What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!



In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

Dead Love couldn’t go no further, Proud of and disgusted by her, Push shove, a little bruised and battered Oh Lord I ain’t coming home with you. My life’s a bit more colder, Dead wife is what I told her Brass knife sinks into my shoulder Oh babe don’t know what I’m gonna do. I […]

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Wild Love

Don’t know what to say to you now Standing right in front of you Don’t know how to fade in and out Don’t know how to play it cool Lose a little guard, let it down We don’t have to think it through We’ve got to let go I wanna give you wild love The […]

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Mad About You

Feel the vibe, feel the terror, feel the pain It’s driving me insane I can’t fake for God’s sake, why am I Driving in the wrong lane Trouble is my middle name But in the end I’m not too bad Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be So mad about you, mad about […]


Hood Ornament

Has anyone noticed the lack of hood ornaments on cars? That’s what used to make a vehicle interesting back in the day! My Dad used to have an early 50’s Ford truck and it had this huge airplane on the hood, I mean it was HUGE! It was one of the most noticeable things on […]

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Someone Say Road Trip?

Destination? check Map? check, no GPS for me…I’m old skool! Music? check check Munchies? checkaroo Drinks? yup yup Sunglasses? uh huh Purse? oh yea! Looks like I have all I need, if someone wants to join me, you’re more than welcome, but you have to be prepared to sing along to the music and be […]