Some Bunny Loves You

Some Bunny Loves You

There’s nothing more adorable than Bunny Love! 🙂

The White Rabbit Hunt is ongoing until April 30, so there’s lots of time to get over to Basta! to grab this free gift! The cute bunny top and floral skirt make a perfect spring time outfit!

There is a new gacha at Pure Poison! The Bunny Flats are so cute and who doesn’t like a gacha? I snagged the black version! Pure Poison is having an Easter sale until April 15, so get over there to take advantage of the low prices!

If you’re looking for good prices on SLink nail appliers, look no further than alaskametro! I’m wearing one of the options from the Midnight pack! Each pack has twelve options so it’s well worth it!

The hair is Tomorrow from Magika.

The flawless skin is Jewel, bare in Peach tone from Lumae.

Poses by ploom.

In my last post I mentioned my home province, so today I’ll admit to being a farm girl! 🙂 I found this tractor and a whole lot of livestock at the Matoluta Sanctuary. You’ll be seeing me there a lot in the future! No comments about any farmer’s daughter stories now, ye hear? 🙂

Apocalypse Now & Then

Apocalypse Now & Then

In the desert wastelands stands a lost soul! A survivor of the worlds destruction! She is searching…searching for good deals and great fashion!

Out of the ashes comes a new round of Genre. It’s theme…Post Apocalyptic! So take some time out from your nuclear winter survival and get your bad self over to get some great fashion, from some great designers!

I am really excited about this round. I love the whole wasteland and apocalypse theme. In this post I am going to show a few items available there, I’ll be showing more in future posts. I’ll start with skin! Lumae has released Star. There is four make up versions in the pack of each tone. I’m wearing honey here with the scar option. I’m ready to kick some apocalyptic a**!

Also from Genre:
The Heavy Grunge Apocalypse Skirt from Mirage. It comes with HUD that controls 3 texture options. Even with the end of days upon us, looking sexy is a priority! 😉 Anachron has released the Cataclysm Boots at Genre! This is the Slasher version and with the armour plating I shouldn’t get any foot injuries! The Bandana in Desert from Kaithleen’s is a fun and daring top! I added some pasties underneath but I’m sure the end of the world is not a time to be modest! The poses are at Genre too! The Road Warrior pack from Nantra has 6 poses with mirrors and includes the mace. The mace is handy for those bad PMS days!

The hair is Valyra ll from ploom. The hair base tattoo is the shaved flora for black shades from adoness.

I am wearing the Generation 4 stretched ears from Aitui.

My eyes are Sunrise in Deep Green from IKON.

I took a little road trip for these pictures. The Wastelands are a great post apocalyptic community that has lots of great ruins.

Burmese Proverb

Burmese Proverb

“Sparrows who emulate peacocks are likely to break a thigh!”

It’s amazing what one can learn when searching something on Google! I wanted a saying about peacocks and that’s what I found! I love it!

I want to bring your attention to the lovely Peacock SLink nail appliers from Dark Horse Style. The lovely Peacock nails is a new release and add a touch of class to any outfit! They come in a HUD with both toes and fingers for easy application. You can check them out at the main store or on Market Place.

The Obsession Sandals from lassitude & ennui, are stunning!

I’m wearing another hunt item from Ricielli. The Pandora jacket and shirt are just 15L for a little while longer before Ricielli says good bye to the old and completely revamps the sim! All the black balloons are 15L and you don’t even have to work for them!! 🙂

While I was doing the Dirty Turkey Hunt I made a stop at Ducknipple and found this great bag! The Betty Bag is HUD controlled and has a bunch of texture options. It’s good and roomy for all the stuff a girl needs with her!

I was a busy girl this weekend! While out for Lazy Sunday I made a stop at ploom and made a quick tp to the sale area. I grabbed Kassie, while I was there. This is from the browns pack!

A new round of The Liaison Collaborative is on. The {Wicked} Peach has released the Winter Harvest eye make up for it. This is option 6.

The High Waisted Denim mini is from tulip. No longer available!

The Coin Collector necklace is from League. It’s in a set with bangles and earrings.

The skin is Delphine ,bare in honey from Lumae.

The eyes are the Deep eyes in Berry from ~*By Snow*~. I’ve been wearing eyes from Snow Frostwych since I was just a noob on SL and have always loved them. The prices are insanely good with lots of 1L gifts.

The rings are the Butterfly ring in white from Izzie’s and the Gigi Shimmer bow from Maxi Gossamer.

The leg tattoo is Crow Free from Pervette. It comes with all appliers including SLink.

And last but definitely not least is the natural and charming poses from Le Poppycock! My faves!!

Look Out!! Here Comes The Dirty Turkey Hunt!!

Look Out!!  Here Comes The Dirty Turkey Hunt!!

As October comes to an end and November is looming I’ve put away the Halloween costumes for today and started thinking about some quality SL hunting! The Dirty Turkey Hunt will be starting on November 1st and it’s going to be a month of great Dirty Turkey Hunting! There will be over 100 stops at quality shops participating in this grid wide hunting extravaganza! I know what I’ll be doing in November!!

With that said, I want to bring your attention to the very pretty skin from Lumae that I am wearing. This is Nima, Rosa in Latte. The subtle, natural looking make up is fresh and glowing! This is one of the two skins that make up the gift for the hunt. I have on the no-brow version and added a brow from the Una Brows pack also from Lumae. I know what I’ll be doing in November!!

The Maxine,Onyx Special Edition earrings are in a Mystery bag from Earthstones who’s having a Mystery Hunt going on now. With 3 more days to go there’s time to get your hands on the treasures hidden in these bags. There is a cost for each bag but the highest is 99L, which for the superb quality of Earthstones is well worth it. It’s a tough hunt so be prepared for a head scratching good time!

The Odessa Dress in lime is from SYSY’s. The unusual neckline adds an interesting touch to this pretty mini-dress.

I was over at Analog Dog Hair the other day and found this pretty flexi hair in the Sale area. This is Manhattan in black and is only 75L per colour pack.

I put together a bunch of my feather and bird tattoos today! I’ll start with Pretty Birds from Aitui on my chest! This is my favourite chest tattoo! The pack has 2 versions in it and a choice of faded or fresh tones! My hands have the Feather-In the Air SLink appliers from TAOX. And last, but not least is the Fly Away 2 tattoo from Your Cocain.

In keeping with the bird theme I have added the Second Birds SLink nail appliers from Hello Dave!.

I love the Nahia shoes in Snow from Bushu! They are for the SLink high feet and look so pretty! They have such a unique look!

The beauty mark under my left eye is from Atia’s.

Poses by ploom.

Backdrop from Katink.

Hands & Feet by SLink.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Dream a Little Dream of Me

I think I am definitely  dream worthy in this outfit!  The dress has a touch of class to it with the long sleeves, the lovely ivory colour,  and the lace and  frills!  The bright red shoes have a touch of brazen to them but the hair is almost innocent!  Almost being the operative word!

The dress is the Ivory Lace Swan dress from Petit Mort. This is at The Wash’s Cart Sale and only $10L.

The bright and sexy red Ankle Boot Peeptoe booties are from HOLY SHIrT! They are exclusive at Penumbra!

When I first started in SL I faithfully wore nothing but Aeva/Heartsick skins. Aeva/Heartsick has re-branded to Lumae and I have happily followed along and love the skins that Lumiya Rae creates! This is Evie, Airedine in Icing. So beautiful!

I have to show more jewellery from Maxi Gossamer! The necklace is Nima’s Fall Leaf necklace, short. It has a long or short option and is colour change. The earrings are Singapore Swing, triple, gold! They come in the triple or single and are also colour change!

The hair is Julie from the Indecisive pack from Ploom.

Poses are from Le Poppycock.

The pretty beauty mark is the Heart Face Tattoo from !Sharktooth!.