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Come On….I’d Rather Be Shopping!

Come On....I'd Rather Be Shopping!

I told myself that I’d get a post done today before I go to the Thereafter Event. I really really want to go to it because I think deep down I have survivalist down deep in me just waiting to emerge at the right time. I’m sure of it, what else can explain my need to stockpile dry goods and extra supplies. I’m not a hoarder, no way, that’s a whole different thing! I know, I know, you’re saying I’m a hoarder, but really if something happens like a total loss of the power grid I’ll be prepared. I’m ready, bring it on! I say to the world, ‘do your damnedest, just try to break me’! I do, I say that all the time. It usually comes after I’m done crying when the truck won’t start! 😀

Ok…..I’m going to type fast and not correct typos, how does that grab ya? LoL. First off, the ‘Nerissa Nails’ are from Slipper Originals and have been at Designer Circle, but it’s over today. Yea…I’m a little slow…so sorry, Elle! They’re full mesh nails fitted for the Maitreya bento hands. All you need to do is turn off the Maitreya nails and apply these and you’re done! They’re HUD driven with all kinds of colour options, including being able to colours the enamel of the nails individually! The stars and anchors can be on or not, and the stripes can be coloured separately, too. They’re perfect for a nautical outfit, or just lounging in your undies!

Ok, the new round of Men Only Monthly doesn’t start until the 20th, but I’m giving you a heads up on the new release from !NFINITY. The ‘Sharktooth Necklace’ is exclusive to MOM and it’s perfectly detailed and textured. It’s completely resizable via drop down menu so even though it starts out fitted for men, it was easily reduced down to my size! There’s 3 tooth options, 2 metals, and 4 cord colours and it’s 100% original mesh! Remember, MOM starts on the 20th.

The ‘Irina Shirt and Panties’ is a gorgeous creation from Asteria and this, and also a ruffled corset, are exclusive to the Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017, which only has four more days to go! You have until August 21st to shop the MBA Fair….don’t wait to long!

The ‘KOMA’ hair, from the Blacks pack, is from Argrace! One of my favourite short styles!

As per usual, I’m wearing the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa along with the ‘Lara’ mesh body, including bento hands, from Maitreya. I’ve added one of the 12 colour options from the ‘Satin Eyeshadow’ Catwa applier from Buzzeri. It’s available now at the ‘Blush‘ event!

My eyes are one of the ten colours in the ‘Nissa Eyes’ set from Zombie Suicide.

The ‘Two Initial Charm Bracelet’, on my left wrist, is from the ‘Charm Bracelet’ gacha set from Izzie’s!

This pose is from the ‘Get Down’ singles beach poses from Aerial Poses and Props.

‘No Opinion’ Sunday

'No Opinion' Sunday

It’s Sunday morning and to help find a little bit of quiet time in my head, I declare this day ‘No Opinion Sunday’. Its a day to quiet the mind and make a point to have no opinion about anything, no matter how much I may want to.

I’m sitting on this bridge at the Hazardous sim. I’ve never sat here before and once I got used to the height I find it quite enjoyable. My usual spot on the sim is behind my right shoulder, you’ll find me sitting on that bench and watching the sun set, and set some more, and it’s still setting! I love Hazardous! The bridge has men’s and women’s animations but I’m using a pose from the ‘Footnote, Mens’ pose set from Le Poppycock.

And as for my outfit today? I think everyone is aware that The Chapter Four is open and for the August round Slipper Originals has the Cera Sandals and Bento Rings. The sandals are compatible with the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza flat mesh feet and the fatpack is loaded with colours and options including lots of areas to customize with 16 shoe textures, 12 stones, and 6 metals. The Cera Bento Rings are HUD driven with the option to wear as many or as few as you want. There’s both left and right hands included and there’s 12 stone colours and 6 metals. TCF runs until the end of the month.

If you zoom in a bit you can get a better look at the ‘Ilaria Necklace’ from *elise*, also exclusive to The Chapter Four. It’s HUD driven for easy resizing and has 7 gem and 4 metals to select from. There’s also bracelets and bento rings, all sold separately in the Under 100L room.

The very pretty and breezy hair is from YUMYUM and available at Knot&co..

My pretty lace top is a freebie from Blueberry. You can grab it at the main store or on Market Place.

I am wearing shorts, here. You can only see the belt buckle peeking out, but the Ella Denim Shorts from LEGAL INSANITY are there.

My nail applier is from the Sunrise Sunset pack from Hello Dave, which is the latest VIP gift.

The ‘Moka’ eyeshadow is from the July round of Powder Pack from Izzies’s.

As usual, I’m wearing the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada. Along with the Lilo bento head from Catwa, the Lara mesh body(including hands) from Maitreya, and the flat feet from SLink.

Peace and Love

Peace and Love

There is no path to Happiness.
Happiness is the path. There is
no path to Love. Love is the
path. There is no path to Peace.
Peace is the path.

~Dan Millman~

This was a tough quote to find who to credit it to. There’s been several variations of this quote and it seems once someone changes a word or two, they take it as their own. So if you prefer a different version from someone else, that’s fine, they all say the same thing. Love, peace, and happiness are a journey, not the destination. So sit back, relax and enjoy the trip! 😀

I want you to zoom in real close when viewing on flickr and have a gander at the ‘Lovey Bento Rings’ from Slipper Originals. These are so pretty and have a wonderful message. They’re fitted for the Maitreya(seen here) and SLink bento hands and both right and left are included. They’re HUD driven with six metals to choose from and you can also remove any that you may not want to wear, so you can wear as many, or as few, as you want! These rings are exclusive to Designer Circle.

While you’re in close you can also have a look at the pretty pink ‘Moon Garden’ nail appliers from Hello Dave. This set of five mani/pedi nails are the latest VIP group gift, so if you’re not a VIP yet, you should be. There’s lots of group gifts released plus every past group gift is there to grab. That’s one huge pack of nails! There’s a one time fee of 100L$ to join the VIP group, but you’ll recoup your money just by taking the pack of past group gifts. These nails are SLink, Omega, and Maitreya compatible.

Are these shorts short enough for ya? They fit perfectly on my Lara mesh body from Maitreya, but they’re fitted for the SLink and Belleza mesh bodies, too. The ‘Myra Shorts’ are from LEGAL INSANITY and are exclusive to Shiny Shabby. They come in five denims with two metal options and six colours for the laces. You may as well grab the fatpack, I know you want to! 🙂

The lovely skin you see is ‘Luna’ in ‘peche’ tone from Avada.

The pose is from the ‘Journeys’ pose set from Marukin. It’s from the July round of C88, so it should be in the main store soon.

And as for my home decor, the ladder/birdhouses and the birdcage decor are both from gacha sets from Myrrine. The ‘Beach’ sign is from a gacha from Bee Designs. The ‘Daisy Pot’ is from miwa’s airship and the Mid Century bed in the background is from Dutchie.

Living Outside the Box

Living Outside the Box

Why just think outside the box when you can live outside of it? Life is too short to put things off, so be wild, be free, and be yourself! No one can do that better than you!

It’s a stormy Friday evening here in my world, so I’m typing fast to try to get this written before the power goes out, like it did last night! So, lets get going, shall we!

First off, Indie Teepee starts today and KraftWork has the intricately detailed and fabulous ‘Not a Box Stage’, perfect for any kind of entertainment you may want to host. It’s HUD driven with lots of colours to light it up any way you like! The 2017 edition of Indie Teepee promises lots of music, arts, entertainment, plus the always popular retail areas for your shopping enjoyment! Every day is a full schedule of live music and DJ’s on multiple stages throughout the three areas, custom built by some of the best builders in Second Life. You can stay up to date by following the Indie Teepee Facebook page, it runs until August 6.

The Secret Affair is on and Le Poppycock has the ‘Indiscretion’ pose/prop gacha set exclusive to the event. The set consists of 10 poses with a chair for a prop and five poses without. All of the poses are sexy, seductive, and just a little bit naughty! The Secret Affair runs until July 29.

The ‘Shirley’ Lingerie set in red is a stunning set perfect for your boudoir photos. It’s a three piece set, plus appliers for the stockings in three colours from Big Beautiful Dolls Lingerie. The set is compatible with the SLink, Maitreya(seen here), and Belleza mesh bodies and is available now at Shiny Shabby.

I know this photo does nothing to show any kind of detail of anything I’m wearing, it’s not the shot I was intending when I put this outfit together, but I just adapted and let it go where it wanted. So, I’m showing a very glowy and far away shot of the lovely ‘Dannika’ Pumps from Slipper Originals. The shoes fit the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza high feet and the fatpack contains 16 colours, five metals and five areas to customize. Sorry for the long shot Elle, I’ll make it up to you soon. 😀

My hair is ‘WAKANA’ from Argrace.

As always I’ve applied the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada to the Lilo bento mesh head from Catwa and the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

I Am the Highway

I Am the Highway

Pearls and swine bereft of me
Long and weary my road has been
I was lost in the cities
Alone in the hills
No sorrow or pity for leaving I feel

I am not your rolling wheels
I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride
I am the sky

I Am The Highway ~Audioslave~

It’s this time of year that the call of the road is strong in me! That sounds like something Yoda would say! I mean the literal highway, not the figurative one! The mornings are fresh and sunny and there’s nothing nicer than the thought of jumping in the truck and heading out somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, for me the trip is more important than the destination! The road has long been romanticized, and for good reason! That feeling of freedom, of leaving behind the old and embarking on an adventure is exciting! I haven’t set out on a trip in a long time, and I kind of miss it. I remember the feeling of being on the road, waking up to a gorgeous early morning with a fresh cup of coffee and 600 miles ahead of me, which is a legal day of driving in the U.S of A! On the perfect summer mornings, no matter what part of the world I was in, the highway was freedom and peace! I could sing along with the music, talk to myself, or just enjoy the view from the drivers seat! It’s those days that make me long for the highway, the bad days that always came with the good, not so much!

I’m out on my favourite stretch of road at The Last Forever, again! I’m not sure I’ll last very long walking on the road in these sky high heels, but I’ll look good doing it! The ‘Farrah Sandals’ in paisley are a new take on one of my favourite shoes from Slipper Originals! The super high platform and the strap across the toes are the perfect look for summer! These are reminiscent of the look from the early 80’s when spike heels and cut off jeans were all the rage! For a limited time, the ‘Farrah Snadals’ in paisley and polka dot fatpacks are on sale for a super low price at the SO main store! You can’t miss them when you land at the store and who can resist them?

HelaMiyo has released a new set of poses and they’re perfect to show off a simple outfit such as this, or any outfit for that matter! The ‘Hoodie’ pose set contains five poses and their mirrors and is available at the HelaMiyo main store!

Me, and half of the female population in Second Life have the newest jeans from Blueberry! The DWL Classic Skinny Jeans fit incredibly well!

I’m wearing the high feet from SLink with the French Ready nail applier from Hello Dave!