What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!


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One Night in Bangkok

The American Bangkok, Oriental Setting But the city don’t know what the city is getting The crème de la crème of the chess world In a show with everything but Yul Brynner Time flies – doesn’t seem a minute Since the Tyrolean spa had the chess boards in it All changed, don’t you know that […]

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Radar love

I’ve been drivin’ all night My hand’s wet on the wheel There’s a voice in my head That drives my heel It’s my baby callin’ Says: I need you here And it’s a half past four And I’m shifting gear When she is lonely And the longing gets too much She sends a cable Coming […]

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I was scared of dentists and the dark I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations Oh, all my friends are turning green You’re the magician’s assistant in their dreams Oh Oh and they come unstuck Lady, running down to the riptide Taken away to the dark side I wanna be your left hand […]

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Tied Down

These days the lovers trade their places Dancing all around each other’s chairs I can see the numbness on their faces Jealousy fills up their hearts in pairs So please could I be selfish with your body? ‘Cause I don’t think I could share you with nobody Oh when I have you I’m gonna brand […]

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Broken Arrow

Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow Who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain There he goes moving across the water There he goes turning my whole world around Do you feel what I feel Can we make that so it’s part of the deal I gotta hold you in […]