Pumpkin Spice Everything!

Pumpkin Spice Everything!

I’m not sure when it happened, but it now seems that every time I turn around there’s something made with pumpkin spice. I get it, I really do….I love pumpkin spice as much as the next guy, but I think it’s gone overboard a little bit.The muffin is most basic, I’ve been making pumpkin spice muffins or loaf cakes for years, and the amount of pumpkin that’s grown hair in my fridge from not using the rest of the can is infinite! I always buy the biiiig can of pumpkin and take what I need out of it then refrigerate the rest and promise to make something else in the few days after. By about Christmas while I’m looking for the cream cheese I stumble upon an orange and green fur ball way in the back on the second shelf down. It’s never seen humans so it’s a little shy, but I get on my knees and coax it out, and then ponder how time flies and it seems like yesterday I put it in there. I’ve noticed that Pumpkin Spice Lattes seem to be a big thing now. I’m not really in to lattes, and even the temptation of this flavour does nothing for me, but after searching pumpkin spice recipes on pinterest it seems that pumpkin spice latte is now a flavour on it’s own. I see pumpkin spice latte oatmeal porridge, pumpkin spice latte biscotti, and believe it or not pumpkin spice latte jello shots! Just because pumpkin spice is ‘in’ this time of year doesn’t mean it should be a flavour for anything that can be cooked, baked, or concocted. I see a recipe for Pumpkin Spice face scrub, wtf! 😀 I do enjoy fall and all that comes with it, but I’ll stick with the traditional pumpkin spice recipes like muffins, cake, loaf cake, cheesecake, pancakes, cinnamon buns, cookies, bars, bundt cake, ice cream, cupcakes, martinis, doughnuts, waffles, popcorn, soup, scones, truffles, tiramisu, caramels, and fudge! If you have any pumpkin spice recipes, I’d love to see them!

So, what’s all this talk about pumpkins, well, Raindale has created the ‘Bright October’ gacha set for the October round of The Avenue. There’s been some changes to The Avenue including a new site and a new format. Now, all releases in the event will be all new and exclusive by some of Second Life’s incredible creators. This gacha set includes 7 commons(no rares) and all are perfect for fall decorating inside and out. I’m showing them all here if you look closely. The broom, candles, various pumpkins, frames on the little shack, and the apple candles make up this set and it’s this kind of gacha set that I never mind getting extras, there’s always room for another pumpkin! The Avenue runs until October 20.

The adorable ‘Sanderson Shack’ from Bad Unicorn was in the October round of Deco[c]rate and it’s really something. The shape and the details make this a perfect little hideaway, kinda like the Love Shack!

The big spooky tree to the right and the ravens are all from the ‘Raven Collection’ from Jian. The set includes ravens that wander, circle above, perch, and also accompany you around while on your shoulder, or wherever you choose to put him! The set is available now at Salem which runs until October 31.

The ‘Chippendale’ and ‘Thonet’ chairs are from Nutmeg and part of Kate’s Vintage Chairs set.

The sculpture of the tree to the left of the door is from the ‘Forgotten Garden’ gacha set from Silas Merlin. I love his work!

The pathway I’m using is from the ‘Garden Path, rustic’ set from DJ/SF, which is a collaboration between the fine creators of Decor Junction and Shutter Field. The pack includes short and long pathways and also 2 types of curves and a set of steps.

The fence in the background is the ‘Aegeas Country Fence’ from Serenity Style, and the pack includes a length of fence plus a two piece gate and posts. You can create any size or shape of fence that you like with this!

The small patch of corn is an older release from The Little Branch.

The grasses I’ve used are the ‘Meadow Grass, dry and summer, rich’ from Raindale and the ‘Sword Grass, tall’ from Kidd Creation.

The trees are ‘Aspen’, ‘Linden’ and ‘Aspen underbrush’ all from Botanical.

Oh, one more thing, the little pile of firewood beside the shack is part of it, which you’ll need with winter on it’s way! 🙂

The Mystery of the Crow

The Mystery of the Crow

The crow carries a certain mystery about it. Some of the symbolic meanings of the crow are: trickster, higher perspective, life magic, and being fearless. I see intelligence, adaptability, and mischievous. Whatever the perspective, the crow can bring a sense of unease when in close proximity. Do they know more than we think they do??

Now, on with my outfit! 🙂

Finesmith is having an in-store pumpkin hunt and I am showing 2 of the items here. Each pumpkin costs 50L but they are well worth it! First, the Disappear bodysuit makes a very nice frame for a belly piercing. It’s shiny and silver and looks great! The SLink nail appliers are also in the hunt. There are a while bunch of textures to choose from, for finger and toe nails.

My hair is from ViVi Hair. This is Jackie and is from the Halloween gift pack complete with 5 colours and matching hair bases. Drop in and pick it up before it’s gone!

The Noir Cat necklace is in the current round of The Dressing Room Fushion. It’s from Izzie’s and is HUD controlled for different colours.

A new round has begun at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The very pretty Scarabeus hand chain is available there from FORMANAILS. It comes in lots of colours to choose from and is worn with the SLink elegant hands.

The belly piercing is from TEMPESTUOUS. What says Halloween more than BOO!

The earrings are the Flower Scorpian Claw, gold from Maxi Gossamer.

The Octopus tattoo is from Vestigium.

The Sierra heels in night/gold were on sale for FLF at Mango Cheeks. A nice simple black shoe that works with anything.

The eyeshadow is Orange from the Autumn pack at Izzie’s. The lips are Twine from the May Lipcolor fatpack from [mock].

The eyes are Wood from the Spring eyes pack from ~By Snow~.

I have the Delphine , bare skin in honey from Lumae.

And what would this post be without the crows!! I found this pack of poses and props on MP from Axix. I was so excited to see crow featured in a pack of poses!!