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See Me Well!

See Me Well!

I’ve done it! In the beginning I said I’d never go mesh, then I got the Lara mesh body, but there’s no damn way I’ll ever get a mesh head! They all look the same and I love my system face, I said! Yea……then I got a mesh head, I said! First one from Genesis Labs and then Alex from Logo, which I thought was ‘me’! Well, this past weekend I felt rich and decided I had way to many lindens, and the best way to get rid of them is to shop! And shop I did! I went to the Catwa main store and grabbed some demos and went home to wrestle with the various mesh heads! I finally declared the ‘Lilo’ head from Catwa the winner and off I went to make the purchase! And then another one, because I need to make faces. And then a few more transactions, why have an animations HUD without it being full? Oh…and since I was there, and still had a few lindens left, I decided I ‘need’ the tears! I want Liz to be able to cry! 😀 So today I present to you, the new TinLiz Winterstorm,

I’m standing on the precipice at Hazardous and the wind is blowing strong! I know the ‘MAYU’ hair from Argrace is covering my face, but I want to mention my eye make up! It’s from the ‘Monroe Shadow Set’ from Veechi and available at ~uber~ for the next couple days, then it’ll be at the Veechi main store!

I’m so happy to stay with my usual skin of ‘Luna’ in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins, or Avada which I’ll be calling it from now on. Luna looks as gorgeous on the ‘Lilo’ head as she did on my Alex head from Logo.

I found this little beauty of a tattoo on Market Place from QUATRETTOCS! It’s the Bird Believe Tattoo and it’s compatible with Maitreya,Lara and Omega compatible mesh bodies. Hey guys, look at the tattoo, no need to look any lower than that!! 😀

The ‘Moon Choker’ is from Burial! I love how fine the cord is and the super delicate moon!

The Hara VNeck Top is from Addams! I think I’ve got a problem controlling my shopping impulses, but I’m loving it! It’s always the fatpack at Addams!

I’ve always loved dark eyes, I wish I had them in real life, but I don’t! ~sigh~ These are the ‘Nissa Eyes’ from Zombie Suicide at the current round of ‘APPLIQUE‘! The pack contains ten stunning eyes….. system, Catwa and Omega compatible.

My pose is from Overlow Poses.

A Quiet Day

A Quiet Day

I’ve got lots going on in this post, so I’ll get started! First off, the June round of Collabor88 has begun and Ingenue has released another ‘must have’ pair of shoes! The ‘Lisbet Heels’ are fitted for the SLink and Maitreya mid foot and come in a dozen colours, all of them perfect for those summertime outfits! The chunky heel and the smooth lines of the straps really call attention to pretty legs and ankles!

The June round of The Avenue is on and Raindale has updated one of the earliest releases! The ‘Larimer’ set has been redone with added textures and animations for the cushions, the table and decor have been completely revamped, and the wall art now has five pictures to choose from! There’s two versions of the floor cushions so you can either change their colour via drop down menu or with a a HUD(10 colours for all) and the single cushion has 15 animations and the stacked cushions have 25, the light is on/off on touch, and the table and decor comes linked together for easy decorating or separately. The Avenue runs until June 20. Also from Raindale is the Apple Basket, one of my favourite things to have around, and the tea cup from the ‘Sugarvale’ gacha set! I always like to have a cup of something hot close by when I’m relaxing! Both of those items are available at the Raindale main store.

I want to take a second to bring your attention to a piece of art that I just had to have! While wandering around ‘The Last Forever‘ I took notice of an incredibly unique sculpture and after a quick check in edit mode I found out it was created by Silas Merlin! I wanted to see more from him, so I made a trip to ‘The Silas Gallery‘ and fell in love with his work! I brought home ‘Marrakech’, it’s the kitty on the wall for anyone not sure where to look, and I think it’s perfect for my little abode! I then made my way to the June round of ‘The Chapter Four‘ and played his latest gacha, the ‘Eerie Crew’ gacha! It consists of ten commons and one RARE sculpture, all showing Silas’s incredible talent!

Also in this shot is the RARE ‘Big Broadcast Radio’ from the Vintage Radios gacha set from KraftWork! It comes with two versions, one is a completely operable radio and the other is for decor only!

The row of books in front of the radio is from Balaclava and was on sale for Fifty Linden Friday this past week. It’s texture change with different genres of books, I’m into ‘new age’ right now!

The big pillow on the right is the ‘patchwork pillow’ from [we’re CLOSED]! It’s a group gift so it’s your for the taking if you’re a group member! The group is 250L$ to join, but it’s worth it!! There’s about 10 gifts there right now and they’re all very good quality!

I made quite a few purchases at Collabor88 when I was there! I was so shocked to get in so early in the round that I celebrated with buying lots! The ‘potted palm’ is part of the ‘Natural Habitat’ set of house plants from dust bunny! I just got the fatpack, and completely avoided the dilemma of which one to get! The fatpack has five really great house plants, and I can’t kill any of them with lack of water! 🙂

The ‘Feline Jeans Mini’ in navy is from Mimikri! It’s a perfect fit on the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, as you can see. It’s also fitted for the SLink mesh bodies!

My home is the JAC Boat Shack from Redgrave. I keep the sun out with the Carriage Blinds from ‘The Carriage’ gacha set from Scarlett Creative.

As always, I’m wearing the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins(soon to be ‘Avada’) on the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

I’m using a pose from Pose Set 86 from Overlow Poses.

WTF’s a Selfie For Anyway?

WTF's a Selfie For Anyway?

I hate the word, I hate everything about a “selfie”! Like, who needs to take hourly pictures of themselves…..AND THEN POST THEM ON FACEBOOK? Who wants to see that? I, for one, don’t! My own relatives take them, and post them on FB, and damn they’re ugly! No one wants to see a duck face, or any other kind of face!! I didn’t upgrade to a smart phone until last December, and I didn’t realize how narcissistic the general population has become! I wonder where this is all going to go! I read online that ‘twerking’ and ‘selfie’ have been added to the dictionary, unfortuately ‘future’ and ‘optimism’ have been removed! How true is that!

Ok…my Saturday morning rant is now over and I’ll carry on to the important stuff! I have a few great things to show you today, so I’ll get at it!

Firstly, Stories&Co. by Flowey has released the Joyce Tunic for the April round of Collabor88, and it’s a pretty little frock! It comes in ten colours, four standard sizes and fitted version for SLink Hourglass and Physique. I fit one of the sizes over the Maitreya Lara mesh body easily! The dress has a nice little cut out on the back that would be perfect to show off a little bit of tattoo!

The EDELWEISS Heels from GLAMISTRY are a fairly new release and with the popularity of booties, these are must haves! They’re SLink, Maitreya and Belleza compatible, so pretty much everyone can enjoy the admiring looks you’ll get with these!

The Tulip Gloss nail appliers from Hello Dave are a new release and just in time for all the spring blooms! They come in Matte also and are compatible with SLink and Omega.

I’ve added the Caught Tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t to add a little attitude to the outfit! The Caught Tattoo comes in three ink tones and is Omega and TMP compatible, along with the tattoo layer for the classic avatars amongst us! This one and others are at The 100 Block event until April 30.

I’m wearing the Bohemian Eye shadow in orange from Veechi. The pack contains nine colours and is compatible with the classic avatars plus appliers for Genesis and Lelutka mesh heads.

The Elyse skin in Powder tone is from the Elementary pack, the dimples version, from TULI.

The Girls hair 64 is from Dura.

The Luminous Dark Chocolate eyes are from Mayfly.

The Selfie Phone and MUA selfie area are both from RAMA and available at the main store for The Gacha Guardians! The phone is available when you make ten purchases at the RAMA gacha and then complete the Gacha Guardians circuit.

I used poses from Pack 60 Selfie from Overlow Poses.

Seek and You Shall Find

Seek and You Shall Find

I can’t believe it’s the first day of February and the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt has begun! I’ve been nursing the hunt since early November and at that time I thought it was an eternity away! Well, I’ve now lived until eternity! The hunt is on and sixteen designers are hiding a black shoe somewhere in their store for you to find! It contains some form of footwear, nail appliers, or an accessory for the feet! I’d like to thank all the designers for taking some time out of their busy Second Life to create a little piece of footwear magic! The hints and slurls posted on the HINTS page so head over there and you can get started!!

I’m featuring the hunt gift from Flippant for todays blog post! The Oh My Stars! shoes are a gorgeous blue, with gold metals and great star accents down the back of the higher than high heel! They’re SLink and Belleza compatible and, believe it or not, only 10L$, when you find the hunt item…which is a black shoe(with red accents)! 🙂

A great set of nails is mandatory when wearing shoes that show all the little piggies! I’m wearing one of the nine colours from the VTip Gold, Darks pack from -{ZOZ}-! It’s coming soon to the main store along with the VTip Gold, Light and VTip Silver!

The Gacha Garden is open today and Mina Hair has the Chantal hair available in a a bunch of different colour packs, for your gacha enjoyment! This is from the dark browns pack!

A stop in to the Blueberry main store inspired me to join the group and grab up this Tank Top, which is a group gift! It’s simple style is perfect for a lazy day! It’s HUD driven with lots of colours to choose from and comes with five sizes and is also Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza compatible!

The Delia skin in Tan tone is from .::WoW Skins::. and is available until February 11 at BOMB SHELLS!

The Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans is from {mon tissu} but unfortunately no longer available!

Poses by Overlow Poses!

Pictures taken at Just Darling.

Take a Deep Breath…..

Take a Deep Breath…..

….it’s just a bad day, not a bad life! That’s one thing I should have taken the time to remind myself of the other day as I struggled to keep my anger down and my spirits up. At first, I went with the feelings of anger and frustration and that overpowering sense of life being wasted! I sat and stewed about who had done me wrong, what I’d failed to accomplish so far in my life, and the thought of failing even more in the rest of my days! Usually when I’m at odds with the world I get up and get something productive done, even something small, but nothing eased the unsettled emotions. Only when I admitted to myself that it’s OK to be like this…it’s not the end of the world and it WILL pass, did I find some peace. And having times like that doesn’t make a bad life….it’s just one of those days that everything feels way worse than it really is!

KRALUS has a new release out after a hiatus, and it’s well worth the wait! The Aylin Dress is a great addition to a wardrobe, with a nice high hemline, a cute halter top and a couple little slits up the front for a sporty look. It comes in a huge number of colours and is compatible with the classic avatar and all the major mesh bodies. It’s seen here in two tone red on Maitreya, Lara. Check out Market Place for a steal on the colour bundle!

The Showroom has begun Round 39 and Veechi has a stunning set of eye shadow available there! The Light Smokey Eye Shadow pack has nine colours in the tattoo layer and also appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, and Genesis. This is the black option and it add the perfect accent to pretty eyes!

Mesh Body Addicts is on until January 30 and -{ZOZ}- has the Joy, Light set of nail appliers out as a gift for the duration. They’re SLink, Maitreya and -{ZOZ}- mesh nails compatible with the pack containing nine colour options.

The Adore, bare skin in Rosy tone is from Lumae! Keep a watch out for the new and exciting skins coming in the near future. Check out Market Place for the older skins!

The Tarantella Gypsy Earrings and Bracelets are from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery! Check out the weekend deals for some great savings on some incredible baubles!

I’ve become obsessed with tattoos for the lovely Lara body! This is Birdy from [White Widow]. The pack of mesh body appliers includes Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, Sking Brazilia Doll and SLink.

The Selene Shoes in black are from Bushu.

The KASUMI hair, from the blacks pack, is from Argrace.

Poses by Overlow Poses!

I’ve been residing at a sky tower at Temporia Prime for a few weeks now, and loving it BTW, but I haven’t done much exploration of the rest of the Fantasyland sim!! Well, yesterday I got a complete guided tour from the sim owner and was completely taken with the amount of detail and thought put into it all! It’s going to be a great area for sci-fi role playing and exploration. There’s a ton of activities to do, like boating, space flight, caves to explore and a grand view of the Pandora-like planet for some soul searching! The best view is here with the WindLight at the default setting. For rental information and more info on what’s happening on the sim you can go here!