You Get the U-Haul & I’ll Order the Pizza!

You Get the U-Haul & I’ll Order the Pizza!

“I just love helping my friends move!”, said no one ever! I’m sure we’ve all done it, everyone arrives at the friends house early on a Saturday morning, coffee in hand and eyes barely open. Anyone that owns a truck is there, the truck owners are usually the ‘best friends’ of the one moving, so there’s no getting out of this one. I haven’t moved very much, thankfully, but the last one I did is hopefully the last one. It was decided in our family that it was time to swap houses, literally. So, over the course of a summer, we all packed up our homes and moved one house to the left. Well, there was some distance involved for one of my family members, but not for me. I worked at moving my things over the course of a couple months, and since I didn’t have much it wasn’t too bad. But, packing up my parents house, that they had lived in 30 years, was an experience I hope to never repeat! Mum and Dad aren’t exactly hoarders, but the do tend to collect. So, with nothing but a truck and a van, the process began. I started in Mum’s sewing room, and I know most fabric stores would have been jealous with her selection. It took over a week in that one room alone, working at meticulously sorting and measuring in preparation for donation to a worthy cause. Mum and I worked together day in and day out, me holding up things for her to decide, would it be kept, donated, or tossed. After about 5 weeks we had most of the house done, having moved from room to room until they were all empty. Dad didn’t participate much with sorting the house, even his own possessions were left to Mum and I to deal with. The one thing we put him in charge of was the tool and catch-all drawer, that one place where anything that he might need in the house is. It was a big deep drawer and there was anything from screwdrivers and tape measures to glue, nails, and plumbing fittings in it. It was pretty much the last thing that needed to be cleaned out and one morning I asked him if he had done it yet. ‘Ummmmm, no…I haven’t gotten to it’, he said. Ok….I didn’t push him, I had seen a look of panic in his eyes, and I carried on with my day. Later in the afternoon he comes to me and says he’s done sorting the junk drawer. I look over to it, and sitting alone in front of the drawer is a five gallon pail, piled high with all that the drawer contained. I had to laugh….that’s so ‘Dad’! 😀

I know Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch, is going through a big move in Second Life, and I don’t envy her one bit. With the move, comes a big sale and clear out, so there’s less to load up and take to the new build! The Moving Out Sale is on until the end of the month and everything is at rock bottom prices (excepting the new releases and gift cards). I dug through my inventory and found one of the older releases that I fell in love with way back in my early days of SL photography. The Patchwork Maxi Skirt is from the Patches Outfit, it’s mesh and comes in five sizes, and fits perfectly on my Lara mesh body. As for the top, I know I wore this a few posts ago, but I absolutely love the Bess Cropped Sweater, it’s a fairly new release so it’s not on sale at this time, but with the HUD containing 27 colours makes it a steal even at regular price. It comes in 6 sizes, fitted for the Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza mesh bodies.

I’m not showing an extreme close up here, but if you’re in flickr zoom in on the nail appliers and rings! I was doing a little shopping and came across GDit. I hadn’t been there in quite awhile, and after a few impulse purchases, I rushed home to try them on! This is the Africa Nail Polish and Rings Set and the appliers are SLink and Maitreya compatible, with six designs to choose from and the rings are mesh, silver and gold included, and materials enabled. I made a few other purchases so I’ll be giving you a better close up in the future. 🙂

The Don’t Waste Time tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t is one of my favourites! It’s compatible with classic avatars plus TMP mesh bodies and Omega compatible mesh bodies! The pack also includes three ink tones, of which I almost always wear the medium.

I’m channeling my early years in SL by adding the Bossy Boots to the mix! There’s something about work boots with a skirt that makes me smile! The Bossy Boots are from a gacha set from fashionably dead.

The HOTARU hair in black is from Argrace.

I’m made up of the Alex mesh head from Logo, wearing the Alexa skin in honey tome from Sinful Curves Skins. I’m also wearing the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the relaxed hands from SLink.

My poses are from Diesel Works. The packs contain 11 poses each and there’s a very nice assortment in each. So nice and relaxed!

I’m high up on a hill in the incredibly beautiful Summers Wind sim! There’s so many breathtaking views that anyone who likes Second Life photography should take a look!

Mother Nature’s Deception

Mother Nature's Deception

I’ve been sitting at my computer, and I’m very fortunate to have my computer room facing east. I can sit and watch the sun rise every morning, and this morning’s was an exceptional one. It started out as a soft orange and then changed into a bright golden, with the sun peaking through the frost covered trees. It was beautiful! I thought to myself that it’s the first sunrise of a new year, the start of a new day, and another chance to make life matter. But…….there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there….as gorgeous as the sunrise was this morning, Mother Nature has enveloped my little place on this earth in a blanket of cold. It has been colder, much colder, but after a nice temperate holiday season, we’re plunged back into the serious business of winter! Ahhh……I love the Canadian prairies!!

It’s the weekend and that means new releases at SN@TCH! I love new releases, all fresh and new, with that new car smell! Now I’m just being silly! SN@TCH has released the Pixie Lacy Lingerie in two separate colour packs. There’s a dark pack and then this lovely colour from the pastels pack. The set is Omega and classic avatar compatible and can be worn with or without stockings. The pack contains ten colours and it’s really hard to choose which colour…they’re all nice!

You can see a close up of the She Chic Shadow from Veechi! The set has nine colours and is Catwa, Logo(seen here), Lelutka, and Genesis Labs compatible.

The ENJU hair is a fairly new release from Argrace! I was at the main store and there’s two brand new releases out now, too……both sitting all cozy in my inventory!

The Ribbon Collar in gold is from !nfinity. It’s HUD driven with ten ribbon colours and comes in gold, silver, or black.

My gorgeous green eyes are the Steampunk Eyes from .ARISE.. The set contains a layer for the system eyes, a set of mesh eyes, and also Omega and Catwa appliers!

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the casual hands and high feet from SLink.

I’m using a pose from the Footnote Set of poses from Le Poppycock. There’s two packs of Footnote for women and one set of six poses for the men. Great for showing off those shoes or stocking clad feet, as in my case.

I’ve rezzed a skybox from Eli Baily. It’s a cozy little skybox with very nice textures used. I’m laying on the Aristocrat Bed, RARE from Apple Fall and behind me on the headboard is the Bric a Brac-Desk Phone,RARE from .aisling., the Porceline Faerie-Dancer from Baiastice, a melted candle from a gacha from Dust Bunny, and the leaning book stack from floorplan.

What a Sad Year it’s Been!

What a Sad Year it's Been!

At the end of every year there’s always a run down of all the famous people who’ve passed away during the past year and it’s been a rough one! Along with losing someone in my close circle of friends, there’s been numerous people who I’ve known about all my life that have passed away also. It’s one of those things that a person never really thinks about. It’s obvious that I’ll outlive a lot of people that are older than me, but it isn’t something I really ponder. So, I’m always shocked when someone who I know about passes away. To find out about George Michael was a shock yesterday, I always liked Wham and then his later solo work. And in all honestly, he’s not that much older than me, which is scary! When you tally up the big name singer/songwriters that have passed away this year, it’s been way too many! I know this trend won’t end, unless of course I go before all of them, and since none of us are getting younger, I guess it’s the natural progression of life! It’s still so sad, though! Rest in peace, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Glenn Grey, Prince, David Bowie, Merle Haggard, and any other singer/songwriters I may have missed. I hope the coming year is a better one, for anyone that has found this past year to be one of the bad ones!

I have to admit that this little mini Christmas tree from dust bunny may well be the last bit of Christmas festivity you’ll see here on What a Beautiful Mess! for awhile! I know it’s only Boxing day, and still a few days left in December, but I’m looking forward to visiting some warm and sunny sims for awhile. I do have to deal with my real life winter for….oh…..another four months or so, but I can cut winter short here in Second Life! Today, I’m on my dock at my beach cabin enjoying some warmer weather. I’m wearing the lovely Sweater Wrap from {MYNX}, and looking very stylish! I ended up not showing the beautiful cable knit sweater pattern on it as well as I had planned, but it’s really very nicely done! The Sweater Wrap would look great with leggings and boots too, but I wanted to live a little bit on the edge this time with the shorter hemline! It comes in six colours and is compatible with the SLink, Maitreya, Belleza, Tonic, and eBody mesh bodies!

I don’t know when Ivey Deschanel of SN@TCH ever sleeps, since she has new releases every Saturday! And she didn’t take Christmas Eve off, either! The Carter Hair is new, and it’s got a few things going on!! It frames the face perfectly and still has a nice bunch down the back plus it’s got this great bun on top! Carter is perfect for a topless outfit with the hair falling straight down to nipple level! 🙂

The EDELWEISS Heels are from GLAMISTRY Heels and are sure to get a second look! They’re SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya compatible and come with loads of colour options!

The Pearl Choker is from Bokeh. The fat pack is the best deal!

I love turtles, so the Turtle tattoo from Nanika is one of my favourites!

I’m once again wearing the Alex mesh head by Logo, along with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves. I also have on the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the casual hands and high feet from SLink.

Poses by Le Poppycock.

Nooooo…………Stop the Madness!

Nooooo............Stop the Madness!

Make it stop! I’m so not ready! It’s the last week before Christmas and I just can’t grasp this fact! I haven’t done my baking yet, I haven’t finished my shopping yet, I haven’t even put the Christmas table cloth on, with the little festive candle holders I have! I haven’t wrapped the gifts I do have, and haven’t listened to a Christmas song yet! I think I’m about a month behind. For me, October felt like November and November was October, so this is now November again! How screwed up is that! So tomorrow I’ll finish my shopping and I’ll do my Christmas baking later this week, and I’m going to play all the festive music I can take….and I’ll enjoy it……dammit!

So, all the great new releases from Sn@tch are out on Saturdays and from this latest batch, is the Alexia Velvet Lingerie! It’s compatible with the classic avatars, plus Omega friendly mesh bodies. The pack contains twelve deep dark colours, perfect to seduce Santa……or some other guy!! 😉

The December round of WE♥ROLEPLAY runs until the end of the month, and there’s a ton of gifts for group members out! One of the gifts is the Snowflake Choker from deviousMIND. The gift includes various versions of the choker plus a pair of pretty snowflake earrings!

I’m using a pose from the Good Girl set of poses from Infiniti. The pack contains 8 poses with their mirrors.

I’m in a little corner of the ECO Skybox from Cheeky Pea. Have I mentioned it’s a group gift, and it has a land impact of only 4? I’m beside a bed from a gacha at Death Row Designs, it’s a RARE! The red round rug is from a group gift from DRD, also, but not sure if it’s still available! The reading pile is also from a gacha, but this time from Apple Fall.
The tray with the croissants and hot chocolate are with the Salford Set from Raindale. The set includes this tray, plus a colour change couch and a coffee table.

It Ain’t Easy!

It Ain’t Easy!

You know…..the life of a Second Life fashion blogger isn’t an easy one! First, you have the work of putting together an outfit, the hardest part of that is making the right choice of shoes! Then it’s thinking of a theme and finding a great venue to take some pictures at. After that, I choose what sort of poses I want to use. Then, for me the most time consuming part is selecting a wind light that is to my liking. After all that is done, I then take the pictures, while trying to make everything look perfect! Well, this post is the most frustrating outfit I’ve EVER done, after over two years of blogging! I got the outfit together easy enough! Next, a place to take pictures….after some searching, a really great dance floor was found. I mean, it’s only common sense, that while wearing pants named Party Leggins it’s mandatory to be out on the town dancing! And then it all went down hill from there! After lots of attempts, I couldn’t get a lighting I liked, or a pose I felt was right, even though I have hundreds in my inventory, literally!! So, I went home and pondered it all! After several cups of coffee I was ready to try again! I went pose shopping to get a fresh outlook on that part of it, then decided to stay home and put up a pose/prop and try it again! I worked at that for some time, with different lighting, poses, and much anguish! And still…nothing that really thrilled me. I went to bed, had a bunch of sleep, and tried it again in the morning! Well, here’s what I ended up with, after over thirty pictures taken and brows forever furrowed in thought! Hand me the wrinkle cream, please!!

Okay, so now on to the meaty part of this post! The December round of Collabor88 is on! It should be starting to quiet down a bit for easier access, and Stories&Co. by Flowey have released this gorgeous outfit for the occasion! It’s the Quinn Shirt and Party Leggins, just perfect for a night out at a Christmas party! The top comes in ten colours and the leggins in five, all perfect for mixing and matching!! They’re compatible with the SLink and Maitreya mesh bodies!

The Charity hair is a new release from Sn@tch!! I love that there’s now hair included in the extensive line of fashion from Ivey Deschanel! Charity has a pretty braid down the back and comes in five colour packs with twelve colours per pack!

The Peace on Earth Hunt 9 is on for the month of December and the Snowflake in a Bottle necklace is one of the great gifts! It can be found at IMaGE Factory! You’ll be looking for a little globe of the earth!

My pose shopping landed me at the main store of HelaMiyo! I love the the diverse collection of poses that Miyoko Magic has created, with some of them just a little bit outside the box!! This is from the Fashion Blogger pack, which includes five poses and their mirrors!

The ROSE Heels from GLAMISTRY are stunning!! When it comes to shoe heaven, GLAMISTRY is it! These are SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya mesh feet compatible!

My complete look starts with the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Irina skin in pale tone from itGirls, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the relaxed hands and high feet from SLink.

I’m in the Clean Scenes, Ladders, RARE pose prop from Exposeur Props & Poses. It contains three poses and mirrors. I don’t think it’s available now, but you can check Exposeur Props & Poses out on Market Place.