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The World of Facebook!

Weird, isn’t it? I have a couple Facebook accounts I scan through everyday, just to see what’s new and happening. I’m not addicted, not even close. But I like to scroll through my Second Life Facebook account to see what some of my favourite bloggers are doing and what the designers I follow are up […]

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Cozy, Warm and Striking a Pose

When it’s this cold outside I really appreciate having indoor activities to keep me occupied! Some good quality SL time is a must when the cold weather is upon us! I get cold just looking out the window! The new round of The Chapter Four has begun and as always is a treasure trove of […]

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Lazy Sunday

Another Sunday has rolled around! I don’t know how the week can go by so fast, but with Lazy Sunday here again it makes it worthwhile to drag yourself out of bed early and get some low lag SL time! Lumae has given everyone a very good reason to get up and get out shopping […]

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Le Poppycock @ The Chapter Four

So, I’m just sittin’ at home killing time when a package comes in from Olivia Lalonde! I know when I see that, it’s some more great poses from Le Poppycock! A new round of The Chapter Four is starting tomorrow and Olivia has made some wonderful poses, as usual! I am showing a few from […]

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The Gathering

There is a gacha event going on right now that is definitely worth a look! The Gathering is on now until Oct. 15. Lots of time to get over there and hit those gachas! I am wearing the Xela Platforms, Antique, RARE from fri.day . The wonderfully detailed Maiden Dress in yellow from Pixicat is […]