Classic Romance & Yesternight’s Dream

Classic Romance & Yesternight's Dream

A new round of The Liaison Collaborative has begun and Le Poppycock has a brand new pose/prop gacha! There is fifteen different poses with either a colour changing mask or the lovely white swan! Thank you, Olivia for the wonderful work you do! 🙂

Dark Horse Style is participating in this weekends round of Sixty Linden Weekends. There are two packs available at this price. This is from the Vintage Gold pack!

This lovely gown goes perfectly with the poses from Le Poppycock. This is the Old Hollywood Gown from Preptopia. It’s available only at Luxury Haute Couture Fashion Fair and each colour is limited to 100 copies. There are eight colours to choose from and they come with a HUD controlled optional fur stole! Uber elegant!

Hudson’s Clothing Co. has some new releases and a new group gift out! The jewel sets include earrings, ring and necklace. I’m wearing the Ruby N Silver set. All items are mesh and scripted to resize.

The hair is Eva from Mina, from the Blacks pack.

Make up is from MOCK Cosmetics.

The skin is Delphine, bare in Latte from Lumae.

The Promenade

The Promenade

The winter round of The Promenade is up and running! You’ve got until February 15 to get in on some glorious gacha action! B!ASTA is participating and has some great items to try for! The Frostworthy Wool Cape in pink, an exclusive from La Gazza Ladra, is one of two rare items! (The other being the cape in blue!) Some of the commons available from B!ASTA are the Albemarle purse that comes in black with either pink or blue. The Tatyana Glitter Short Boots are for the SLink high feet and are also black with either pink or blue, and the earrings are from the Peacefully pink/silver jewellery set(there is also a blue set available to be won). I love a good gacha event!

The skirt I put with this outfit is the Leu skirt in onyx from coldLogic.

The hair is Tom from TRUTH Hair.

The lovely skin is Delphine, bare in Latte from Lumae.

The make up is the puce option from the Opal Lip Colour pack from MOCK Cosmetics, and the Imperial Eye Shadow from the Soft Suede pack from ATIA’s.

The handbag pose is from the Handbag A pack from [meisu], all other poses are from slouch poses.

I stopped in at the Paradise Gallery for these shots.

Right to the Point

Right to the Point

It’s supper time and the sun has been down for awhile, and it’s been a long cold day, so with further ado I’m going to relate to you all the particulars of this wonderful outfit of superbly designed clothing! I’ll get right to the point of describing for you all the details of these togs! I’ll not beat around the bush about anything else that has absolutely no relation to these inventory treasures! I’ll come right out and blurt for all to hear the wonders of these clothing items that are sheer fashion delights! I won’t waste anyone’s time with utterances that go on and on and on! It’s now time to get on with the show! To start the ball rolling! Hmm…enough of that…but it’s all great stuff……I’ll get on with it! 🙂

I am a blogger for the review group We Love to Blog and I’m always so excited when I receive new releases from all the wonderful designers who participate! This time around I’m going to show you a couple of items from Tashi. The Shelby coat is HUD controlled with twelve colour options each for the belt, the main coat part, and the shirt. You could mix and match all night! The Sofia earrings are also HUD controlled with six metals and six pearl colours. Their unique shape are really eye catching!

I dropped in at Livalle and grabbed the hole fatpack of the Evoke Platform Boots. They come in eight colours and all are rich tones and nicely detailed. They have SLink, Belleza and system feet options so anyone can look great in them!

The poses are from the Frequency pack from Le Poppycock and available at The Chapter Four.

The SLink nail appliers Matte Dots from A:S:S.

The Colbie hair in black is from Truth.

The skin is Delphine, bare in Honey from Lumae!

The Merino leggings in Old Lavender are from League.

The make up is the Mariella Lip Shine in El Salva and the Dark Winterberrry eshadow, both from MOCK Cosmetics.

Cozy, Warm and Striking a Pose

Cozy, Warm and Striking a Pose

When it’s this cold outside I really appreciate having indoor activities to keep me occupied! Some good quality SL time is a must when the cold weather is upon us! I get cold just looking out the window!

The new round of The Chapter Four has begun and as always is a treasure trove of goodies! Le Poppycock has released Frequency, a brand new set of poses available and as always they make posing for pics a snap! They are so natural and relaxed with just enough attitude to show cool confidence!

The extremely cozy Defrost, knitted hoodie cardigan from B!ASTA is nice and wintery without being festive for the holidays! It comes in nine colours and looks great for some of those fun outdoor winter outings!

The very nice Stowe boots from Preptopia are available at the WEIB Special Sale Room. They come in either a light or dark colour pack with each having four fur options that are HUD controlled! They can be worn with the SLink mid feet or with system feet!

The SLink nail appliers are the new group gift from Dark Horse Style. The New Year Filagree pack has six options on one HUD. The group is free to join!

The skin is Eliana,bare in Honey from Lumae!

The hair is Boys & Girls 32, in black from Dura.

The make up is Futura Bloody Catagonia makeover from MOCK Cosmetics.

The leggings are from Ghee.

Tangled Up in Blue

Tangled Up in Blue

When looking for a title for a post I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a Bob Dylan song to fit anything! I’m a Bob Dylan fan, I’ll admit it! My family called me crazy when I first started listening to him, but there’s just something about his songs that speak to me!

I’m going to start with one of the blue items I’m tangled up in! It’s the beginning of the weekend and a new round of 60L Weekend sales has started. Dark Horse Style
has two SLink nail applier packs available at this great price for two days. The Scroll Tips pack has six colour options and, like all DHS packs, one HUD does both mani and pedi!

CroM has a couple of promo items on sale right now! The Ruby top in red and the Trya skirt in black are a great little outfit for a great price, so get over there while the deal is on!

The Glitratin shoes from Milk Tea are for the SLink high feet, but by being unrigged they can also be positioned for the TMP Ouch heel. They come in six colours to choose from and have a nice satiny finish that looks great!

The Bear gloves from katatonik are at Collabor88 but only until January 7, with the new round starting on January 8. They have SLink appliers and the tattoo layer for system hands with SLink or standard cuffs to fit either hand option.

The Waves hair is from .Olive.. It is one of six VIP group gifts along with six gifts for anyone! The group is $250L to join. I’m not sure how long the gifts will be out so get over there asap!

The eye make up is red from the Dreamy Goth eye shadow mega pack from ~*Souzou Eien*~. The lip colour is the Contessa option from the Opal pack from MOCK Cosmetics.

The necklace is Boadicea’s necklace, RARE from a previous round of The Fantasy Gacha Fair from The Forge.

The skin is Eliana, bare in Honey from Lumae.