What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!



The Moth

Isled in the midnight air, Musked with the dark’s faint bloom, Out into glooming and secret haunts The flame cries, ‘Come!’ Lovely in dye and fan, A-tremble in shimmering grace, A moth from her winter swoon Uplifts her face: Stares from her glamorous eyes; Wafts her on plumes like mist; In ecstasy swirls and sways […]


Heyyyy………My Face is Up Here

While checking out my stats and profile on flickr I found out which of my pictures is most popular. It’s solely rated on the number of faves it has, and I will admit it’s a pretty good one, but, it’s of my a**! yea…of all of my thousand and some pictures that I’ve put on […]

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Tattoo You

It used to be only a certain type of person got a tattoo! It was the rebels and the bikers then, but it’s become very mainstream now and much more accepted by most people. I know there’s lots of people that frown on them still, but I’m not one of them. I will admit to […]


Another Year Older

It was my real life birthday this past week and not surprisingly I had to endure a rendition of Happy Birthday sung by my family! I will say it was better than usual, probably because I wasn’t singing!! There was a birthday cake which had candles on it for me to extinguish, and with my […]


You Get the U-Haul & I’ll Order the Pizza!

“I just love helping my friends move!”, said no one ever! I’m sure we’ve all done it, everyone arrives at the friends house early on a Saturday morning, coffee in hand and eyes barely open. Anyone that owns a truck is there, the truck owners are usually the ‘best friends’ of the one moving, so […]