Keep Looking Up

Keep Looking Up

I have to remind myself to do this some days! I know, you’d think it would be common sense, but there’s some days that I’m so into my own head that it doesn’t even occur to me that there’s a world outside of it! It happens mostly when I’m in a bit of a funk, I get pondering my life, and forget to look around to see the world around me! Only when I remember to lift my head and open my eyes to everything, the dark cloud above my head fades and I begin to see the beautiful world I live in. Everyone says that there’s no scenery where I live, well, it’s like not seeing the forest for the trees. There’s a huge amount of scenery here, if you choose to see it! I love the far and flat horizons, the big beautiful sky, and a road that’s only a ribbon that goes far into the distance. I live in an area where there are some trees, the most beautiful little areas of virgin prairie are right here at my home, and the wildlife is amazing! So, if you’re in a funk and need something to brighten your day, do like Snoopy does, keep looking up!!

Don’t look at me in this picture, okay? It’s not about me, it’s about the beautiful work from Keira Raindale of Raindale! The Sugarvale gacha set is an adorable set of garden furniture that makes me want to sit out and have a cup of tea and slice of cake. The set includes the table, chairs(5 animations & 5 animations with props), cups(group of 3), carpet(HUD driven with 5 colours), wall art(set of two, one with the flowers and the other you can texture yourself), cake roll, vase of daisies, and the single daisy. Not seen here, is an ottoman(with 5 animations), a set of two lanterns(one emits particles), beaded curtains, and the Pavilion, RARE! You can see the full set out on display at the Fairy Tale sim. The Sugarvale gacha set is available until the end of the month at The Crossroads!

A quick run dow of what I’m wearing while I relax on my deck, reading the newspaper.

Shorts: fashionably dead, Everyday Shorts-black, Lara, available at Collabor88
Top: Addams-Sophia Tank Top, Maitreya, fatpack
Hair: Tableau Vivant, Luminay w/colour change band, browns pack
Mesh Head: Alex, Logo
Skin: Alexa, honey tone, Sinful Curves Skins
Hands: Bento Hands, Vista Animations
Feet: SLink

Nooooo…………Stop the Madness!

Nooooo............Stop the Madness!

Make it stop! I’m so not ready! It’s the last week before Christmas and I just can’t grasp this fact! I haven’t done my baking yet, I haven’t finished my shopping yet, I haven’t even put the Christmas table cloth on, with the little festive candle holders I have! I haven’t wrapped the gifts I do have, and haven’t listened to a Christmas song yet! I think I’m about a month behind. For me, October felt like November and November was October, so this is now November again! How screwed up is that! So tomorrow I’ll finish my shopping and I’ll do my Christmas baking later this week, and I’m going to play all the festive music I can take….and I’ll enjoy it……dammit!

So, all the great new releases from Sn@tch are out on Saturdays and from this latest batch, is the Alexia Velvet Lingerie! It’s compatible with the classic avatars, plus Omega friendly mesh bodies. The pack contains twelve deep dark colours, perfect to seduce Santa……or some other guy!! 😉

The December round of WE♥ROLEPLAY runs until the end of the month, and there’s a ton of gifts for group members out! One of the gifts is the Snowflake Choker from deviousMIND. The gift includes various versions of the choker plus a pair of pretty snowflake earrings!

I’m using a pose from the Good Girl set of poses from Infiniti. The pack contains 8 poses with their mirrors.

I’m in a little corner of the ECO Skybox from Cheeky Pea. Have I mentioned it’s a group gift, and it has a land impact of only 4? I’m beside a bed from a gacha at Death Row Designs, it’s a RARE! The red round rug is from a group gift from DRD, also, but not sure if it’s still available! The reading pile is also from a gacha, but this time from Apple Fall.
The tray with the croissants and hot chocolate are with the Salford Set from Raindale. The set includes this tray, plus a colour change couch and a coffee table.

There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Gift!

There's No Such Thing as a Bad Gift!

I know you’re probably thinking…oh yea…what about that bad sweater that Aunt Betty gave me last year, or the gaudy lamp I got from my brother Len a few years back! Well, it may not be your first choice, but it was theirs! As long as a gift is given with love, who’s to judge what’s a good or bad gift. Although you may not need or even want it, at least thank them for their thoughtfulness, don’t judge them as a person by the gifts they give. I think too much emphasis is put on how much a gift costs or where it was purchased from, I like a gift that was made by the person, who took the time and energy to make something just for me. Or someone who spends time trying to find that one item that you lost and always wanted again. There’s no one that hasn’t given a gift that wasn’t wanted by the person receiving it, but it’s ok…’s the thought that was put into that gift that matters!

I’ve now set up three areas in my home with Christmas decorations! Even the barn has been decked out with Christmas finery! The barn usually sits with very little in it, so it’s nice to put it to use. It’s the Down on the Ranch Barn from Jian. It’s colour change and nice and roomy for that casual party you might want to host!.

I’ve set up a corner with a few of my favourite seasonal decorations, from a couple of my favourite creators! The Rustic Christmas Tree, Classic and the Rustic Wall Art are both from [QE] Designs and available at the main store. Both have multiple colour and design options via drop down menu, and are 100% mesh!!

And, Raindale has released an incredible variety of seasonal items including the winter vase, the Bright and Merry wall art, and string lights, just in time for Christmas! The lights come in the mirror(seen here), along with blinking, coloured, and colour change via HUD. All are available now at the December round of 2nd Level. While you’re there remember to grab the gift from Raindale….it’s the Tangerine Cake and little decorative string light with it. Also, there’s more, the candle is a gift at the Raindale main store… many gifts this time of year!

I’ve added the Warm Winter tray and puf from the Winter Warm set from Serenity Style that was part of the release for the December round of Deco(c)rate. I’ve been enjoying all the decorating the winter season brings!

Under all of this is the Simple Elegance Mesh Braided Manchester Rug from StoraxTree.

I Bring You Glad Tidings of Great Joy!

I Bring You Glad Tidings of Great Joy!

Who wouldn’t want that….and a great pair of legs! I was gifted this adorable Sad Little Tree and it may not say it in the name…but it is Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree! It’s all there, Linus’s blanket around the bottom, the red ornament hanging precariously from the top, and the tree stand that has no way to water the tree. Charlie Brown’s Christmas is one of the ‘must watch’ shows of the season, for me! I grew up seeing it every year and still manage to find it on TV at some point in December. Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic too! I remember when I was really young there was another animated show that was shown at Christmas called ‘The Happy Prince”! It’s from a story by Oscar Wilde and written in 1888, but I didn’t know that back then. This show always made me so sad, but I haven’t seen it in years and years! It never seems like the Christmas season until I’ve seen the classic Christmas shows. At some point before Christmas I’ll dig out my DVD of White Christmas and sing along to all the songs. Christmas is all about tradition for me…including all the holiday TV shows!

Take a nice close look and you’ll see a lovely pair of pumps! The Lacey Pumps are a new group gift from Slipper Originals! They’re HUD driven with three colours and two metals and all you have to do is be a group member! They’re compatible with the Maitreya, SLink and Belleza mesh feet.

The Peace on Earth Hunt 9 is on for the month and [White Widow] is one of the hundred plus stores that are participating! The ‘Fences’ tattoo comes in white and black and is compatible with classic avatars and all the major mesh bodies, plus Omega compatible mesh bodies! This is a sexy little addition to a sexy outfit!

The candle and little string of lights are gifts, if you can believe that! Raindale has THE best gifts !! First off, the stringlight is part of the gift at the upcoming round of 2nd Level. 2nd Level runs from December 9-30, you just have a couple days to wait for that! You’ll want to check out the exclusive items from Raindale for this event. The candle is also a gift, available at the Raindale main store.

The Sad Little Tree is from botanical. The blanket can be removed if you prefer !

I’m using a pose from the Contemplate set from oOo Studio Poses.

Darling, It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You!

Darling, It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You!

I have no idea who said this, I just know that no one has ever said it to me! I used to be a lot of fun at parties. But, I know the exact time that my youth left me and I became a stay at home person that was thought to be kind of dull! It wasn’t really of my choosing, it just kind of happened! I ended up on medication that wasn’t supposed to be mixed with alcohol, so what’s a girl to do? I drank about a year while on the medication, then realized that I’m really not doing myself any favours doing that! So, I swore off all alcohol! After the no booze rule I imposed on myself came into affect a few of us girls decided to go for a few drinks after work! Well, I didn’t drink, but the others did and I wasn’t having a bad time, even though I do have a low tolerance for drunk people. (which is ironic when I think of all the times I was the drunk person!) So one of the girls leans over and says, really loudly I might add, “You were so much funner when you drank!” So, I quietly finished my Coke and said I was getting tired…..and went home! I was never invited back for drinks with the girls, which is ok because I wouldn’t have gone. It didn’t really bother me….I just realized that drunk people have the same low tolerance of sober people that I have for drunk people!

And speaking of parties, I’m wearing the ultra pretty Belle Brocade Party Dress from Sn@tch! It’s one of the new weekly specials at the main store. The pack comes with eight vibrant colours and in five standard sizes. I’ve easily managed to fit one on my Lara mesh body from Maitreya! For anyone who isn’t familiar with Sn@tch, the specials change every Wednesday, and the new releases are out on Saturdays and there’s a free outfit that you can fish for using the 7Seas fishing equipment. If you’re a VIP member there’s regular group gifts, and the group chat is always busy with all the girls organizing a riot to lower prices or swapping fishing prizes to complete their sets! I’ve been a Sn@tch shopper(oh, that does not sound since I was a mere noob and always enjoy the atmosphere of the main store, always there’s something happening!

Hey….have a look at this necklace!! This is the Durwyn Pendant from Raindale and it’s exclusive to the December round of The Avenue! It won’t be available after The Avenue closes, so you’ll have to pick it up while you can! It’s sold as a no copy item, so you can transfer it to whomever you wish, which is perfect for this time of year! It’s HUD driven with five metal and five gem colours!

The Lianna Pumps from Eudora 3D are timeless! I love the rich colours!

The HAKU hair in ash black is from Argrace!

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Irina skin from itGirls in pale tone! I also have on the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and elegant1 hands and high feet from SLink.

Poses by Kirin Poses.

I’m at the very pretty Pebbles in the Snow for these pictures!