Come With Me Now

Whoa, come with me now
I’m gonna take you down
Whoa, come with me now
I’m gonna show you how

Afraid to lose control
And caught up in this world
I’ve wasted time, I’ve wasted breath
I think I’ve thought myself to death

I was born without this fear
Now only this seems clear
I need to move, I need to fight
I need to lose myself tonight

Whoa, come with me now
I’m gonna take you down
Whoa, come with me now
I’m gonna show you how

I think with my heart and I move with my head
I open my mouth and it’s something I’ve read
I stood at this door before, I’m told
But a part of me knows that I’m growing too old

Confused what I thought with something I felt
Confuse what I feel with something that’s real
I tried to sell my soul last night
Funny, he wouldn’t even take a bite

Come With Me Now‘ ~KONGOS~

This is just an excerpt of the lyrics, since they were long and there was much repeating. This is an easy song to sing along with, even without having the lyrics in front of you. I’m one of those people that doesn’t need to know the words to sing along with a song. Sure, I’ve butchered the lyrics of many good songs, but back in the day there really was no choice! You sang what you thought you heard, whether it made sense or not. If I have no clue, I then just say gibberish to make it sound like I know what I’m talking about. Hey, I’m the girl that sings along with songs in languages other than English, and I make them sound equally terrible as the ones I know. I come from a family where singing Happy Birthday to someone is something we’d never do with anyone but ourselves, we’re terrible. Most of us out of tune, I’m always lagging a little bit so I finish last and my sister tries to harmonize, but since no one’s in tune there’s no one to harmonize with. I think I’m a great singer in the shower, but my shower’s like outer space…..it’s in there that no one can hear me scream!

You know I’m all about love, well…..I guess not ALL about it! I don’t love a lot of things in this world, but the general message I try to convey is LOVE! So, the new release from !NFINITY is perfect for me! The ‘Love Necklace, exclusive to The Dollhouse which comes in glad and silver and it’s unrigged and scripted for easy resizing. The Dollhouse runs until 8 SM SLT May 20. I’m including the ad for it so you can get a closer look at it! (click on the picture to blow it up real good!)

Ha, I’ve finally done it! I’m wearing a man-bun! This is ‘B78’ from DURA Hair and I think it looks pretty darn cute! I mean, buns were for girls first, right?

The ‘Basic Tank’, from Tres Blah, is just what it’s called! Which is perfect since Ilove basic styles that can be worn with anything, and since it’s almost summer in some places it’s tank top time!

The simple ‘Enigma’ tattoo is from Queen oF Ink. I wear the HUD for it all the time since it’s become one that I feel naked without!

The ‘Maddie’ skin in ‘honey’ tone, with freckles, is from The Skinnery, on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya. I’ve added one of the four eye shadows from the ‘Sexy Smokey Shadow’ set from MILA.

I’m using a pose from the ‘Melaina’ set of poses from entangled poses.

I’m hanging out at my favourite place here, Isle of May.

Wild Horses

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can’t let you slide through my hands
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don’t have much time
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried
Let’s do some living after we die
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we’ll ride them some day
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we’ll ride them some day

Wild Horses‘ ~The Rolling Stones, feat. Eddie Vedder~

I’ve never been a fan of The Rolling Stones, they’ve just never appealed to me, but while winding my way through songs on YouTube I came across this version of Wild Horses, and since most of the songs that are picked for me include Eddie Vedder, I’m surprised I hadn’t seen it before now. My love of EV far surpasses my dislike for Mick Jagger et al. so I had to have a look and a listen. I have to admit…..I really like this version. This song is already one that I could like, but having EV singing it makes it a hit in my books! I think he’s performed with just about everyone at some point in time. He’s with Tom Petty for “The Waiting’ and he rocks ‘Highway to Hell’ with Bruce Springsteen. He helps REM with ‘Man on the Moon’ at their HOF induction, and he was with Roger Waters for ‘Comfortably Numb’. He sang ‘Redemption Song’ with BeyoncΓ¨, and ‘You Can Close Your Eyes’ with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks. I’ve watched the video of him with Neil Young performing ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ and it was rockin’! Yup….EV can sing pretty much anything with anyone and sound great. On another topic, of absolutely no interest to anyone, is the fact that I used to have a couple of horses and one was kinda wild! I’ve thought about getting one or two again, but just haven’t done it, yet. I like horses, but they’ve never been my number one love, cows always came first for me. I think it’s the fact that horses are sneaky! I could just about always predict a cows movements…but a horse was always full of surprises, and when one is on their back….surprises are not welcome!

I did a little bit of inventory diving today and look what I found! The ‘Elias Bracelet’ from !NFINITY is men’s size when you add it, but with the resize script in it I easily got it down to size for me. It includes left and right versions, black or brown strap and it’s HUD driven with 5 metals and 10 gem stone colours. You can find it on Market Place or at the !NFINITY main store.

The ‘G0911’ hair is from tram. Since I’ve been wearing this skin I’ve bought half of the tram store!

The ‘Bella Tank Top’ is from Tres Blah. This is the ‘nude’ version.

You can only see the waistband of the ‘Kimi Skirt’ from Blueberry, but trust me…it’s snug and short. Makes me feel casually sexy!

And this skin that I’m wearing? It’s ‘Maddie’ in ‘honey’ tone from The Skinnery. I’m wearing the freckles version and it’s on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya. I’ve added one of the 4 eye shadows from ‘Shoreline Set’ from War Paint.

This is pose 83 from MILA.

I’m at one of my favourite sims right now, Isle of May.

I Have Nothing to Say!

I’ve been working on writing this post for most of the morning now, and I have yet to come up with anything worth reading. I’ve started a couple times with thoughts that are going through my head, but either they’re something I know very little about or it’s too depressing. I found out depressing isn’t good on a Saturday morning, who knew? πŸ™‚ So, here we sit, I have no poem or song lyrics to share. I’m all out of words of wisdom and other than sipping my coffee and thinking about what to have for lunch, I have very little going on in my brain. My RL brain is a little like my Catwa brain, it’s there…..but it’s not hooked up to anything and is really of no use at all. Heck, it may as well be made invisible and I can just carry on in oblivion!

There’s a new event on the grid, and I think it’s a very promising one! The March round of The Dollhouse still has a few days left, and included in this round is the ‘Handcuffs Collar’ from !NFINITY. It comes in black, brown, or pink, and each one is HUD driven with 3 areas to customize! It’s resize on touch, 100% original mesh, and unrigged for easy fitting. Don’t let the word handcuffs bother you, they’re very tastefully done, so you don’t need to be into the lifestyle that handcuffs are most known for to wear them comfortably. No, I’m not talking about cops and robbers! πŸ˜›

I’m wearing one of my favourite hairs from [KoKoLoReS] here. It’s ‘Pepper’ and the short style is perfect for my active lifestyle! Yea….right, maybe not so active….but it is perfect! πŸ˜€

The ‘Just Love’ tattoo is one I wear frequently and always get a comment on it’s positive message and simplicity. It’s from Carol G Tattoo Wear, which you can visit at the in-world store or on Market Place.

This is a really good look at the ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada. I’ve added one of the Face Mole options(available separately) to it, and I just love the detailing that gives it. I’ve also added one of the 15 options from the ‘Tiana Eye Make up’ set from Zibska. It’s from a previous Powder Pack, so I’m not sure if it’s available, which makes it so important to get these subscription boxes, it’s treasures like this that make them sooo worthwhile. I’m wearing the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

My eyes are from the ‘Nissa’ set of eyes from Zombie Suicide.

This pose is called ‘Stardom’ and it’s from Del May.

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been
Six Years! Yea…..I can’t believe it either! It’s my Rezz Day today and I can’t believe it’s 6 years ago today that I came into this world. It wasn’t easy, showing up in this world all system and noobish. No, not noobish….I was plain old 100% NOOB, as anyone newly rezzed into SL is! I had a white business suit on and carrying a bag of some sort. It didn’t take me long to remove a sleeve, without knowing how, since back then a top came with 6 pieces, all of which had to be worn then adjusted to fit. I ended up at some country bar where thankfully my sister came to my rescue and took me to her place! I had absolutely no clue what was going on, I just knew it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen! Since then I’ve had difficulty adjusting to the many changes that have occurred. I never wanted mesh hands or feet, even though there was nothing at all attractive about system feet or the invisiprims that could put shoes on them. I never wanted a mesh body and Oh Em Gee, I never want a mesh head!! So, go forward 6 years and here I am, all mesh all the time and thinking it’s unimaginable to be any other way! The options for living my Second Life are limitless and I still find it to be great fun. I’ve made some incredible friends and I’ve learned there is no limit to some peoples stupidity, but hey…that’s just the joys of humanity! I love this ever evolving world and hope to be here for many years to come, I may be getting older, but I think I look pretty good for my age!! πŸ˜€

Here’s my face…yes….this is what the other side of me looks like! And, I’m wearing the newest release from !NFINITY here! The ‘Luca Choker’ is one of those accessories that stays on all the time, no matter what. I think most of us have one piece of jewelry that makes us feel naked when it’s taken off and this choker would be that for me in real life! It’s a nice simple accent that just adds to an outfit, even just jeans and a shirt. It’s unisex, HUD driven with 4 metals and 4 leather textures, it’s resize on touch and unrigged, plus it’s 100% original mesh!You can get it at the current round of Men Only Monthly, which runs until February 15.

The ‘Junghwa’ hair from [monso] is available at the current round of SaNaRaE. The pretty updo with soft face framing tendrils is so feminine!

The ‘Relaxed Blouse’ is one of my favourites from Tres Blah. It’s HUD driven with lots of bra textures, if you choose to wear it at all!

This is a really good look at the ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada. Note the full lips, perfectly groomed brows, and pert little nose, that come together to make me so pretty! Yea….I’m not full of myself at all!! lol

I’m using one of the 9 options from the ‘Harvest Shadow’ set from Veechi along with one of the 3 sets of eyelashes from the ‘Natural 2’ eyelash pack from Mai Bilavio. Plus, my eyes are from the ‘Nissa’ set from Zombie Suicide.

And the whole look starts with the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

Just a note, the artwork behind me is from Harry Cover, who was so kind as to share his work with me to enjoy while at home. It’s framed with the ‘Repurposed Barnwood Frames’ from [QE] Designs. I’m fascinated with the whole repurposing trend going on, of course I’ve always done it….it’s just that on the farm we called it scavenging to avoid having to buy something!

My pose is from the ‘Detached Bento Pose Set’ from FOXCITY.

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Ohhhh…there’s nothing scarier than waking up suddenly in the middle of the night after having heard something unidentifiable! I’ve been there…..many many times. I’ve always been kind of jumpy and I spent most of my early years listening to loud music…solely for the purpose of covering up any sound that I might hear. There was always tappings and clunks and the odd scuffle sound in the old house. I’d lay in bed, frozen and not breathing for fear of it happening again. And it sometimes did. Where I live now, there’s no sounds, except the furnace cutting in, the coyotes skulking out in the yard, or the ice maker in the fridge dropping cubes into the tray. There are times though that the dog wakes up for some reason, that I have no idea of, and she has a conniption and runs to the door. It’s times like that that I don’t know whether to go out and see or close the drapes and pretend there’s nothing out there. I do love my dog, she’s a real sweetie, but does anyone with pets in the house ever wonder why they stare at you? Mine does it all the time and I get paranoid and ask her, ‘What’s wrong, am I going to die?. You know they say dogs can sense these types of things…..well I’m still here so I guess that’s not it!

I’ve got some goodies here today for you! Starting with the incredible ‘Distressed Lipstick and Shadow’ from Veechi! I love this look…..it’s kind of how I look when I apply my make up in real life, only mine’s not this neat! These are sold separately and are available at N21. These are compatible with the Lelutka and Catwa mesh heads and I’d like to mention that they only work on the Catwa BENTO mesh heads! There’s a notecard included with the step by step instructions to wear them together on the Catwa head, which I read and reread a few times to get it right! If I can do it, anyone can!

The October round of Men Only Monthly is open for business and !NFINITY has the ‘MEMEMTO Necklace’ exclusive to the event. It comes in gold or silver, it’s scripted for easy resizing and the pendant is so easy to put your own image in! I’ve put in a pic of, who else, Eddie Vedder! I will hug this necklace in my sleep! πŸ˜€

BAD clown 13_001

I’m wearing the ‘KEF’ hair from [BAD HAIR DAY] here and it’s such a distinctive look! Step one to standing out in the crowd? Wear [BAD] hair…..there’s none like it. The colour palette is huge and each hair comes with a mirrored version for lots of options. And remember that all the hair comes with two layers to colour independently, so even more options!!

You can see I’m wearing rings in the large pic, but for a closer look refer to the close up. These are the ‘Suki Rings’ from Slipper Originals and they’re available at the current round of Designer Circle. They’re HUD driven with 10 metals to select from, each ring can be turned on/off, and there’s a set for both hands. These are fitted for the bento mesh hands from Maitreya and the SLink Dynamic hands.

The ‘Atomic Crop Top’ from Tres Blah was in a previous round of Luxe Box! I’ve never been disappointed in the items from Tres Blah there….but then again I would never expect to be.

These jeans are from September ’16 Luxe Box from Blueberry. They’re timeless!

The ‘USAGI Trainers’ are from [Vale Koer].

As usual I’m wearing the ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada. Remember that it won’t be available until November…so keep watching for news on it’s release. I’m wearing it on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

I’ve fallen completely in love with poses from Del May. This is ‘Wall Melt, male’ and it’s really a very versatile pose…..I could just as easily be drunk, as scared, tired, and on the verge of giving up to the clown!

And speaking of the clown, it’s from the ‘Circus Rot’ gacha set from Remarkable Oblivion. The gacha is 100L$ per play, but each item is spectacular, like YoYo the clown, here!

I’m standing in the ‘Tales of Horror-Corridor’ from Hera and available at the October round of POCKETGACHA. I really love this easy way of playing gachas at a fair, all from the comfort of my own home. There’s 9 commons and one rare to play for.