M I L A Poses

What Are You Lookin' At?

Hey….you…..yea you……stop staring! Just because I’m wearing a short skirt and may or may not be wearing any panties doesn’t give you the right to stare! I know…I know….I’ve been showing my butt a lot, I understand that, but when my designers create fashions that enhance or emphasize a certain part, I’m obligated to show it, it just so happens that there’s been a few more items than usual that focus on the butt! I just blog what my wonderful designers release!! 😀 Next month it could be more rings or shoes, or maybe even home decor! Yea, it could be a butt-free month for all I know! If, on the other hand, you choose to look away until my blog is free of butt pics, I’ll totally understand, not everyone wants to see someones a** all the time. I’m starting to wonder if I should complain to Catwa or maybe try a different bento head, since no one ever says I have a pretty face……or heaven forbid that I have a good personality!

This outfit’s a little out of my comfort zone, I will admit. But, instead of trying to work around the shortness of the skirt, I thought I’d embrace it, you know the saying….’If ya got it, flaunt it!’. So, I’m flauntin’ it, baby!! This outfit comes in a few parts, so you can go all in or not, depending on your style. The ‘Futura Skirt, Sleeves, Thigh High Plats, and Top’ are from [QE] Designs and exclusive to the The Darkness Chamber Fair, Cyber Edition. They’re all Belleza, SLink, and Maitreya mesh body compatible and include twelve vibrant colours in the HUD. The Darkness Chamber Fair runs until February 10.

Other than that, my hair is ‘Anime 05’ from Dura Hair.

And like always, my look all starts with the ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

This is the 18 pose from M I L A Poses. It’s in one of the pose stands that have the single poses at the landing site.

I’m using the ‘Illuminate 3’ backdrop from Minimal here. It’s at the current round of The Epiphany.


As you can probably see, I’m up kneeling on a pool table here, and I’m sure the owner of this fine establishment isn’t impressed with me! But, when it comes to taking pictures sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers! So up I crawled on the pool table for this shot! I’ve played pool a bit over the years, but it ‘s never been a big love of mine! I wasn’t very good, and when combining it with alcohol, I was even worse! I played quite a bit of it while I attended a short course at an agriculture college back in the day, and since every Tuesday and Thursday were 2 for 1 drink nights, we all had trouble keeping our balls on the table! 😀 But, we had lots of fun and it made for some great memories! And what about what I went there to learn? Oh I remember some of that, too!!

The Chapter Four began it’s June round a couple days ago and Slipper Originals is in the 2 for 1 section! I’m showing you part of this new release, it’s the Starfish Set, which includes necklace and bracelet. The other part of the 2 for 1 is the Shell Espadrilles! The shoes and jewelry are a fantastic start to a great look for summer! I urge you to zoom in close to have a look at the detail of the set. They’re both colour change on touch with fifteen colours for the beads and five metals. This is white beads with copper metal. It can also be resized via drop down menu!

I love the ‘Maya Tank’ from !APHORISM!. I have come to the conclusion that this is the ‘summer of the tank’ for me! I seem to want to wear shorts and a tank every day! This is one of my favourites and I’m glad I got the fatpack! There are matching panties sold separately and they both come in ten colours with 3 options each! They’re fitted for the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh bodies.

I have always loved the unisex hair from Dura Hair, so I had to grab the Boys & Girls 78 hair at the newest round of TMD. This is from the Darks pack.

The High Waisted Shorts are one of my favourites, and they’re from Maitreya!

As usual I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins. I’ve added a light lipstick from the ‘Fresh Lip Tint’ pack for the Logo mesh head from Pink Fuel. The rest of me is the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

I’ve been on a bit of a pose shopping spree lately and I was looking for sitting poses specifically! I found this one in the ‘Sit Fatpack’ set of poses from M I L A Poses!

I found this place at The Empire! I’ll be going back for some more exploring, there’s all kinds of great areas if you like dark and foreboding types of places! Which, of course, I do!