What a Beautiful Mess!

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You Get the U-Haul & I’ll Order the Pizza!

“I just love helping my friends move!”, said no one ever! I’m sure we’ve all done it, everyone arrives at the friends house early on a Saturday morning, coffee in hand and eyes barely open. Anyone that owns a truck is there, the truck owners are usually the ‘best friends’ of the one moving, so […]


Mother Nature’s Deception

I’ve been sitting at my computer, and I’m very fortunate to have my computer room facing east. I can sit and watch the sun rise every morning, and this morning’s was an exceptional one. It started out as a soft orange and then changed into a bright golden, with the sun peaking through the frost […]

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What a Sad Year it’s Been!

At the end of every year there’s always a run down of all the famous people who’ve passed away during the past year and it’s been a rough one! Along with losing someone in my close circle of friends, there’s been numerous people who I’ve known about all my life that have passed away also. […]

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Nooooo…………Stop the Madness!

Make it stop! I’m so not ready! It’s the last week before Christmas and I just can’t grasp this fact! I haven’t done my baking yet, I haven’t finished my shopping yet, I haven’t even put the Christmas table cloth on, with the little festive candle holders I have! I haven’t wrapped the gifts I […]

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It Ain’t Easy!

You know…..the life of a Second Life fashion blogger isn’t an easy one! First, you have the work of putting together an outfit, the hardest part of that is making the right choice of shoes! Then it’s thinking of a theme and finding a great venue to take some pictures at. After that, I choose […]