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Hey You!!  Texture a Bandana, Eh!!

It’s almost the middle of June and Hair Fair 2017 is fast approaching!! It’s time to roll those sleeves up and get to work! I’m sorry to say that I won’t be helping out with the work this year! At least not in the capacity I’m talking about here! There’s a call out for everyone to texture a bandana for Bandana Day! These bandanas are going to be sold during Hair Fair 2017, with all proceeds going to Wigs for Kids, which is such a worthy cause! There are kits available, free of charge, and all you need to do is create a texture for it! I make it sound easy, but please know that I have absolutely no skills in this area! I do have Gimp downloaded on my computer but I think it has a glitch in it! Every time I open it I hear a chuckle and a screen comes on that says, ‘Yea, right!’. 😀 So, maybe one day I can participate, but it won’t be this year. You can get your kits in-world here or get more information on the website.

Along with the ad, I found a couple of pictures I took for Bandana Day for HF ’15 and ’16! The picture from HF’15(top right) goes back a couple years, so this is the original classic avatar look I had! I’m wearing the Orchid Bandana from Boudicca Amat and couldn’t look lovelier! The lower right is from HF’16 and I’m wearing the Butterfly Bandana from Moon Amore. I’ve changed a bit!! 🙂 You can find the credits for these looks on their original posts by clicking HF’15 and HF’16.

The 2017 edition of the Hair Fair runs July 1-16 and you know it’s an event not to be missed!!

I'm Me!

I’m me…not ‘just’ me…..but a proud and strong ME! I’m a complex woman who has the most basic of needs! I believe in miracles and I love with everything I have! I’m emotional and don’t try to hide it! I cry easily…even when it’s from happiness! I ride the ups and downs of life, but I don’t want it any other way! I have faith that I’m never given more than I can handle…and I’ve yet to be proven wrong! I love life and everyone who’s in it with me…….and will until the end!!

Hair Fair 2016 is winding down and July 31, the last day, is the day to wear one of the bandanas you picked up while there! They were created with love from a great group of designers and I always try to celebrate Bandana Day! I’ve chosen the Butterfly Bandana from MOON AMORE this year! Psyqueen has included a note card with the bandana which talks of the freedom and dreams of the person who wears it, each butterfly representing a dream, goal, or purpose in which to strive for! “Please never stop dreaming and fighting for what you want.”

Remember that 100% of proceeds from the sale of the bandanas goes towards Wigs for Kids, which does such fabulous work for kids in a fight that no one that age should ever have to go through!

I’m wearing the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs with gorgeous eye shadow from the Coastal Nights Shadow pack from Veechi! Also from Veechi, I’m wearing a beauty mark from the Beauty Marks 01 set, which is available at the current round of anyBODY, which runs until July 31.

I’ve used a pose from the Drama pose set from KoKoLoReS!

Time.....What is Time?

When we’re younger it seems like time just can’t go fast enough! We can’t wait to turn 16 so we can legally drive…then it’s 19 to drink legally(at least here where I am), although I did celebrate my 18th birthday at the bar…..no one ever asked if I was old enough!! After the twenties though there’s really no age to look ahead to for anything good. But, it seems as time passes the faster it goes. I remember being done the school year and looking ahead to a long lazy summer….now, that long lazy summer seems to take about 6 days to complete and we’re back to snow! As is with life, we’re all aging…..and as my parents have gotten older they’ve gotten into the habit of referring to things as, “seeing them out”! Back a bunch of years they re-roofed the house and Dad said, “Well, this should see us out!”. Meaning he won’t have to shingle the roof again. At that time it was only things that might last 20 years or so. I know they’ve aged though….when out walking the dogs the other day my Mum said, “These new rubber boots are really good boots…..they should see me out!”!! I said to her, ” Wow….Mum you mustn’t think you have much longer if you think a pair of rubber boots will last until you’re gone!”. I would hope she lasts longer than a pair of footwear! I haven’t gotten to that phase in my life yet..although there are quite a few things that I could do without having the deal with again!

This summer has been speeding by! But, with the new gacha set of pose props from Le Poppycock it could end up being an Endless Summer! This set is so much fun to use! It contains all kinds of summery fun like watermelons, beach balls, tasty fruit, and a flamingo…or two! I love flamingos…although I have been known to get them mixed up with Penguins…I have no idea how I do that!! The Endless Summer Gacha Set is available at the current round of the ULTRA EVENT, which runs until August 15.

It was like Christmas for me on Friday when I gained early access to the 2016 edition of the Hair Fair! I spent some quality shopping time perusing all the fabulous hair that designers have been labouring over! I fell in love with Nowles, from [KoKoLoReS]! Hair Fair 2016 runs until the end of the month and every purchase will help Wigs for Kids! Such a worthwhile charity!

The July round of Designer Showcase has lots of little goodies for the Second Life shopper! The Emma Dress from Pretty Things is a nice summery shift to stay cool! It’s HUD driven with 20 great textures and is Maitreya, SLink, Belleza mesh body compatible and also has four fitmesh sizes.

It’s enough days past the opening of the July round of Collabor88 that everyone should be able to do some quality shopping! Veechi is there…..with the gorgeous Luster Glam Shadow! I love these shadows…they’re not too bold….and not too soft!! Just perfect! Also from Veechi, is the Beauty Marks 01 pack. This pack of beauty marks consists of five marks with both left and right options. They’re compatible with the classic avatars, plus the Catwa, Lelutka, Logo and Genesis Labs(seen here) mesh heads! These are available at the current round of anyBODY, which runs until July 31.

Hello Dave has been releasing a whole bunch of new packs! They’re a great price for five gorgeous colours. This super glossy tone is from the Jelly Bean Thief pack!

The Eden Sun Pendant-short is from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery.

The Sea Horse Sandals are from Pure Poison.

My main body components are the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, the Lara body from maitreya and the casual hands and flat feet from SLink.

What’s Better Than Hair Fair 2016?

Absolutely nothing!! I’ve been going to the Hair Fair as long as I’ve had a Second Life and every year is as exciting as the previous one! So, needless to say I’m super excited about Hair Fair 2016! Also, I’m extra pumped to be one of the Hair Fair 2016 Early Access bloggers! Wooo Hooo….lag free hair shopping…here I come!! But, before we get to the opening of it, there’s lots of stuff to do to prepare!

First off, the Hair Fair 2016 Photo Contest is open to everyone! Just create a picture featuring hair from one of the participating designers and in the theme of ‘Whatever the Weather’! You can get all the information, including rules and all the prizes to be won here! There’s lots of great prizes, so get going on your photos!!

The second thing to get going on is picking up a Bandana Kit! It’s free for anyone who wants to try their hand at creating an original Bandana to be sold at the Hair Fair 2016 to raise money for Wigs for Kids! All the information can be found here. I’d love to try to create a Bandana, but, I know I don’t have the skills needed! I should try to learn and maybe I could make one for next year!

I know everyone looks forward to the annual Hair Fair….and everyone should! It makes an avatar feel all warm and fuzzy….knowing you’re getting great hair….AND…supporting a great cause!!

Love Your Bad Hair Days!

It’s time to learn to love your hair……good, bad, or otherwise! Today is Banadana Day to show support for all the people who are facing health challenges, and facing them with the stigma of losing their hair! This is the last day of Hair Fair 2015 and I’ve chosen the lovely Orchid Bandana from Boudicca Amat to show my support! By purchasing any of the bandanas at the Hair Fair kiosks, you are supporting Wigs for Kids, and looking good while doing it! Every year the Hair Fair donates tens of thousands of dollars to the Wigs for Kids foundation and I’m sure 2015 has been a complete success!

To go with the Orchid Bandana I donned the Loni outfit from NoName! The top and skirt are HUD driven with both floral and solid colours!

The lovely Adore, bare skin is from Lumae with a little eye liner and shadow added from Atia’s!

The nice natural sitting pose is from the Ground Sits pack from Kirin Poses!

I took this picture at Santaurio.