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I’m Not!

I'm Not

I’m not a woman who is only a shell, like a cheap chocolate Easter bunny that has exquisite decorations on the outside but nothing on the inside! I’m made up of a multitude of layers all leading to a core that’s like an intricate galaxy of emotions, yearnings, disappointments, joys, experiences, love, and grief! I’m not a woman who gives herself freely, but when I choose to, I give it willingly and completely! I want to be understood and accepted for all that I am. I’m not perfect, but rather perfect imperfection! I’m not a simple story that can be enjoyed and understood by needing to only read the last chapter! I’m like a novel that has twists and turns throughout, and with every turn there’s another surprise waiting to be found! I may not have it all, but I’m all that I can be! And really, it is enough!

I’m really and truly honoured to have Legal Insanity join my family of featured designers! I’m looking forward to being challenged with the multitude of styles that they create since I tend to get stuck in a rut sometimes with the same look, lately it’s been a tank top and shorts! So today’s post is a lot different from that!! I started with the Candy Heels, which are exclusive to the Kink(Y) Event, which runs until July 19. They’re SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh body compatible and are available in 15 separate options or the fatpack! These sky high heels give me totally ‘Hot Legs’! And as Rod Stewart would say ‘You got legs right up to your neck’!!

I really think that ‘Kasumi, sheer’ from R2 Fashion is something to behold! The shiny see through parts with the added top and under little bitty things to cover up my private parts is a statement in itself! The thong back just adds to the package! Be prepared to be noticed! 😀

The ‘KOMA’ hair from the blacks pack is perfect for me! I love short hair and Argrace has some of the best!

As always I’m wearing the Lilo bento mesh head from Catwa with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

I’ve combined a pose prop with a pose, both from Le Poppycock, for this post! The pose is from the ‘Lost Inhibitions’ A pose set and the stool is from the ‘Sitting Pretty’ pose prop gacha set!

If Walls Could Talk

If Walls Could Talk

Can you keep a secret?
Come on, ohhhh
These walls keep a secret
That only we know
But how long can they keep it
Cause we’re two lovers who lose control
We’re two shadows chasing rainbows
Behind closed windows
Behind closed doors

If walls could talk-oh
They would say “I want you more”
They would say “Hey, never felt like
this before”
And that you would always be the one for me
Just two people making memories
Too good to tell
And these arms are never empty
When we’re lying where we fall
We’re painting pictures, making magic
Taking chances,
Making love

If Walls Could Talk ~Celine Dion ~

I’m behind the scenes today, with just a post about shoes! I’m not a shoe person in real life. I wear them and when I need new ones I go buy them! I don’t shop for shoes by trying them on, walking in front of mirrors, and all! I just try one shoe on…..stand up….confirm it fits when I walk and put it back in the box and pay for it. But, I’ve found that in Second Life I really like shoes. It doesn’t hurt to wear high high heels…they’re all comfy! With this shot I’ve used the new release from GLAMISTRY HORTENSIA Heels! They’re compatible with the high SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza feet, they’re HUD driven with lots of colour options and lots of areas to customize, and they make a sexy leg, super sexy! Also, from GLAMISTRY is the men’s shoes PM 1002. They’re for the SLink feet for men, HUD driven, and also have a sock option to add! There’s lots of colour options and they come either rigged or unrigged! These are worn by men with a great sense of style!!

This was taken in The Clock Loft from DaD Design, using the Upcycled Pallet Bed, and the Repurposed Shutter(grey) from tarte, the Spotlight Lamp from Trompe Loeil, the Morrison Cushion Pile, from junk..

I Come to Life in a Garden!

I Come to Life in a Garden!

I know February isn’t the most gardening friendly month in Canada, but it’s at this time of year when I start planning for the coming season! There’s still snow on the ground, and will be for another couple months, the daytime highs right now are sitting at -15 C and even if I could get to the soil, it’s frozen hard as rock! So, with an actual garden a long ways away, what are my options for curing the gardening urge!

The Gacha Garden of course! It really is a beautiful setting, all those gacha machines in a warm and sunny location! I became enthralled with the Flutterpaws from lassitude & ennui early in my wanderings! These little cat fairies are animated and when worn sit above the left shoulder, and do little cat things, like flutter their butterfly wings! They can also be rezzed and make cute decor! There’s eleven commons and four rare kitties to collect and when you’ve played twenty times on the machine you’ll receive the Seed of Inspiration version! It’s the one that will be retired at the end of the event, never to be seen again! The Gacha Garden runs the entire month of February!

The Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt began today and I’m wearing the hunt gift from Duh! here! The Thick Soled Sneaks are unrigged mesh, so sizing is simple with a drop down menu. They come with an alpha for classic avatars but will also fit over many of the mesh flat feet available! There is seventeen designers participating in the WAMIMSH and you can get all the slurls and hints on the blog here!

The Suspender Dress, in black, is from {MYNX} and it just had the perfect look I was looking for to pair with the shoes! It comes with five standard sizes, but I’m wearing it over the Maitreya Lara mesh body with no problem! 🙂

Also at The Gacha Garden is the lovely Tang hair from Doe. I won the browns pack and the HUD includes an incredible twelve solid hair colours and another twelve dipped!!

The Delia skin in Tan tone is from .::WoW Skins::. and exclusive to BOMB SHELLS!

Poses by Label Motion.

I took the pictures at Scribbled Hearts!