of milk to thin it down a bit, it’s pretty rich. I think Poinsettia are very pretty, the traditional red ones are the best. I know everyone would expect me to say that getting gifts is pretty darn great, and it is, but I’d prefer to get or give a gift any time of year. If I find something that someone I know would really like, I don’t need a reason to give a gift, other than I want to. With that being said, if I receive a gift for no other reason than the person wants to give me one, that makes it all the more special, it tells me I’m in their thoughts! (15 minutes later) I’m sitting here trying to think of more things that I like about Christmas, and unless I give up and carry on with the rest of this post, I’ll be sitting here all night. So, I’ll carry on…..let’s begin!

I think I look sad here, and I didn’t mean to, it just happened. I was just playing around yesterday in-world and I liked this picture. So I thought I’d share it.

The tattoo is the ‘Batra & Leok’ tattoo from Isuka. It’s a full body tattoo but can be worn in two parts and it comes in 3 ink tones, this is the ‘fresh’ tone.

The ‘Gia’ hair is from Tableau Vivant and is at the December round of Kustom9, which opened yesterday.

I’m wearing my all time favourite skin here, ‘Raine’ in ‘miel’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh head from Maitreya. I’ve added one of the fifteen colour options from the ‘Dark Metallic Eye shadow’ pack from Izzie’s.

My eyes are from the ‘Nissa’ set of eyes from Zombie Suicide. My lashes are from the ‘natural 2’ eyelash pack from Mai Bilavio.

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

I’m finally settled into my new place and it seems kind of empty, but I guess it’s home! I’ve been kind of lonely lately so last night I decided to do some fishing at SN@TCH! I hadn’t been there in a long time so I was pretty excited. So I’m at the landing spot and I got the brainwave to run in, instead of my slow sexy walk. So I’m trotting in and…oof….I run right into a vendor, try to climb it…and then just keep walking in one spot! I was horrified!! I then look further on and the fishing room is packed…does anyone ever notice those types of things? I sure hope not. 😦

There are some things in Second Life that are just so silly when discussing them in real life. Only in SL, can running into something be so difficult to stop! I’m almost four years old and stairways still cause me all kinds of trouble! And some doors are just made for staying outside and camming in. Those doors that open and trap you behind them drive me crazy!!

Anyhoo, on with the outfit info! This is Buffy…..it’s a top, bra and skirt outfit from NoName and has a HUD just loaded with colour combinations! One HUD controls it all, the top, skirt, belt buckle, and the bra in either lace or plain. It’s cute and sexy!!

Round 112 of Designer Circle is on and Icons of Style has two great pose prop sets available! The Poses with Stick sets include five poses each with a nice cane to go with them. You could use your own staff, stick, or wand too!

There is no way I can keep up with the new and exciting releases from Hello Dave! There are going to be some incredible deals coming on the next Lazy Sunday, but today I have one of the colours from the Early Autumn, Gloss pack. The packs contain 35 options and are now Omega compatible, along with SLink. Also, it pays to belong to the VIP group, with a VIP group gift every week you never have to wear the same nails twice!

I just had to wear the Malva Heels again from Glamistry! They’re available at the current round of Kustom9, exclusively, and have all the great options that Glamistry’s known for!

The Fae, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae!

The Eva hair is one of my favourites from Mina Hair.

Lighting by Lumipro.

I took these shots just a little ways from Veechi at Scribbled Hearts!

Coffee Time Convo

Coffee Time Convo

There’s a long standing tradition here on the farm, at 3 pm the coffee is brewed and the official “coffee time” is on! It’s normally myself and my Mum and Dad but anyone who knows about our coffee times are more than welcome to stop in and visit, so sometimes we have guests to get in on the conversation. We usually tackle current news topics and discuss them, whether we know anything about the subject or not! Sometimes it’s all about the asking of questions, rather than having the answers! Here are five of our most talked about topics:

1. factory farms and how they have impacted the quality of food today.
2. isn’t she cute! my bichon/poodle dog’s cuteness never ceases to amaze us!
3. the shortage of water and how to conserve it.
4. remember when? Reminiscing is always in style!
5 how fortunate we are to live in such a great place.

Those are only a few topics that come up in conversation, we try to keep it informational or fun instead of the negative side of life that just brings us down!

There’s a very large and diverse sales room in Second Life that I really had no idea about! The ‘stuff Theme Sales Room is a wonderful outlet for anyone who likes deals. There’s stuff for men, women, housewares and kids, so pretty much anyone can find something that works for them. I have on the Hawaii Green Daisies Dress from Vintage Touch and WOW, does it look great! There are four floral prints available, all to make you all summery and feminine!

A new round of Kustom9 is going and Glamistry has released a gorgeous new pair of heels! The Malva Heels are SLink, Maitreya and Belleza compatible and has a wide variety of colours to choose from, but anyone who knows Glamistry, knows the fatpack HUD is the best!!

Hello Dave has so many new release I can never decide which ones to wear! I chose one of the 35 options from the Pistachio Gloss pack. The nail packs are now Omega compatible along with SLink! Always check in at the main store for deals on Lazy Sunday!

The lovely Niska, Sangria skin in Amber tone is from Lumae and on special at the main store until August 29. Where else can you get such a great quality skin for so little?

The lovely Olivia hair is a recent release from Analog Dog.

Poses by -slouch-poses.

I made is easy on myself for this shot. I stayed at home and used a backdrop from Katink.

I Am…..I Said

I Am....I Said

While going through my Designer Circle folder for Round 110 I found this gem of an outfit! The Annie Dress in brown from Giulia Design has a classy vintage look with a wonderful neckline to show off some decolletage. It comes with the clutch and the fascinating fascinator that tops of this splendid look.

Glamistry is participating in Kustom9 and the Ramonda Heels are exclusive to the event! The HUD driven shoes are compatible with the SLink high feet, The Mesh Project, Belleza and the Maitreya mesh bodies. The addition of six incredible animal prints for Kustom9 is a truly wondrous thing! 🙂

The Skyler hair is from KoKoLoReS and is now in the main shop after the stint at Hair Fair 2015! This is from Color Hud 1 which has thirty colours to choose from.

A new round of ~uber~ is on and after what seemed like days, I finally got in. I went specifically for the Urban Ammonite necklace from Maxi Gossamer Accessories. It’s colour change with eight colours and a choice of gold or silver for the metal. Like all MG accessories they fit perfectly with very little adjusting needed, for me at least! 🙂

The Kimm V2 skin in Tan tone is from .::WoW Skins::..

Poses by Le Poppycock. Please click on the link to get the LM to the new store on the Legione sim!

I took the pictures at Tillicum Island while I enjoyed seeing the sights there.