The World of Facebook!

The World of Facebook!

Weird, isn’t it? I have a couple Facebook accounts I scan through everyday, just to see what’s new and happening. I’m not addicted, not even close. But I like to scroll through my Second Life Facebook account to see what some of my favourite bloggers are doing and what the designers I follow are up to. It’s a wealth of information for Second Life, really. Personally, not so much. I saw that my Aunt shared a post about a lost dog in her area, my accountant is now on holidays, and a friend likes a cinnamon bun recipe! I don’t have very interesting friends in my real life! 😦 But on my SL account, it’s a whole other world, it’s opened up new ways of thinking for me, I see things that I never want to see again and can’t get out of my head. I’ve followed some pages that have the need to share articles that will ‘shock’, ‘amaze’, and ‘astound’ you. You know the saying, ‘you can’t unring a bell’, it’s true in the world of Facebook. As I scrolled down this morning I saw Justin Beiber throwing up on stage, I didn’t want or need to see that. I saw someone picking blackheads while asking the question, do you like it! 😮 And at this point, I have to admit that I’m now tired of reading all the quotes, blurbs, statements, and poems about how strong I am, how much of a woman I am, and how I don’t need any man. I sometimes wonder what we have become as a society, then I look at Facebook and just shake my head.

Today I’m looking rather minimalistic, and dapper I might add! It all starts with the incredible ‘Kalon’ hair from [BAD HAIR DAY]. I’m totally taken with the colour options available with it having two layers to independently colour. I’m usually not a fan of hair that’s not a natural colour, but these textures are some of my all time favourite colours. I opted for the Black & White pack here, but I’m now thinking I should have splurged on the fatpack. {BAD HAIR DAY] has only men’s hair at this time, but since I’d much rather wear unisex or men’s hair, I’m completely in my element here!

The August round of The Chapter Four is in full swing and this time I’m featuring the Jen Set from ~Nerido~. It’s available in the Gacha room and there’s five colours and three parts(skirt, top, and jacket) to play for. I’ve gone all black but the colours are all perfect for mixing and matching. It’s exclusive for the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

Also at The Chapter Four is the Helotry Collar from Venge. It’s in the Under 100L room, so you know it’s a steal! It’s HUD driven with seven colours and two metals to select from.

I’ve added the ‘Little Black Bird’ tattoo from Aitui. It’s been around awhile, I used to wear it as a system layer, but it’s updated for Omega, TMP and the SLink mesh bodies.

I’m wearing the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa and the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

The pose I’m using is from the ‘New Bond Girl’ set of poses from TUTY’s. It was at the July round of eBento, so it should be in the main store soon.

Cozy, Warm and Striking a Pose

Cozy, Warm and Striking a Pose

When it’s this cold outside I really appreciate having indoor activities to keep me occupied! Some good quality SL time is a must when the cold weather is upon us! I get cold just looking out the window!

The new round of The Chapter Four has begun and as always is a treasure trove of goodies! Le Poppycock has released Frequency, a brand new set of poses available and as always they make posing for pics a snap! They are so natural and relaxed with just enough attitude to show cool confidence!

The extremely cozy Defrost, knitted hoodie cardigan from B!ASTA is nice and wintery without being festive for the holidays! It comes in nine colours and looks great for some of those fun outdoor winter outings!

The very nice Stowe boots from Preptopia are available at the WEIB Special Sale Room. They come in either a light or dark colour pack with each having four fur options that are HUD controlled! They can be worn with the SLink mid feet or with system feet!

The SLink nail appliers are the new group gift from Dark Horse Style. The New Year Filagree pack has six options on one HUD. The group is free to join!

The skin is Eliana,bare in Honey from Lumae!

The hair is Boys & Girls 32, in black from Dura.

The make up is Futura Bloody Catagonia makeover from MOCK Cosmetics.

The leggings are from Ghee.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Another Sunday has rolled around! I don’t know how the week can go by so fast, but with Lazy Sunday here again it makes it worthwhile to drag yourself out of bed early and get some low lag SL time!

Lumae has given everyone a very good reason to get up and get out shopping today! For 48 hours starting this morning Star and Alaska, Bare are on sale for $75L per tone. The bare version makes the options for adding make up unlimited. So this is one stop you have to make to get in on the deal! You’ve got 48 hours…..GO!

Hudson’s is bringing some sparkles into your life with the Flaired Mini with colour and sparkle HUD. It’s a pretty short skirt but thankfully there is a pair panties in the pack so don’t forget to put them on!

Dark Horse Style has released five new SLink nail appliers at the new round of Retail Therapy! I’m wearing the green from the Holday Gold pack.

I’m showing off the Loose Ends, male/unisex pack of poses from Le Poppycock and available at The Chapter Four.

Th sweater is the Favourite Sweater (this is the rust version) from Just a Girl! It’s cozy and warm so I can see why it’s the favourite!

If you haven’t heard by now, Truth Hair is having a half-off sale until December 15. I was there a couple days ago and it was packed! But with half off it was well worth fighting the crowds for! I grabbed a few including this one, called Tom. The thing about Tom is there’s a female version in the pack! I think they’re both great! 🙂

The Strap Boots in brown for the SLink high feet are from Ricielli.

The Pearl Stud Earrings are from Earthstones.

Potpourri Designs is participating in the Homestuff path of the Megastuff Hunt that’s on now and running until January 5. The Stone Leaf Fireplace behind me is the gift for it. It’s partial mesh and has an LI of 5 prims. The logs are turned on/off by touching them. A mantel is a pretty important thing to have coming up to Christmas!

Le Poppycock @ The Chapter Four

Le Poppycock @ The Chapter Four

So, I’m just sittin’ at home killing time when a package comes in from Olivia Lalonde! I know when I see that, it’s some more great poses from Le Poppycock! A new round of The Chapter Four is starting tomorrow and Olivia has made some wonderful poses, as usual! I am showing a few from the Closing Time A pack here. With 3 packs of Closing Time to choose from there is something for everyone!

I know I’m a little late getting over to Collabor88 this time around but I finally got there and grabbed the Kerri Dress in lace peach from DECOY. It’s lovely! Along with the dress I got the Grady shoes in Noir from Ingenue. They are for the SLink mid feet.

I picked the Thelma hair from Truth to show of my ears from Aitui! The Generation 4 Stretched Ears sure are attention getters!

My eyes are new to me from Poetic Colors. I chose rain-at-the-beach from the classic series. They have great detail and have such interesting colour combinations!

I am wearing the Eliana, bare in cream skin from Lumae!

The leg tattoo from BOOB-LiSH is so unique!

As for the make up, the eyeliner is from DeeTaleZ and the eye shadow from Izzies.

The ring and choker are from Maxi Gossamer.

The Gathering

The Gathering

There is a gacha event going on right now that is definitely worth a look! The Gathering is on now until Oct. 15. Lots of time to get over there and hit those gachas! I am wearing the Xela Platforms, Antique, RARE from . The wonderfully detailed Maiden Dress in yellow from Pixicat is also there! Aisling is participating in The Gathering also. I scored the Elyan Armband in gold.

And on to another event going on…The Chapter Four is going on now and Le Poppycock has new poses available. The poses here are from the Die a Little female pack and look great, as only Olivia can do!

I have added the Velven Bunny ears in Maple from +Half Deer+. They are from a previous round of The Arcade Gacha Event.

The hair is Femke from the Dark Reds pack from Mina. Mina hair can fit any occasion!

I have a companion with me today! The adorable Dandelion Fairy is along for the ride with me! She comes from !Ohmai and was an exclusive to a previous round of The Arcade Gacha Event.

The necklace is the Truth Owl from Maxi Gossamer and is from a previous round of The Arcade Gacha Event. I’m not sure if the gacha for it is still available at the main store so check it out there!

The chest tattoo is Pretty Birds from Aitui and the leg is Fly Away l from Your Cocain.

Make up is the Indigo’s Marooned Green Winterberry make over from [mock].

Skin is Delphine in Latte from Lumae.

Eyes are Sunrise Eyes in deep green from Ikon.

Hands & Feet by SLink.