Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

I’ve talked about my dogs in the past, but I’ve not talked about my cats, at least that I can remember. I have two cats, they don’t live with me in the house, but they have a very comfortable home in the barn. They’re not the traditional barn cat that most people probably think barn cats are, fairly wild and just live on what they can scrounge. Mine are well fed and cared for, since they didn’t ask to be here. They’re both ‘drop offs’. That’s what I call them, anyway. I live in an area that’s fairly close to a major center and a fairly busy park, so in the fall, when everyone is sick of the spring kitten they thought they wanted, they drive out into the country and find a farm to drop it off at. They assume that the cat will find a new home, just by walking in the yard and saying, ‘hey, how are ya…mind if I hang out awhile?’. This isn’t the case! The cat is terrified and wild, and maybe it was a pet in it’s previous home, but it’s no longer there. I see them shoot out of the barn like a bullet when they’ve come to find food and I may get a look at it’s colour, but that’s about it. I get at least one drop off a year and sometimes I can save them, and sometimes I can’t. I got Hazel about 7 years ago, she came to me as an older spayed female, she was wild, very wild and it took a winter of her hiding in the barn before she finally came to me and let me touch her. I think she’d be happier in the house, but she has adapted well to the barn life. Bob came to me about 4 years ago, he was a young and skinny tom cat, who was half tame but not trusting at all. It took that whole winter to get so I could touch him, and finally when he starts to think I’m really great, I had him neutered! He hasn’t held a grudge about that, I don’t think. 🙂 This years drop off came to me a little earlier than usual. He’s a small young male cat, all black with huge golden eyes, and peers at me while I walk past him around the yard. He used to run from me, but I’ve been leaving food for him so he’s now a little bit trusting, although I haven’t touched him yet. He’ll come around! The gist of this whole thing is…..please….please…when you get a pet and find you can’t care for it or don’t want to, don’t drop it off at a strangers home! Make a responsible choice and re-home it, or put it up for adoption…..because leaving it at someone’s farm and hoping they take it in isn’t the answer. Believe me!

I’m all dressed up for an afternoon of shopping here, but I take a minute to visit the furry bundles that have invaded my home. I want to bring your attention to the ‘Cosette Heels’ from Ingenue. These heels come in 16 bright and eye catching colours and the lacing down the front makes a nice accent to the little peep toes. They fit the high SLink and Maitreya feet and are available at the current round of The Arcade Gacha Event, which runs until the end of the month. And don’t forget about the reward gift!! The ‘Cosette heels’ come in a gorgeous floral design delivered free to you after playing 25 times on the machine! They’re exclusive and will be retired after the event is over. Get playing!

It’s early fall here and it’s getting to be sweater weather! So the ‘Passport Sweater’ from Tres Blah has been released just in time! It comes in ten colours, and I have to add that Tres Blah colours are to die for! It’s Maitreya, SLink and Belleza mesh body compatible and TB clothes always fit like a glove! The ‘Passport Sweater’ is available now at Collabor88.

The ‘Lily’ hair is from Mina Hair. I love this asymmetrical bob that can’t decide if it’s fun and flirty or all business! It’s available now at ~uber~.

Also at Collabor88 is the ‘Cabo San Lucas Leather and Shell’ necklace from Maxi Gossamer Jewelery. It’s colour change via drop down menu and includes 4 leathers, 9 mother of pearl shell colours, and gold or silver options.

The ‘Leather Skinny Pants’ are from Maitreya. The fit and the optional longer pant leg are perfect!

As usual, I’m wearing the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘meil’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the high feet from SLink.

This pose is a single pose from M I L A.POSES, it’s number 82.

These pesky kitties are from the ‘Witty Cats’ gacha set from Mutresse.

The ‘Vintage Big Broadcast Radio, RARE’ is from the Vintage Radio gacha set from KraftWork. Each radio in this set has two versions, one is scripted to be used as a radio and one is decor only.

The ‘Cat’ sculpture is from the ‘Catz’ gacha set from Silas Merlin. I have some of his paintings and sculptures displayed at my home and they’re incredible! You can find his work at The Silas Gallery on New Babbage.

The ‘Vintage Frame, Lemonade’ is from tarte, the crate it sits on is the previous packaging from Pilot, the books in front of the crate are from a gacha set from aisling, The ‘Morrison Cushion Pile’ is from a gacha at junk., the ‘Potted Palm’ is from dust bunny, and the chair with pillows and blankets on it are from the ‘Black Roof Brick House’ gacha set from HAIKEI.

My home is the ‘JAC Boat Shack’ from Redgrave.

Please Excuse My Lack of Creativity!

I’ve had one of those days that my Mum would describe as, “my thumb up my bum and my mind in neutral”! I’ve had no deep thoughts, no thought provoking questions that I ask myself, and I’ve not had any earth shattering news that might jolt me out of it! So, the possibility of me coming up with an intriguing, entertaining, or even a topic that’s not boring for this post is a little beyond my skills today! So….please read on, knowing that I’m sorry I’ve had nothing mildly interesting to talk about!

But, I know that Second Life fashion will completely steal the show on this post and you’ll be riveted by my beauty!

I’ll start of with the Audrey Dress from Stories&Co. by Flowey! It speaks of warm spring days with soft breezes making the awakening earth come alive! It comes in ten colours, including lovely pastels, classic solids, and some pretty prints! It comes in four standard sizes plus versions compatible with Maitreya and SLink Hourglass and Physique! It’s available at the current round of Collabor88, which is far enough past it’s opening days that getting in shouldn’t be an issue!

I want to mention the poses early on to remind everyone that the Pose Fair 2016 is on until March 26, and it’s so worth the trip! All kinds of exclusives from all the best pose makers on the grid! Today I’m using three of the eight poses from the .049-.056 pack from [atooly]. Nice…aren’t they?

The Yasmine skin in Tan tone is the exclusive at the Skin Fair 2016 from .::WoW Skins::.!

The Kaisia Boots from Mutresse are a little different from most above knee boots! They comes in five sizes, plus Belleza, SLink and Maitreya(including auto hide) versions! They make me look like I have legs up to my neck! Wait…oh…….that would be weird!!

The Doutzen hair is from =DeLa*=.

The Teardrop Turtle, Black-RARE is from Maxi Gossamer Jewllery, and can be found in the gacha area upstairs!

I’m posing with the front door prop called Jan Juan-green from Exposeur Props & Poses!

I'd Rather Shovel SL Snow!

I love the wintery sims this time of year! All that fresh snow falling and the snow covered ground, makes me want to snuggle up inside with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate! Real life snow makes me want to do that too, but there’s the nasty business of moving all that powder to get at the car, or even find the step! I’d take SL snow any day! Can a snow shovel even be purchased in SL?

I picked a bit of a trash pile to pose in front of, but that makes the lovely pink dress stand out in all it’s glory! The Pixel Heart dress, in pink/black from .fashion zombie. is a real cutey!

::KRALUS:: has released a group gift for February! The Ladies Valentine’s Watch is available til the end of the month! There will be a $100L charge to join the group in the near future so now is the time to join! There will be a group gift available each month so it’s well worth it!

Time is running out to get over to Dark Horse Style for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale! Until midnight tonight there will be two packs of SLink nail appliers available for 60L. Tomorrow they’ll be regular price! I’m wearing one of the options from the Pussycat Pink set!

I grabbed the unique Luna boots from …Mutresse… at the current round of uber! I got the whole shebang with a 16 colour HUD! There are numerous areas to independently change including heel tip and metal change!

The hair is Neria from the blacks/whites pack from TRUTH.

The skin is Nima, bare in Honey from Lumae! Drop in and check out what Lumae is offering for Lazy Sunday today! A skin for 75L is too good of a deal to pass up!

The tattoo is from flowey, and the leg from Pervette!

Poses by Kirin.

I took the pics at Missing Mile!