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Living Outside the Box

Living Outside the Box

Why just think outside the box when you can live outside of it? Life is too short to put things off, so be wild, be free, and be yourself! No one can do that better than you!

It’s a stormy Friday evening here in my world, so I’m typing fast to try to get this written before the power goes out, like it did last night! So, lets get going, shall we!

First off, Indie Teepee starts today and KraftWork has the intricately detailed and fabulous ‘Not a Box Stage’, perfect for any kind of entertainment you may want to host. It’s HUD driven with lots of colours to light it up any way you like! The 2017 edition of Indie Teepee promises lots of music, arts, entertainment, plus the always popular retail areas for your shopping enjoyment! Every day is a full schedule of live music and DJ’s on multiple stages throughout the three areas, custom built by some of the best builders in Second Life. You can stay up to date by following the Indie Teepee Facebook page, it runs until August 6.

The Secret Affair is on and Le Poppycock has the ‘Indiscretion’ pose/prop gacha set exclusive to the event. The set consists of 10 poses with a chair for a prop and five poses without. All of the poses are sexy, seductive, and just a little bit naughty! The Secret Affair runs until July 29.

The ‘Shirley’ Lingerie set in red is a stunning set perfect for your boudoir photos. It’s a three piece set, plus appliers for the stockings in three colours from Big Beautiful Dolls Lingerie. The set is compatible with the SLink, Maitreya(seen here), and Belleza mesh bodies and is available now at Shiny Shabby.

I know this photo does nothing to show any kind of detail of anything I’m wearing, it’s not the shot I was intending when I put this outfit together, but I just adapted and let it go where it wanted. So, I’m showing a very glowy and far away shot of the lovely ‘Dannika’ Pumps from Slipper Originals. The shoes fit the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza high feet and the fatpack contains 16 colours, five metals and five areas to customize. Sorry for the long shot Elle, I’ll make it up to you soon. 😀

My hair is ‘WAKANA’ from Argrace.

As always I’ve applied the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada to the Lilo bento mesh head from Catwa and the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

A Hot Night, Hennessy, and Me!

A Hot Night, Hennessy, and Me!

It’s been a hot summer, so far!! The days are long and the sun is high in the sky for what seems like forever, burning down on the land with it’s unforgiving heat! We’ve had little rain, so everything seems scorched with the grass yellowing and that new fresh look of spring long gone! On days that it gets up to +30°C and higher, are the worst. We tell ourselves that it’s nice because it’s a ‘dry’ heat but really. dry or not, it’s still flippin’ hot! The nights that don’t cool down are the hardest to take. I count on cool nights to get the temperature down in the house with a nice cool breeze coming in the windows, but every now and then the night just won’t cool down! When it’s 6 Am and the thermometer already says +25°C, there’s going to be no escape! I know to anyone from the south western States are laughing at me right now, but you have to remember that the winters here are frigid so the difference in summer to winter is sometimes 75°C and more! So when we say it’s hot, it may not be to others, but for us in the great white north, it’s HOT! My answer to this hot summer night, is to strip off my pyjama top, grab a smooth and delicious bottle of Hennessy, and sit on the dock with my feet in the water! I’m not sure how long I’ll sit out here, but with the stars in the sky, the soft breeze on my bare skin, and a little bit of a buzz, it might be awhile!

I’d like to welcome Imitation to my little family of Featured Designers!! Their bento poses and pose props are a pleasure to work with with natural and expressive poses along with bento hand positions that really add to a look! The devil’s in the details, so they say! 🙂 I’m using one of the seven poses from the ‘Kendra’ set, which includes the bottle of Hennessy to pose with. This set is available now at the Imitation main store and Market Place.

The gorgeous butterfly tattoo on my shoulder is ‘Morpho’ and it’s a recent release from Metamorphoses Tattoo. It includes 2 tones of ink and is compatible with classic avatars plus just about every mesh body known to man! The beautiful details, the soft lines, and the fact that it’s a butterfly all make this tattoo perfect for the barely there summer tops! Love!

I’m completely in love with the ‘Mila’ hair from [KoKoLoReS]! This is from the Balayage pack and the detailed texturing is just phenomenal!! It’s available until July 16 at the Hair Fair 2017.

I’m keeping it cool with just pyjama bottoms for my outing! I hope the neighbours are away tonight!! These are the Slumber Party Shorts, pinstripe from the Slumber Party gacha set by Tres Blah!

My whole look begins with the Lilo bento mesh head from Catwa with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

A Girl and Her Tractor!

A Girl and Her Tractor!

On a hot summer day the best place to be after a long day in the hay field is in the shade! Just crawl into the dark with a huge jug of water, take the hat off, and listen to the silence. I know how this feels since I grew up driving a tractor during haying season. Back in the days before cabs and air conditioning was common on a tractor and being out in the heat of the day was the only way to get the job done! I had the easy job of driving the tractor since it was Dad who was stacking the bales as they came out of the baler. He could throw hay bales from sun up to sun down and still get the cows milked. And he’d get up the next day and we’d do it all again! Those were tough days and I often wonder how he did that, he never had a body builder body, but he was so strong…and he could put in long days. Whenever haying time comes around I always feel melancholy about it. There’s no smell like the fresh cut hay drying in the hot sun, and having the hope of getting finished before rain! The saying, ‘make hay while the sun shines’ is never as true as when on the farm in July!

I want to point out that the huge amount of empty beer cans here is a little shocking! There’s never any alcohol consumed when working on or around heavy machinery here, it’s just wrong!! After the day was done though, Dad could slam back a bottle of beer in 15 seconds flat!! 😀

The ‘Broke Fixer Up Tractor’ was such a surprise to find on Market Place! It’s from ..::TASTY::.. and it’s 100% mesh with materials enabled and only 2 LI. It has 7 animations with props, plus it has broken idling sounds too! And believe me, it’s not running good!

I’m dressed for tractor driving here! I’ve got the Daryl Hair and Cap from Opale and fame femme. This is from the browns hair pack, the cap can be worn or not, with or without patches, and it’s HUD driven with 10 colours!

The ‘Mindy Tank’ from Just BECAUSE is at the new round of ~uber~ and the fatpack is huge with colours and options!

The ‘Carrie Denim Shorts’ are from /erratic/ and the scarf is optional plus the scarf and back pockets are HUD driven with lots of colour options.

The ‘Loretta Bandana Scarf’ is part of a necklace and bandana set from Chain. The bandana is HUD driven with the 3 colours.

I can never resist an opportunity to wear my favourite work boots, the Bossy Boots from fashionably dead. I know they’ve been around a long time, but I think they’ve stood the test of time and still look great. I have the sock add ons with them.

The rest of me is the Lilo bento head from Catwa, with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada(formerly Sinful Curves Skins), along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

I’m in the shed at the Honeycomb sim, home of the hive main store, where joining the group gives rezz rights! I love that!



I haven’t worn a dress in awhile, so today I decided it’s time to get a little bit girly and put on a dress! I’m wearing the Serenity Dress from [QE] Designs and it’s available until July 9 at Midsummer Enchantment. It comes fitted for the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh bodies and there’s two packs available, darks(seen here) and lights. The little lacy outer part is colour change via HUD with 5 colours to choose from. I feel a little out of my element in this as I think I’ve been a little too casual for a little too long! I should get spiffed up more often!

I’m still enjoying my new-to-me bento mesh head. This is ‘Lilo’ from Catwa with the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada(formerly Sinful Curves Skins). I’ve added one of the nine colour selections from the Diva Smoke Eyeshadow from Veechi! The incredible ‘Nissa Eyes’ are from Zombie Suicide and available at APPLIQUE. The rest of me is the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

The NO.SHELTER hair is from the blacks pack from NO.MATCH..

The ‘Mata Hari’ necklace and earrings are from Maxi Gossamer Jewelery.

My pose is from Le Poppycock.

I’m up on stage at the Marfa Ballroom at The Last Forever.



What you are about to read is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental! Just sayin’! 😛

The three witches stand above me, cackling and chortling as they move my body to and fro, finding the perfect pose for me, for I’m at their mercy. After long moments of silence I begin to think that they’ve gone, but then a soft whispered incantation begins and I know that they wait, for what I don’t know. My body has no feeling and I’m unable to move other than my eyes, which is more a curse than a gift, for I can see them, when they look over the railing to see what their ministrations have done to my lifeless form. I feel a terror welling up from deep inside me and I stifle a scream, I know it will do no good, they would just take more pleasure from my misery. I see a flurry of movement out of the corner of my eye, and landing near the edge of the stage, lies a ladies suit jacket, it’s grey tweed with big lapels and has the wide wide SHOULDER PADS of the eighties. I shudder inside thinking of how it would sit so high and firm on my shoulders and I can’t bear to think about it. Just then, something falls in a heap just at the edge of my peripheral vision on the other side. It lies there, motionless, but I can feel an energy within it trying to break free and envelope me in its evilness! I can see it’s shape and my heart begins racing wildly, it’s BELL BOTTOM PANTS! I inhale sharply as I realize that I once wore these, red polyester, the widening of the pant leg starting at the knees and getting wider as it reaches the foot, and not called low rise….but hipsters! I’m now between fear and shame for having made such a terrible fashion choice all those years ago! I close my eyes, praying that this reign of terror will end, but I know, the weird sisters above have more in store for me! Just then, I hear a soft swooshing noise and two brightly coloured objects flash past the far reaches of my line of vision. They land with a soft mushy sound and I roll my eyes as far as I can to see them bouncing lightly as they land. No……no…no….no……I will die if forced to don the DAYGLO ORANGE CROCS that have come from above! I hear soft whispers and then the voices rise, an obvious argument is underway as the women bicker among themselves, muttering and sometimes yelling out in anger! I listen intently and as the quarrel gets nastier and meaner, I realize what they’re fighting about, it’s all about me! They fight to control me, urging me to favour them with my attention in the competitive world of Second Life fashion! My eyes close, my heart thumps uncontrollably in my chest, and I know, this is not good………

I sit up in bed, in complete terror, and my rapid breathing settles a little as I realize I’ve had the dream again. The fourth time in as many days, will it ever end? It’s the same every time, the women, the clothes, and me, a mere puppet to their fashion whims! I get up for a glass of water and reaffirm to myself how far this dream is from the truth! I have incredible designers that I’m extremely proud to feature, and I know they would never create such styles as to make me cringe! I stand at the kitchen counter, the sweat from the night terror cooling my face, and I smile….seeing that the alarm clock won’t ring for another hour, I have a bit of time to get started on my newest outfit to feature!

I want to thank a few people who made this post possible. First, Green Adder of IMMERSIV, who brought the idea to life with his many hours of work. I swear he’s a workaholic!♥ The 3 beautiful ladies above me are, on the left, Olivia Lalonde of Le Poppycock. She’s the pose master of Second Life! On the right is Elle Polygon of Slipper Originals. Elle’s specialty is shoes, glorious and fabulous shoes! And last but not least, in the middle, is my wonderful real life and Second Life sister, Gillian Galicia. She got me started in blogging and you can find her work on her blog, Gillian’s Island. Thank you, sweet ladies, for taking the time, and having the patience to work with me.