Who Are You Calling an Animal?

Who Are You Calling an Animal?

I’ve had pets all my life, but have to admit that my pet wasn’t a dog until about 13 years ago! When I was little we had cats on the farm. The cats lived in the barn and their purpose was as mousers. We could pet them all and they had names so they were pets, just not in the house! I remember we had bunnies at one time. They also lived in the barn and were friendly and we petted their ultra soft bunny fur! I acquired a pet goat when I was 11. She was an adorable little Saanen kid that I bottle fed and had until she passed away peacefully at the age of 10. I’ve had cows as pets! My all time favourite cow was named Baby, and was born when I was 17! She passed away just before my 37th birthday! That was a sad, sad day! I’ve had horses, Sandy and then later Rona! I was never very good with horses, but I enjoyed riding and having them on the farm! Of course, like anyone who’s been a kid I had goldfish and turtles and birds! But, I got my first dog back in ’03, and it was love at first sight! I saw her in the cage at the local SPCA and I knew I had to take her out of there! She was blind in one eye and had a hernia, but being the soft hearted person I am, I had to save her! I named her Annie and she went everywhere with me! It was with her that I discovered that I’m drawn to Black Lab cross dogs, as my second dog, Niles, was a Lab cross too! I still have cows on the farm, and they’re pets, all named and treated like part of the family! And, there’s the chickens, which can be pets too, Buff Orpingtons are such a gentle breed! And I have my loving little “Squirt”, my bichon/poodle dog, who likes my Dad so much better than me! But, I don’t blame her……it’s me that clips, baths, trims nails, and does the rest of the bad stuff to her!

So, here’s the fun stuff! Starting with the top left of today’s collage! The Gacha Claws from PIMP MY SH!T is at the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair! There’s six common and two RARE to play for and they’re compatible with the SLink Stiletto nails! This is Set 6! The LOTI fair runs until March 27!

To the bottom left we go! The Moon Dust Eyeshadow from Veechi is available at the Cosmetic Fair, which runs til the end of the month! I chose the “steel” colour to show you, one of the nine colours in the pack! They come in the tattoo layer for the classic avatars and also appliers for the Genesis, Lelutka and Catwa mesh heads!

The Wasteland Outfit from The Little Bat is a really nice, dark look! It’s available at the Gothic Wastelands Fair until March 20. The outfit includes the pants and top and is HUD driven with seven colours, which will change the texture of the cropped top portion of the top and the unique little leg cuff on my left leg(see the close up on the right side of the collage)! It comes in five standard sizes, but I’m wearing it easily on my Maitreya Lara mesh body!

I must admit to being a sucker for men’s hair! the “Seven” hair from *Drot caught my eye at the current round of the Arcade Gacha Event, and I scored the browns pack! It’s HUD driven with seven colours! It does come with a tattoo layer hair base, but I opted for the Monumentum Etched Hairbase from Aitui to go with it.

the Crosswind Tattoo is from [White Widow].

I’m wearing the Jewel skin in Pearl tone from Lumae. Lip colour from Aeva/Heartsick, which is no longer available!

The Luminous “Dark Chocolate” mesh eyes are from Mayfly!

I dusted off the Shiny Black Bossy Boots with the white toe spikes from fashionably dead.

More poses from the Pose Fair 2016!! This time from the Tailored Pose Set from Winx & Flair! The set contains five poses with mirrors!

I’m at After The Fall for these shots!

Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

A new round of SWANK has begun and it’s all about the Luck of the Irish! Are the Irish really luckier than anyone else? Since I’m of Danish and English descent I have no idea about the Irish really, but I did have a large dose of good luck yesterday when I won the gift card giveaway from Seraphim! But, more on that in the next post!

This post is all about great green fashion! The Serendipity outfit from FLIPPANT is an exclusive to SWANK and it’s all kinds of lusciousness! The outfit includes the superbly detailed dress and the heels for the SLink high feet. The dress comes in five sizes and is also mesh body compatible! I’m wearing Maitreya Lara with it, with just a few alphas needed for complete coverage! There is also the Serendipity nail appliers available with five designs to match this outfit! SWANK runs until March 31!

A new round of anyBODY has begun and Veechi has a pack of dreamy eye shadows! The Spring Fresh Eyeshadow pack comes with nine colours , all soft spring colours…this is the peach! They ‘re compatible with the Genesis, Catwa, and Lelutka mesh heads!

Poses, Poses….my life for great poses! And Le Poppycock has come up with some terrific poses, yet again! The new round of The Chapter Four has begun and Le Poppycock has two packs entitled Reverberation! Each pack consists of six unique and entirely different poses for all your posing needs! There’s also two couples poses there from Le Poppycock!

The Compas Medallion Necklace-Odyssey is a hunt gift from Anachronand is a part of the Twisted Hunt. The Twisted Hunt is a super popular hunt known for it’s difficulty and Anachron is a sponsor in this spring’s event! Drop in at the main store and grab your HUD for the Side Hunt and all the info!

The Empty hair from Lamb is available at the current round of the Arcade Gacha Event.

The skin I’m wearing is Adore, bare in Rosy tone from Lumae!

I found this nice little area on the shore at Scribbled Hearts!

Where Teardrops Fall

Where Teardrops Fall

Far away where the soft winds blow
Far away from it all
There is a place you go
Where teardrops fall.

Far away in the stormy night
Far away and over the wall
You are there in the flickering light
Where teardrops fall.

We banged the drum slowly
And played the fife lowly
You know the song in my heart
In the turning of twilight
In the shadows of moonlight
You can show me a new place to start.

From the song, “Where Teardrops Fall” by Bob Dylan

Where to start! I’ll begin with a new release from Glamistry! The AZALEA Heels are completely gorgeous, of course, who expects anything but perfection from Glamistry? They’re compatible with the SLink, Belleza and Maitreya high feet and the options are endless with the fatpack! Love!

Now, I know there’s no proof that I really am wearing these very nice nail appliers! But, trust me, I am! This is one of the nine options from the DSignature Hipster Black Tip nail applier pack from -{ZOZ}-, and available right now at The Hipster Fair! The pack has a wide range of colours in all that shiny goodness!

I love a top that’s a little different, and the Open Backed Top from {MYNX} is just that! It’s lustrous texture is paired perfectly with a skin baring back to show off that gorgeous bod of yours! It comes in five sizes with fitmesh versions of each size so you can make it work with your mesh body, I’m wearing the Maitreya Lara mesh body here.

As you all know I have a little bit of an addiction to poses and pose/props, so when I heard that Exposeur Props & Poses is having a sale, I had to check it out! I’ve learned that this sale is fundraising for it’s owner, RubyStarlight Writer, who is needing some funds to help with her vet bills for her furry family! You can find the whole story here, and you can help out by shopping at the Exposeur Props & Poses sale. The deals are great and not to be missed…..and plus you’ll be helping a little critter that’s loved and needs help! You can find all the poses and couples poses at the mainstore, and the props here! I’m using the Girl at the Window pose prop here, it has eight great poses that can be adjusted!

The beautiful Dreamcatcher Tattoo is from M’s Art Tattoo Shop and is just the right amount of tattoo coverage for me! It has four ink options and comes in the tattoo layer and also has a HUD that’s compatible with SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and Omega! You can find them on Market Place or the main store!

The Tink Jeans with the rolled cuff are a fairly new release from Blueberry!

I know you can’t see much of the skin, but it’s Jewel, bare in Peach from Lumae!

The Boys & Girls 42 hair is from Dura.

A Time to Reflect!

A Time to Reflect!

I came across some writings of mine from when I was struggling in my twenties! I want to share a little snippet with you to show, that even through dark and bad times, there is hope!

Through the years I have been trapped,
Between sadness and cowardice.
Do I live with myself as I am,
Or do what I want to most?

Though everyone says there is goodness ahead,
I can only see black.
Just give me a sign that there’s better somewhere,
Then I will still my own hand!

The date I wrote that was February 13, 1991 and it amazes me that those words came from me! I spent so much time immobilized by depression when I was younger, and those days can never be regained! Thankfully, I hit the bottom……..and survived, to come back stronger, and happier than ever before!

So, let’s take a look at this Victorian-Steampunky look I’ve got going on! I’ll start with the Boots! The Cassey Steampunk Boots are from GeMyles Couture and are the hunt gift for the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt! The 10L$ price tag is a steal for these boots! They’re beautifully detailed and would look great with any look! You can find all the slurls and hints on the WAMIMSH blog! The hunt runs until the end of the month!

The Steamcraft Top & Skirt are from ::drbc::. It’s a dark Victorian style that makes for a dark and moody feel! I found it on Market Place and it comes in four sizes plus a fitmesh option, but I’ve put it on my Maitreya Lara mesh body with no problems at all, using the Maitreya alphas! There’s also a necklace included in the outfit(not seen here)!

Here’s the close up I promised earlier of the Make a Wish nail appliers from Dark Passions-Koffin Nails!. The HUD contains nine colours and you can purchase SLink, Belleza and Maitreya compatible HUDs separately!

The Monocle 201 Eyeglass is from [Since 1975]! It comes with black, gold or silver options and can bring a sinister look to anyone!

I follow Pixel Box on Twitter and when I saw the Lady Crow Hat on for an astounding 50L$, I had to get it! For everything steampunk, Pixel Box is where you need to be!

The Jewel, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae!

Poses by -slouch-poses, but no longer available!

I dropped in at Vernian Sea Lighthouse for these pictures!

Shore Perfection

Shore Perfection

It seems like everyone goes on a trip to a warmer climate by this time of the winter, but, not me! It’s not that I even want to! We’ve had a fairly easy winter so far and I do have ties here at home that keep me close! Yea…there’s snow on the ground…but the sun is shining today and it’s a high of 0C…what more can a a girl from the Canadian prairies ask? Instead….I keep busy, embrace the outdoors, and enjoy quality time with those I love! There is a “but” to this though! I have found that a trip to the ocean in Second Life is a much needed vacation! I was looking for a beach cottage and came across this little piece of heaven at Summerwind South! I have a front row cabin and I can see forever! I can understand how the ocean is a lot like the prairies…maybe that’s why I love it’s vastness!

Along with the gorgeous locale……the Beachcomber Sandals from Slipper Originals are shore perfection! They’re a new release at the main store and come in a wide variety of colours! They’re compatible with the SLink, Maitreya and TMP flat feet!

Flower Power is on for a few more days and Veechi has a wonderful pack of eye make up there! The Bohemian Eyeshadow pack contains nine colours(this is the pink) and comes with tattoo layers for the classic avatar and also appliers for the Genesis, LeLutka and Catwa mesh heads!

The oh so pretty Beach Shorts in antique are from the paper arrow co.! They come with five sizes, the shorts and bikini bottom add on are separate and both are Maitreya and Belleza compatible!

My nails are courtesy of Hello Dave, from the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt, on now until the end of the month! You can check out all the slurls and hints for the hunt here!

The Ruffled Bikini top from Just Because is perfect for getting some summer sun!

The Jewel,bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae! I added the Bare Roman lip colour from MOCK Cosmetics to it!

The lovely Aeris hair is from the dark browns pack and from Analog Dog!

My eyes are Black Swan, medium, bright from Poetic Colors.

My lovely body is Lara from Maitreya!

Hands and feet by SLink.

Poses by Vestige and no longer available that I could find!

Thanks so much Wistful, for the custom tattoo!  Love it!  🙂