Sun Beams

Sun Beams

Give me the splendid silent sun, with all his beams full-dazzling;

~Walt Whitman~

I need sunshine, it’s not just about wanting sunny days, it’s about needing the sunlight to maintain a positive outlook on life. If the weather is cloudy for a prolonged period of time, especially in the winter, my mood slowly sinks lower, until I realize that I haven’t smiled or laughed in days, and my optimistic outlook fades. It’s called ‘seasonal affective disorder‘ and I’m not alone in experiencing it. I become more negative about life, I’m tired most of the time, and I just want to disappear. I never used to know why I felt this way seemingly out of the blue. I didn’t know that the lack of sunshine can do this. But, once I was made aware of it, it all made perfect sense. I used to live in a house with very few south facing windows and had some difficult winters, but once I moved to where I am now, I have the perfect solution to this problem. I have a south facing living room window and from mid October to mid March I enjoy about 45 minutes of direct sunlight right on my chair of choice, during lunch time. I can sit and have lunch while enjoying any rays of light that may come my way. I know I’m S O L when it’s cloudy, but oh when it’s sunny, it’s my little piece of heaven. After a few cloudy days when I’m starting to feel a little low, the sun shines on me and I feel a small glimmer of hope and happiness. After a couple days of sunlight exposure I’m back and happy again. I know there are lights that treat this disorder and I’d definitely get one if I didn’t have access to direct sunlight at some point during the short winter days. I love Canada and all it has, but the days can be long with many hours of darkness.

Today: Sunrise 9:10 CST Sunset 16:55 CST

The 2017 edition of Winter Trend is going strong and LEGAL INSANITY has a couple exclusives to the event, and one is the ‘Sia Dress’! This dress is a long version of a hoodie, with the front pouch and hood to prove it. It features a nice large hood in back with accompanying strings at the neckline and a crown insignia and stripes down the arms. The roomy pouch in the front is perfect for keeping you hands warm or storing your phone, wallet, or cigarettes, if you smoke! 😀 These dresses fit the SLink, Maitreya(seen here), and Belleza mesh bodies and come in twelve versions, or you can get the fatpack. Winter Trend 2017 runs until December 22.

I like the casual weekend look of the ‘Twobi’ hair from [monso]. This is from the black and whites pack.

The ‘Arianna Sneakers’ are from Reign.

My look all starts with the ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada, on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

This pose is from the Maximum pose set from double take.

I’m out on Highway 66 on the Mother Road sim. Please, slow down when you pass me, I’m not really paying attention to the traffic! 🙂

Don’t Believe Me

Don't Believe Me

Don’t believe me when I say I’m OK, it’s probably not true! OK can mean many things and sometimes I just don’t want to face the fact that I’m not OK. I may be struggling with life, but it doesn’t mean I’ll never be better, it just means that at this moment in time I’m not happy. And it’s not the end of the world to not be happy for a time, it’s not like my life isn’t good, it is, it’s just that right now, I’m down. I will pick myself back up, I’ll smile again and enjoy the cool autumn air, the warm sun, and the beauty of life. But today, I have a little black cloud over me.

Sometimes I feel better just by saying that! But now, I’ll get to what I’m here for! First off, I have to apologize to Emms of [QE] Designs for not getting this posted earlier. I was full of good intentions but real life got in the way. The ‘Deema Halter Top, darks’ and ‘Dina Denim Mini Skirt, Skully’ were at an event that has now ended, but I’m sure you’ll find them at the main store as soon as possible. The new [QE] Designs main store is all ready for shoppers so go have a look around, I do know that today there’s a sale on different versions of this top and mini, so you’ll want to make sure to pick them up! Both are SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya mesh body compatible, HUD driven, and the top has 15 colours with the top and strings colour change separately and the mini has 20 colours to choose from. I love the vibrant colours and the very nice detailing on these!!

I was playing the new round of PocketGacha and was incredibly lucky to get the ‘Catpuccino, Chocolate, RARE’ from Reign. For anyone who hasn’t heard about this incredibly easy event, check this out and find out more! It will completely change the way you think about a gacha event! So, Reign has released the ‘Cat Lady Started Kit’ for this, and all of the cute cat themed items are must haves! I LOVE chocolate and cappuccino, so I know I’ll be slurping the bottom of the cup in no time at all! Chocolate high, here I come!

This tousled hair is ‘Suzy’ from [monso].

It all starts with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada, on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

I added the ‘Catpuccino, Chocolate, RARE’ beverage with it’s bento animation to a pose from the ‘The Paula Series’ set of poses from an lar [poses].

I’m at ‘Mother Road‘ for this picture. It’s a great place to hang out and take some pictures.

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go!

All Dressed  Up and Nowhere to Go!

I have to admit that I don’t have a gown in my closet waiting to be taken out and worn somewhere fancy! I’ve never put my hair up in an updo like this either! I don’t have heels this high…….well actually, I don’t have heels higher than my runners! So, in real life I’m not at all dressed up with nowhere to go! But, in Second Life, it’s a different story! I’ve taken the time to get my hair done, I found a gorgeous gown to wear, and I’ve gotten my nails and make up done. But, I still have nowhere to go! You might be asking, “Why would someone with no plans get all dressed up just to sit at home?”. I now ask myself the same question……I’m sure there’s something to do somewhere in Second Life, but I like a quiet evening. I can get my place all decorated for Christmas while enjoying some eggnog and a little bit of festive music! Which is something I can do in heels and a gown! What the heck…..sometimes it’s good to dress up, hold your head high, and think about the comfort of the sweatpants and T-shirt waiting to be put on!

To start off, I’m so excited to welcome Sn@tch to my little family of featured designers! I was introduced to Sn@tch way back when I was a noob! My sister took me around to all the clothing hot spots, where fashion was a reasonable price or even free! The first stop was Fab Free and I couldn’t believe all the wonderful free stuff just sitting there for the taking! Sn@tch was a part of it and I proudly wore that outfit, most of the time, really! So now I’m in a little bit of heaven, getting to review all the new releases and specials from Sn@tch, weekly! One of the new releases this week is the Mari Lace Gown! It’s HUD driven with a whopping 30 colours and it’s compatible with the SLink, Maitreya, and Ebody mesh bodies. It also comes in a couple standard sizes! It’s sexy personified!

This stunning hair is the Sophia Updo from NSP! It’s on sale right now at Designer Showcase, but there’s only a few more days to get in on the deal! This is the Naturals pack and it’s HUD driven with a huge number of colours to choose from. The pretty little Orchid Attachment is also colour change with seven colour options for the flower and the greenery!

The gorgeous Salt Water Shadow is available at N21 from Veechi! The pack contains twelve options and it’s compatible with the Catwa, Lelutka, and Logo(seen here on Alex) mesh heads, along with the tattoo layer for the classic avatars. Also, for this round of N21, when you make a purchase from Veechi you’ll receive an exclusive three colour pack of liners as a bonus! These will only be available for the month!

I love the subtle design on these nail appliers from Hello Dave! They’re from the November Mystery Box, which will be available until the end of the month. The box contains eight mini palettes of five design options. This is from the Autumn Bouquet.

All of my jewellery is from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery, and all gorgeous! The thing I love about any of the releases from Maxi Gossamer is that they’re so well made and timeless! I can wear an item that was released a few years ago and it looks as good as it did then! So I scroll through my endless Maxi Gossamer folder to select a few items that I love! I’ve chosen the Misha Dark Fairy Choker and the Nova Dream Moon bracelet, earrings, and rings this time around. Who can resist a ring this size?

The Villenti Heels are from a Luxe Box, I’m not sure which round, sorry! They’re from Reign.

Also from a Luxe Box, is the Alaioute Skybox from Scarlet Creative! I’m standing in front of one of the many windows with a lovely snowy scene behind me.

I consist of the Alex mesh head from Logo, wearing the Irina skin in pale tone from itGirls, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the elegant1 hands and feet from SLink.

I’m using poses from the Daisy pack from Diesel Works!

Lighting enhancement from LumiPro.

Bad Singers Need to Sing Too!

Bad Singers Need to Sing Too!

I’m a terrible singer, always have been!  But, it’s never stopped me from belting it out with all my heart and soul!  I usually do it when I’m alone, but I have been joined by various members of my family, for a little harmony!  I said that in my head, ‘harrr-moe-nee’!  There’s some songs that just never get old.  Little Arrows in your clothing, little arrows in your hair!  I could sing that one right through, including all the sounds of the instruments.  It’s more fun if my sistah joins in…we’ve sung that one for years, and it always sounds the same…..the wah wah wah and all!   The Gilligan’s Island theme is a main stay, as is the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies!  The good old Star Spangled Banner has been sung while taking a drive to the river!  I got everyone singing along for the big finish!  There’s lots of old ad jingles that have stuck with me all these years, the Hachtaler wine ad and the old Fanta ad are two I can think of right now!  So, whether your a good singer, or  one that just puts a lot of feeling into it, sing it long and sing it loud, as Neil Diamond says to do it in the song, ‘Dry your Eyes’!

So, I’m here to show you a little somethin’ somethin’!  And that somethin’ is the Kinchaku Purse from Anachron!  The Dark Sakura purse I have here is from the Kinchaku Purses gacha, which is at the Anachron main store!  The gacha includes twelve commons and three RARE to play for!

Also, for you to peruse, are the Elsie Sandals, a new release from Slipper Originals!  They’re HUD driven with sixteen shoe colours and five metals to select from!  They’re Slink,  TMP,  and  Maitreya compatible!  I love sandals and with sandal weather upon us it’s time splurge on a new pair and strut your stuff!

You can catch a little bit of the pretty nail appliers from the True Blue Gloss set from Hello Dave!  The pack contains 35 tones,  just about every blue imaginable to select from!  Remember that Hello Dave VIP’s get 10% back in store credit on purchases and there’s VIP exclusives pretty much every week!

The Spring Sundress 1 RARE is from Reign and available in the It’s a Spring Thing gacha set at The Epiphany!  I really lucked out when I got the Rare!  It’s compatible with pretty much all the major mesh bodies, via HUD!

My skin is Bella in Powder tone from TULI!

The Kera hair is from Truth Hair and from a gacha set at The Epiphany!

The Hippie Chic Bracelet is from Reverie!

I’m wearing the casual hands and flat feet from SLink and the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

Poses by Label Motion!

It was a lovely day to be out and about at Garlic Breath at Melee Island!





You’ve Obviously Mistaken Me for Someone Who Cares!!

You've Obviously Mistaken Me for Someone Who Cares!!

The title is a line that I’ve always wanted to use, and never have! Just once in my life I’d like to say it after listening to the many woes of someone! You know that someone…the one who takes offence of anything, just to be considered a victim! That person who explains how painful that ingrown toenail is after listening, not so patiently, to the story of your own surgery! The person who explains how hard they work at their government job, not taking into consideration that the person they’re speaking to is working two jobs to make ends meet and looks after a disabled child to boot! There’s all kinds of situations this line would work for, and just once I’m going to have the balls to use it!! 🙂

This time around I have on the Valerie Dress from Stories & Co. by Flowey at the current round of No21, that runs until February 11. It comes in five colours in either latex or leather! I chose the leather here, just cuz I’m a leather type of girl! It comes in four sizes and is also SLink (Physique & Hourglass) mesh body compatible! This dress has some attitude!

Have I mentioned I’m in love? Yes…I am! The Mishi Thigh High Boots from a Blueberry/Reign collaboration has left me breathless! I had to forgo the weekly groceries to get the fatpack, but it’s so worth it! So, these boots have the capability to cover, completely, the pants from Blueberry! The days of wearing thigh high boots with dresses only is over! They’re Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and TMP compatible and come in eight colours! Wowsa!!

Set your alarm, grab that cup of coffee, and do some quality Lazy Sunday shopping! Hello Dave is releasing eight new colour palettes and, like always, there’s something for everyone! I chose one of options from the Had a Plan-Gloss pack which contains 35 gorgeous colours! I had a hard time deciding on this one or a gorgeous plum colour!

The BOMB SHELLS event is running and .::WoW Skins::. has the Dalia skin as it’s exclusive! BOMB SHELLS is a monthly applier/mesh body event happening on the Cleavage region! You can check it out until February 11! Check out my next post when I show you a close up, so you can see my beauty! 🙂

The Fantasy hair is from Unorthodox.

Poses by -slouch-poses, which are no longer available! Which breaks my heart!

I found a great area in the Fantasyland ll region! It’s part of Temporia Prime and if you like sci-fi, this is the place to be! There’s new and exciting things going on at Temporia Prime all the time so stop in and check it out! Click here for the direct land mark to this area!