57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)

57 Channels (And Nothin' On)

So I bought a .44 magnum it was solid steel cast
And in the blessed name of Elvis well I just let it blast
‘Til my TV lay in pieces there at my feet
And they busted me for disturbing the almighty peace
Judge said “What you got in your defense son?”
“Fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on”
I can see by your eyes friend you’re just about gone
Fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on

Bruce Springsteen – 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)

Some days I’d like to get a gun and give my TV a blast or two….but I think it would be more appropriate to just shoot the receiver! It’s not the TV’s fault that there’s 57 channels and nothing on! At this point there’s a whole lot more than just 57…there’s scads of channels…and it seems that just about all of them have nothing but reality shows on! Yea….I think the term ‘reality’ is used loosely because there’s nothing much real about them! I just can’t believe how there is nothing on any of the channels that even remotely interests me! Luckily I really like true crime shows so I’m usually tuned into the ID channel watching Joe Kenda:Homicide Hunter or Sins and Secrets! And TLC has a lot of Hard Evidence and 48 Hours:Mysteries too! I don’t want to see what the Kardashians are doing or see what the housewives of any city are fighting about! Just give me an old movie for the DVD player and a few ‘who-dun-its’ and I’m a happy camper!

One thing that I’m super excited about is NX-Nardcotix! I remember shopping for mesh feet, way back when, and I found NX-Nardcotix had really nice feet with sandals! I loved them and wore them everywhere back then! Well, now NX-Nardcotix offers a wide array of footwear for the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza feet and also offers well made women’s attire! Today I’m wearing the Estela Stiletto, they come in Glitter(seen here) or Patent and are available at the current round of FaMESHed, which runs until September 27. You’ll be seeing more NX-Nardcotix creations from me in the near future!

A new round of Designer Showcase is running and I’m wearing the Prism Kate Fringed Leather by Journey! It’s HUD driven with four colours, all super vibrant with great detailing, in the New Orleans Pigment set and comes in five fitted sizes plus fitted versions for the SLink mesh bodies and the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

I think the Birds of a Feather Tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t is the first tattoo I bought for my SLink hands and feet. It’s still gorgeous and relevant today!

Here’s another look at a pose from the Modern Condition Pose Sets from Le Poppycock and available at The Chapter Four!

My nail applier is one of the five selections from the Little Fall palette from Hello Dave!

The Pippa, Variety B, Rare hair is from +elua+.

The Pearl Necklace, Black combo is from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery.

The bare bones of my avatar are the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the elegant hands and high feet from SLink.

I’m out on a little boat dock at the Newton sim, home of NX-Nardcotix, for these pictures. I could have rezzed a little 2 man row boat to take in the scenery, but I didn’t want to do all the rowing alone. SO, maybe one day I can find someone who’d like to go rowing with me! 😉